12 Reason to be honest

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Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest. Just Imagine If you could never tell a lie. What would it be like? Would you achieve more, make a better decision, improve your life?

12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest
What would your world look like? 

Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest

In this article, you’ll discover just how powerful being honest truly is and why it should be one of your core values. Let’s first began by explaining what honesty really means

The Oxford English Dictionary states that “honesty is saying exactly what you mean without trying to hide your feelings, opinions or factsHonesty is not hiding the truth about something”

“Defining your core values ill give your life that extra kick”

Being truly honest is an asset which almost everyone admires. But, sometimes being honest is one of the most testing things we can do, especially if we’re not telling the truth out of empathy or don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

Not being honest can vary from merely texting someone to tell them you’re running 20 minutes late when in fact your 60 minutes away, to proposing to marry someone making out that you’re single when you’re in fact already married.

These Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest demonstrate how you can uplift your life and the lives of others in a really profound way.

1. Make honesty one of your core values – And become conscientious

core values 12 reasons to become more honest

Your fundamental values influence your fundamental beliefs and what you consider important to you. They affect how you behave, interact and make decisions. Acting as a compass, it directs how you perceive and understand the world at any given time.

Some important values are:- 

Influence, Humour, Knowledge, Growth, Love, Self-respect, Wisdom, Trustworthiness, Health. 

Your core values develop through the journey of your life and are also affected by the important relationships you form with others.   

“If you believe in getting the most out of your life becoming aware of your core values is a must.”

You might not be aware of what your core values are, but they are extremely important because they actually make up who you are.

Defining your core values will give your life that extra kick you need to make you appreciate what direction your life should be heading. If you believe in getting the most out of your life becoming more conscientious about your core values is a must.

“Finding oneself and one’s path is like waking up on a foggy day. Be patient, and presently the fog will clear and that which has always been there can be seen. The path is already there to follow”

–     Rasheed Ogunlaru

Powerful reasons you should become more honest will positively transform lives. When you discover how positively people respond to you when you tell it like it will supercharge your confidence. So making honesty one of your core value has major benefits.

2. Be honest with yourself – And Improve your personal development

12 values for honesty

The first step towards becoming more honest is being honest with yourself. If you want to understand why you behave the way you do it requires that you tell yourself the truth no matter how ugly it looks. 

If you lie to yourself, you’ll start believing the lies you tell yourself, it’s like digging a hole for you to jump into. Your life becomes complicated and confusing and your web of deception gets bigger and bigger. 

“become real with yourself and accept yourself for who you are.”

Not being honest with yourself prevents you from growing and learning to love yourself for who you are. Lying to yourself ultimately gets you nowhere fast and you wind up where you started. 

Just imagine if you told yourself the biggest lie, that you’d never amount to anything, and that all the people your thought cared about you, couldn’t give a damn about you. 

How do you think you would feel? That’s right not very good. 

“You might be dishonest for a whole host of reasons.”

By being honest with yourself you’ll understand that like everyone else you have your faults but know it doesn’t define you nor should it affect your personal growth. In short, honesty as a core value is a dynamic way of ensuring that you become real with yourself and accept yourself for who you are.    

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3. Core Values To Stop making excuses for telling lies – And Build Trust in yourself. 

Stop dishonesty core values

Your core values should all be about building better relationships with others. Analysing why you don’t tell the truth is the best start to your journey to a better you.

You might be dishonest for a whole host of reasons. Perhaps you don’t want to appear incompetent so you tell your boss that you’ve finished the work when in fact you haven’t even started.

Or perhaps you feel you’ll get into even more trouble by telling the truth. 

A Pastor asked his congregation whether they had ever told a lie. He looked and noticed a few people had put their hands up. He paused before telling them they were liars. After which the entire congregation started laughing.

“People will value your opinion more because they know they can rely on you to say what you think.”

It led me to question whether it’s possible, to tell the truth, all the time. Perhaps if you just don’t know how best to be honest. Or maybe in the heat of the moment you just can’t find the words or just want to shy away from it because it’s easier not to tell the entire truth. There are also varying degrees of honesty. It’s very easy to hide the truth behind it by being economical with it.

However, by sitting down and working out how to be properly honest and practising it as a core value you can genuinely build trust in yourself. The additional points will help you to achieve this.

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4. Be seen as the go-to person – Become Free 

Honety and your values

Appreciating the benefits of telling the truth is essential because it gives you licence to be free. The practicality of being honest pays dividends and can make an incredible difference in how your life plays out.

“The reality is telling lies can, in severe cases, have a devastating effect on
your life “

People will value your opinion more because they know they can rely on you to say what you think. They can turn to you in times of crisis because you have the backbone to tell it how it is.

In this way, being honest sets you free and makes you more alive. So instead of keeping things in and worrying, you’ll get to share your feeling with people that care about you and can help you get over difficult times.

5. Think about the consequences of not being honest – Become more thoughtful 

Thinking about the consequences of not telling the truth, encourages you to appreciate why you should practise becoming more honest.

The reality is telling lies can, in severe cases, have a devastating effect on your life and the lives of the people around you. It can harm or destroy trust making others feel you don’t care about them or indifferent. 

Whenever your approaching a difficult situation and you want to avoid hurting someone’s feelings is

  • How the person would feel if you don’t tell them the truth no matter how much it may hurt? 
  • Most people admire honest people, even if the truth hurts.

“Avoid telling the truth just for the sake of it”

Honest as a core value should always come with a level of sensitivity. Telling someone their too fat and should stop eating is not a positive way forward and risk getting you alienated.

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Always speak with care with consideration for people’s feelings and add value to whatever you say. Avoid telling the truth just for the sake of it. Also, always consider whether you can present the truth in a way that doesn’t hurt others unnecessarily.

It’s amazing what you can tell people if they know you genuinely care about them. So being honest in a tactful, caring way is definitely the way to go. 

6. Be honest – become the glue to make meaningful relationships stronger 

Being honest about how you feel in a relationship is often the glue that makes you stronger. 

When you’re honest about how you feel in a relationship it allows you to make an informed decision about the value of your relationships and how much work and effort you’re willing to take to continue relationships. 

“Honesty encourages us to have conversations that build, empower”

The core value of honesty in relationships gives permission for others to be open with you because you’re open with them. When you care about others it creates a bond that glues your relationships together making it easier to tell them the truth, even if it’s not what they want to hear because they trust and respect you. 

Honesty encourages you to have conversations that build, empower and support others in a meaningful way. 

7. Build Respect by being honest. 

Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest

You earn people’s respect when you’re honest even though it makes you look vulnerable.

But people can still respect you when we’re sincere and showing your vulnerability is often an attractive trait. 

Every meaningful interaction we have with others should be about earning their respect. If you identify your core values and appreciate that honesty plays a big part in your life your relationships with other people is likely to develop and grow. 

goal setting Super core values

Respect is a powerful core value that imminent from honesty and integrity. Put another way fundamental to any meaningful relationship is your ability to build respect through trust. This trust brings added value to the lives of people you care about. 

“Honesty means being upfront with people and speaking to them in terms of their interests.”

In his book How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie extols that genuine friendships happens when we make other people feel important—and do it sincerely.

Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth-telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.” 

 ― James E Faust

Honesty means being upfront with people and speaking to them in terms of their interests.

Being genuinely interested in people is a crucial part of building powerful relationships and it starts with being honest

8. Build Your Character by being honest

Your character is your inward-facing private persona. It’s not easy for others to determine from first meeting what your character is like, they have to get to know you before they can see it.

So, if you have a tendency of being dishonest, then this will come out eventually

It’s important to note however that you can change your character traits by practising good habits. 

You can do this by first off being honest with yourself, and building your sense of integrity and goodness. When you’re committed to being honest you’re willing to commit to whatever you promise and see it through to the end.

“think about what you say before you speak so you become more sensitive to other peoples feelings.”

Operate a good moral code and become more aware of your behaviour towards others and own your success and failures. Having honesty as a core value makes it at the forefront of what you do and is a solid way of building positive character traits.

Your core values will enable you to accept that you’re not going to be good all the time. Nevertheless, they will highlight your best character traits and ensure that you think about what you say before you speak so you become more sensitive to other peoples feelings.

9. Improve your physical and mental health by telling the truth

Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest

Core Values: 9th Powerful Reason You Should Become More Honest

Did you know that honesty as a core value actually improves your vitality? In an honesty experiment conducted by two University of Notre Dame professors, results showed that telling the truth is good for our health.

According to a “Science of Honesty” study, telling the truth when tempted to lie can significantly improve your mental and physical health. 

The Science of Honesty also revealed that if you lie less it will not only improve your health it also improved your relationships.

“become physically and mentally healthier by telling the truth”

In another experiment with different groups, it discovered that individuals who reported less lying showed fewer mental health complaints (such as anxiety or sadness) and also fewer physical health complaints (such as sore throats or headaches)

WOW, so you can become physically and mentally healthier by telling the truth.

10. Become more honest & promote self-confidence

Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest reveal dynamic ways you can easily improve your life and boost your self-confidence. 

Your ability to be upfront and honest with others allows you to defend your own interest and practice self-love.

open-minded people are even more likely to live longer”

Self-love is also an incredibly powerful core value. It ensures you suffer less stress and anxiety, so instead of looking at society to tell you who you are, you define who you are and how you feel.  It removes social pressures that prevent you from being real with yourself and finding true happiness. 

Release your genius Core Values

Best Tool to Release Your Genius

Becoming more honest makes you more attractive because self-confident people are viewed as being more agreeable and interesting. 

The law of attraction means that when you believe in your own beauty you’re more likely to attract positivity and exude positive vibes. 

11. Become more honest and become more Open-minded

Being genuinely open-minded is tantamount to being more honest.

The art of being open-minded is another very significant core value because it makes you become more reflective and sensitive to other people’s feelings.

When you’re open-minded, you’re more willing to try new things and not be by guided a restrictive code of behaviour.

“take your life to the next level.”

This core value helps you discover new experiences, ideas, and points of view. So rather than adopting one approach, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences and actually seeing the world in a new lens.

People who are open-minded just like honest people have altogether better life experiences than people who are not. Research reveals that open-minded people are even more likely to live longer, eat better, and feel better.

So being open-minded just like becoming more honest opens you up to a more enriched life and is a neat way to take your life to the next level. 

12.  Continue learning and adding value to people’s lives by becoming more honest?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of putting your own selfish needs first and lose sight of what really matters

Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest highlights why honesty as a core value is the exact opposite of being selfish. Because it’s about being acting with sincerity and valuing and respecting others.

“Being totally honest might make you feel vulnerable,”

Sometimes it’s when we’re at our lowest point, faced with abject failure that forces us to change and we begin to learn and understand ourselves better.

But don’t continue to make excuses for being dishonest, because you’ll compromise the meaningful relationships you can build. 

Not only that you can hurt the people closest to you and prevent people from seeing what makes you unique.  It can set you free and allow people to experience the authentic you.

“it can set you free and allow people to experience the authentic you.”

Your real friends will love and accept you for who you are. We are none of us perfect so you’re not always going to do what is “right” but you can do what is honest. Defining your core values is a neat way to develop your life and appreciate what your life mission should be.

This article Core Values: 12 Powerful Reasons To Become More Honest will I hope, inspire you to embrace a more enriched and meaningful life. More importantly to bring sunshine to the lives of others.

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