7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People

Knowledge and core values

7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People. There is a word that has been resonating in the minds of those who seek success for some years now which has become a movement, it is empowerment. I have always strived to become an empowered person and never wanted to rely on others for true happiness. I realized that knowledge has a massive part to play in becoming empowered. 

As a keen advocate for personal development, I wanted to find out what it takes to gain true life-changing knowledge? In particular, what does it take to become the CEO of your own life, and what personal core values and habits does it take to gain true personal freedom?

7 Personal Core Values of the Most
Knowledgeable People

Knowledge and core values

My experience in life has led me to discover that success is made up of choices that develop into habits.

These habits can become part of our day-to-day lives which lays out the path for success. There is a universal truth  that “all your actions generate a result.”  

So everything you do to achieve success will have a consequence. Whether you decide to exercise in the morning, run a marathon or stay home and read a book, there is an inevitable result in carrying out each action.

“purposeful people whose lives are dedicated to acquiring knowledge”

But what drives us to take the actions you do? 

Well, we should decisions based on what we fundamentally believe in.  We each have a vision of the world based on a series of values that motivate us and form the foundation of our perception of the world which influences our behaviour. 

Generally, we acquire these values through our upbringing and our family, however as we grow, and develop we implement our value system, which motivates us to see life in a new light. And our perception of what is happening in the environment causes us to take action.

As we go through life you will undoubtedly be forced to ask yourself the question. 

Brian Tracy personal core values


What Personal Core Values will help me
achieve what I want from life?

The answer to the question is linked to your level of knowledge.

Knowledge should be a continuum you acquire throughout your life, especially that which you acquire by choice and through experience.

The world’s most successful, purposeful people’s lives are dedicated to acquiring knowledge. They hold certain values that allow them to become role models for everyone seeking success whatever that may look like. 

“the worlds most successful people are just like you or me there is nothing supernatural about them.”

Such people include people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Twain, and even the renowned Mark Zuckerberg.

The key to their success is the acquisition of knowledge which they achieve by making learning a continuous habit. This has allowed them to evolve and create opportunities even out of adversity. 

In this way, they empower themselves and become fulfilled and influence the world in positive ways, and you do this too.

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Successful People Make Knowledge
Their Centre

To achieve this, like the most successful people make knowledge, you should make learning the central focus of your life and employ in making decisions.

After this, you should use your knowledge to edify and help others.

The important thing to remember is that the world’s most successful people are just like you or me there is nothing supernatural about them.

The only difference between you and them is that they adopt knowledge as a core value and carefully apply the seven core values into a routine to fuel your empowerment.

“The secret is not working to make money, truly successful people put money to work for them”

Like them, you too can achieve success if you apply the values in the same way.   

7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People will show you how to turn your values into habits. Along with this, it will show you how by applying your newfound personal core values you can set easily achievable goals. 

So, let’s begin to analyze the values the most knowledgeable people possess and how it influences their philosophy of life. 

Insight – 7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People.

Robert T. Kiyosaki in his great masterpiece and best-seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” makes a reference to successful people and those whose success has eluded. He says that –

“The secret is not working to make money, truly successful people put money to work for them”.

The secret to such success is being creative and imaginative and being able to opportunities that arise even in the worse scenarios. The important thing, Kiyosaki says is not the money, but the idea behind acquiring it. 

“You become insightful when you’re able to see beyond the intentions of others”

You have the power to achieve success, the only thing that differentiates you from those who achieve it are the values on which you base your philosophy of life.

The personal core values insight is an essential aspect of the life of a successful person. It involves the ability to stop and look at life from an entirely new perspective. Whether it’s financial, personal, emotional, psychological, or otherwise. 

The most knowledgeable people know how to build wealth and Brian Tracy’s Way to Wealth, the entrepreneur’s guide to building a profitable business is a great place to start. If you are interested in acquiring the knowledge you need to build wealth, click the image below.

Tracy’s course will provide you with insight into what it takes to become truly financially successful. 

“Successful people apply their knowledge and use them to base their decisions.”

It’s a skill that develops over time and the more vision, intuition, and awareness you give to any given situation, the more likely you are to develop insight.   

You become insightful when you’re able to see beyond the intentions of others. By using powerful tools such as visualization you can pre-empty what will happen before it takes place. 

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Action (knowledge-based action) – 7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People.

Action is “the process of doing something to make something happen or to deal with a situation”

Successful people apply their knowledge and use them to base their decisions. They use their decision to create goals that they execute relentlessly. They understand that by acting on their goals they can change what would otherwise be a hopeless situation and turn it into something positive.

The motivational speaker Tony Robbins said successful use their knowledge to build clear priorities and live by them. They take massive action to make real change happen. They push themselves every day to take action and apply. 

“Read an average of 50 books a year”

Through their acquisition of knowledge, they prioritize difficult tasks first and avoid tasks that will drain their time and deliver little value. 

Like them by applying knowledge as a core value and become highly effective. Begin, by making it a habit of leaving the not-so-critical tasks until later.

Action as a knowledge-based value is massively linked to your ability to make the right decisions and take massive action.

It involves a leap of faith, tenacity and drive, with a large portion of self-belief.

Wisdom – 7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People.

Wisdom is the ability to exercise good judgment, astuteness, intelligence, and understanding. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have.”

Bill Gates advocates that we should read an average of 50 books a year. However, not all books are created equal.

However, the important consideration is to select the right books that will generate the most knowledge. 

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Successful knowledgeable people make wisdom one of their core values because they appreciate the many opportunities it brings. Just as they value their time, they appreciate that it’s a limited resource and that every second counts, they value the power of wisdom. 

It involves a leap of faith, tenacity and drive, with a large portion of self-belief.

Wisdom is a core value that comes from experience. It has great social qualities and successful knowledgeable people know this. So, on a social level, if you have wisdom, you’re more likely to listen to others and learn from their experiences and at the same time increase your wisdom. 

The idea that you must attain a certain age to become wise is simply not true, you can be wise at 40 and wish at 15, 20, or 25 years old.

You are wise if you’re not afraid to make mistakes, and you understand that no matter how smart you are you simply can’t know everything. 

“You shouldn’t adopt an idea without first understanding it.”

Wisdom is a part of making mistakes and learning from it. 

Do you consider yourself a wise person? 

What are you doing today to become to feed your wisdom? 

Wisdom is a journey that cultivates success. But you need to know how best to unlock your unlimited potential to achieve your BIGGEST goals by gaining knowledge. I highly recommend Brian Tracy’s success journey videos. Click the image below if you want to start your journey to success.

Understanding – 7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People 

Many authors talk about the value of understanding, one definition that stands out states is that understanding is –

“The power of comprehending especially the capacity to apprehend general relations of particulars

The power to make experience intelligible by applying concepts and categories”

Understanding is what separates people from animals. Successful knowledgeable people make being understanding one of their core values and here’s why.

“Understanding is a fundamental aspect of the search for knowledge”

They understand that an atheist and understand and support a religious perceptive even though they both have differing views and outlooks on life. They can accept that there both work on the same goal or the common good. 

So, if a belief in Christ means the love of humankind, an atheist can accept that faith in Christ just like faith in humanity plays an important role in building love towards each other.

“Understanding allows us to understand the world and to perceive others as different but accept it and learn from it.” 

Understanding is a fundamental aspect of the search for knowledge. Steve Jobs said that to be hugely successful in your career you shouldn’t adopt an idea without first understanding it.

“To do something really well, you have to understand it. You have to really grasp essentially what it is. It takes a passionate commitment to really understand something thoroughly, to chew it, not just swallow it at first. Most people don’t take the time to do that”.

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Success 7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People 

Many books have been written about success, and many comments made on what determines “Success” but what really is success? 

Success means different things perhaps fame, money, and personal satisfaction, there is one thing that rings true which is that “success is not the destination, it is the journey.”  

The Merriam dictionary states that success is –

“degree or measure of succeeding

favourable or desired outcome alsothe attainment of wealth, favour, or eminence

Knowledgeable successful people know that success in itself pursued blindly, will only lead to frustration. However, when you know how to appreciate what you want to achieve and are genuinely focused on the end result success takes on a new meaning.

The Best Books For Knowledge

Napoleon Hill wrote essays and books that made him a famous journalist, his most popular essay is “The Magic Ladder to Success.” If you would like to discover more about this book click this link. Another best-selling book is “Think and Get Rich”. Both focus on the strategies of people who have achieved success. To learn more about this amazing book click this link. 

Successful knowledgeable people know that success as a personal core value is based on having a purpose in life. Having a flexible plan that allows you to modify it as time goes by. Hill focuses on the magic of having a purpose and the incredible power it brings. 

Another characteristic Hill mentions having initiative and creativity are qualities that are also so personal core values, that lead you to success. 

Besides that, success, according to Hill, should be measured by one essential rule:

“treat others as you would like to be treated”

This rule encompasses the ability to be empathetic and put yourself in other people’s shoes. Purposeful knowledgeable people practice this all the time. He defines it as the final rung on the ladder of success. 

Because for you to understand others you need to put yourself in their shoes. This will help you break down barriers of selfishness and thirst for power and start looking at life as “we” instead of “me.”

Knowledge successful people aren’t afraid of helping others. A successful person knows that success is based on competing with oneself every day and surpassing oneself.

Power (knowledge is power) 7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People.

We often hear the term “knowledge is power”. 

Power is not based on your ability to acquire power or intelligence. Psychologists John French and Bertram Raven advocate that power refers to the “ability to persuade or influence another based on personal charisma and skills.” 

Successful people make the acquisition of knowledge synonymous with the achievement of power.

“The basketball player Michael Jordan claimed that failure was his main motivation”.

The world is changing rapidly so the more up-to-date you are the more rewards you gain. Within the acquisition of knowledge is self-education.

Jim Rohn, one of America’s leading philosophers said

“Formal education will make your life; self-education will make your fortune. Avoiding becoming obsolete is one of the purposes of life today”. 

Self-education is nothing more than the ability of human beings to acquire new learning or skills by their own means or using their own methods.

Learning new things or acquiring new skills will undoubtedly increase your abilities for success so is an important facet to maximize your life.

So, let me ask you what are you learning today?

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Motivation – 7 Personal Core Values of the Most Knowledgeable People 

Motivation is the stimulus that drives you to a certain action. 

It is a force that pushes you to fight for your goals, it is that power that makes you get up every morning and face adversities.

You might ask yourself what motivates the most successful knowledge people?

Answers to this question often vary because different things motivate different people. 

However, let’s look at some examples:-

The basketball player Michael Jordan claimed that failure was his main motivation. Yes, failure. When Jordan was in high school, he failed to make the college team in his sophomore year.

When he realized he wasn’t part of the team, he went back home and cried himself to sleep. At that point, he could have quit. Instead, he worked tirelessly to get better.

Practise And Knowledge

He spent hours a day practicing basketball and once said in an interview that when he got tired on the court he would visualize the basketball list without his name. That gave him the motivation to start over.

He could have given up, but he insisted and worked harder and harder until he achieved his goal. The year after he was rejected, Jordan made a minimum of 20 points per game and by the end of that year, he had tripled that number.

He could have been a conformist, but he outdid himself, he became his most tireless opponent. With sheer dedication and motivation, he will leave behind a legacy that will keep him alive in history. Not only as a basketball star but as a human being who never gave up. He once said:

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

The most successful knowledgeable people don’t achieve success for money or fame, they do it out of a desire deep within them that drives them to seek greatness.

What motivates you? What is the motivation that keeps you going?

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