How Does Your Core Values Affect Your Brain?

Core Value and Your Brain

How Does Your Core Values Affect Your Brain? What if you could rewire your brain so that all the things you want to accomplish actually happen, what would you set out to achieve? Believe it or not your core values hold the answer.

Brain and our personal values

The essence of who you are as a person begins and starts with your brain, how you use it, and how you train it.

  • Our core values act as a compass, directing how you live your life and your brain is a large part in influencing how your life plays out.
  • The brain gets pleasure when you align your actions with your core values. 
  • Your physical health is affected by your brain.
  • It is possible to rewire your brain. 

Keep reading to discover how you can trick your brain into believing that an event has already happened and how you can use this technique to achieve all your major goals and get the best out of your life.

What Are Core Values And It Relationship with
Your Brain?

Your core values are the things you hold dear and important to you, they include family values, integrity, honesty, trust, loyalty, hard work and wisdom.

These values are the fundamental principles by which you should live your life, and should, therefore, be prioritized above all other beliefs. 

I have already alluded to the fact that the things that are fundamentally important to you affect your brain. As one of the most complex and intricate parts of your anatomy, it consists of numerous nerves called neurons that transmit signals to other parts of the body.

The brain stem connects to the cerebrum and cerebellum to the spinal cord. It controls functions like your thoughts, speech, movement of your limbs, your memory and your breathing and reaction to emotion.

The essence of who you are as a person begins and starts with your brain, how you use it, and how you train it. Patterning your life around your fundamental values based on what you trust and believe in results in making your life more enriched because what you say and do connect what you consider important.

What this does for the brain is to release the pleasure dopamine serotonin which contributes to making you feel happy and good about yourself.

So your fundamental values affect your brain because it guides your conduct and thoughts process. This ultimately means that what you believe to be right or wrong is influenced by your brains connectivity with your beliefs.

Some examples of core values are:

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Faith. Dependability, Commitment, Honesty, Innovation, Creativity, Humour, Compassion, Loyalty, Motivation, Positivity, Adventure,  Inventiveness, Passion, Endurance,  Excellence, Effectiveness, Fitness, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Love,

“your core values act as serotonin and provide pleasure and happiness”

Some Questions for Positive Core Values That will Positively Impact Your Brain

You may not realise it but you have powerful values that can rewire your brain and so positively impact your life. These are values that as you become more aware of them you can harness their power and practice then so they form a major part of how your life plays out.

Here are some questions that can ensure you discover some of your fundamental beliefs that will have a positive impact on your brain.

  • What events in life give you the most pleasure?
  • What words would you use to describe them?
  • Do they influence your behaviour?
  • Consider whether they affect how you think. 
  • How do they make you feel good about yourself?
  • How much of the things that make you feel good about yourself, connect with how you live your life?
  • Do they act as serotonin providing you with a sense of purpose and direction? 

As you will discover later, proper diet and exercise keeps your brain in good shape but more importantly is connecting with what behaviour triggers positive thoughts and emotion.

There are also tools that you can use to train your brain helping to keep it sharp which also keep us happy and healthy. The brain reacts better to tackling tasks in small bite-size pieces which and there are some pretty neat tools that can help you figure out how to take small steps that produce big results. To discover here to discover more.   

Your Brain And Pleasure

Brain and pleasure core values

The human desire to gain pleasure is an addictive one. We all know a thrill seeker who loves to have their heart racing and feeling the adrenaline surging through their veins.

Not surprisingly, there are countless businesses dedicated to providing the latest big thrill. Thrill causes our excitement level to raise and our feeling of joy intensifies, and our life feels good. Problems arise, however, when our lives are out of sync with what we fundamentally believe in. This could mean we’re –

“find ways to live your
authentic self”

  • Doing a job;
  • Running a business;
  • In a relationship;
  • In an environment, which bears no relation with your beliefs.

When we’re doing things that don’t sync with the essence of who we are it usually means we’re not living our core values. And so we feel disconnected, which can lead to feeling, unhappy, devalued, depressed, anxious and confused.

That’s why it’s important to satisfy our brain by finding ways to live an authentic life. This means doing things that naturally align with the essence of who we are.

So let me ask you some questions –

  • Are you happy with your life today?
  • If yes, are you living your life based on what brings true meaning to your life?
  • If no, what steps do you feel you can take to start living a life that will make you fulfil?

Over the years, I’ve put researched numerous tools that will boost your Personal Transformation and will revolutionize your life by improving your mindset, goal-setting, and productivity. If you would like to see a collection of the tools I would recommend click this link.

Your Brain And Your Behaviour

Brain and values

Your root beliefs don’t remain constant but change as you go through life.

This means what you thought was important to you three years ago, like putting in a 70-hour week might not feel as important when you start a family.

Ideally, your beliefs create a feeling of balance and are grounded in self-understanding. These are all the things that your brain loves.

In particular, your brain loves patterns that it can easily recognise. When your brain encounters behaviour that it understands, it can process the information and quickly work out a response to it. However, when the brain experiences random acts, which makes it uncertain and unsure of your brain’s neural responses becomes unsettled.

“Our insular cortex governs our emotional, cognitive senses”

When your brain becomes disturbed by behaviour, it doesn’t understand its anterior cingulate cortex is impacted. Your cingulate cortex controls your decision making, which regulates your emotions and impacts your blood pressure and heart rate.

core values and positive attitude
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The insular cortex in the brain also becomes impaired when your brain gets confused by unusual behaviour. The insular cortex governs your emotional, cognitive senses and controls your physiological and psychological functioning. Your amygdala, which detects fear and preparing for emergency events and your memory also becomes interrupted.

Having researched the power of the brain for a long time I realised that our subconscious mind has the ability to transform our lives. However, most people don’t realise that they can design their life by harnessing the power of their mind. If you would like to find out more about this and start to change the trajectory of your life click this link.

Core Values The Brain and Physical
Mental Health

Your brain, therefore, benefits from syncing your root beliefs with our behaviour because it produces balance and harmony.

Clearly, living your life based on your core values is important because you’ll experience more pleasure and pain which impacts your physical and mental well-being.

“your brain and physical well-being will love it.”

Researchers have discovered that older people are likely to live longer if they are happy. Perhaps even more surprising is taking into account the age, lifestyle and disease, which impact people’s happiness, found that happy people had an incredible 35% lower risk of death than those who were least happy.

So if your core values make you feel happy then your brain and physical well-being will love it.

“what can you do to sync your pleasure with your personal values”

WOW, we have discovered that having positive core values that influence the way you live your life, often result in extending your life expectancy, how awesome is that.

Consider the following questions –

  • What things do you think you can do today to experience more pleasure?
  • Does your pleasure align with your core values?
  • If not, what can you do to sync your pleasure with your personal values? Read my article on
  • If yes, congratulations you are on a roll and on the way to building positive energy and contentment in your life
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However, do you need more help to craft out more meaning in your life?

Are you finding that whenever you try to make a positive change in your life, does self-doubt creep in and stop you in your tracks? 

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How Can You Rewire Your Brain To Sync With Your Core Values?

Many of us have dreams and ambitions, but how many of us truly believe we can pull it off. However, focusing on positive core values like the ones stated above can ensure you achieve your goals.

“prepare your brain to align …..with your core values”

To be able to achieve your goals effectively your brain needs to be in optimum condition. As you’ve discovered your brain loves clarity so it can better process information.

You can rewire your brain by creating clarity and training it with tools like visualisation, meditation, self-actualisation and mindfulness. These tools will prepare your brain to align with what makes you happiest and most true to who you are.

As you’ve learnt, your brain is the most complex organ of the body and its functions control our emotions, decisions and actions.

“changing your negative beliefs is possible by visualising you’ve achieved a goal”

Using the above tools to train your brain helps you align your actions and behaviour, thoughts and feelings with your core values.

The great thing about practising these tools is to allow you to gain more control and awareness in your day to day life and install more harmony and self-confidence.

Research shows that it’s possible to trick your brain into believing an event has already happened.

In this way, it’s possible to change your negative beliefs by visualising you’ve already achieved a goal that your limiting beliefs might not allow you to accomplish. To be able to master visualising what you want to manifest and ensure it actually happens click this link for some free audio that will supercharge the process. 

Your Core Values Affect Your Brain And Outcome Visualisation

Visualising is a fantastic tool to relieve stress and anxiety because it allows you to produce a positive outcome even before it happens.  It’s, therefore, a super powerful way of rewiring your brain around your goals and ambitions.

core values and visualisation

Click this link to discover more…Outcome visualisation requires you to imagine a detailed mental image of your desired outcome by using all of your senses. So, if your goal is to start a successful business, you should visualise owning and running a thriving company.

“Visualise what you will wear to work, what car you will drive and where you will live.”

I’ve discovered some exciting tools that will help you to create an image of your future for you to work towards and help you to reach your goals. Click this link to discover more about this powerful visualisation improvement tool.

There are principally two forms of visualisation, outcome visualisation and process visualisation. The more detail you imagine, the more your visualisation will convince your brain it has already happened. With this, the more your body will respond and react to this exciting stimulus.

To enhance your feeling of achievement you can imagine the layout of your office, what it will look like? What size will it be? What computer equipment will you have? Image contented and happy staff busily working, what tasks will they be doing?

How will your partner, children or parents feel about your achievement? Visualise what you will wear to work, what car you will drive and where you will live.Law of Attraction personal growth

Click the link to discover more…..Visualisation, allows you to see what things would be like if you make things happen. Like the law of attraction, it gives you the opportunity to develop the correct mindset for rapid personal growth.

It also empowers you to learn successful goal-setting techniques to achieve your major goals. If you would like to learn more about the law of attraction so you can manifest what you truly want, feel free to click here to access a tool I highly would recommend to use the power of your mind to manifest what you want – to just naturally make things happen!

Your Core Values Affect Your Brain Through Process Visualisation And Your Brain

The second type of visualisation is called process visualisation. This involves breaking up each component so that your goals are divided into small tasks and you visualise the completion of each job individually.

Segmenting each task in this way helps the brain to manage each task more effectively, without overloading your senses.

“rewire your brain and deliver positive results”

For example, if you want to visualise a public speaking event, imagine each step you need to take. From writing the speech, rehearsing it, the clothes you will wear. Visualise how you walk to the stage, how you feel when giving the address. What you will say? And importantly how you deliver your speech?

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Picture the fantastic reaction people will you give you after your speech. You’ll be surprised how rehearsing the event in your mind through visualisation can rewire your brain and deliver positive results.

Click here to discover more about how to rewire your brain using these simple tools that I highly recommend. 

“achieve results you didn’t think possible.”

Your brain is a powerful tool so why not use it at its optimum level. Many of the worlds most self-driven and mindful people overcome limitations, training their brain to deliver maximum results

Aligning your core values with your actions and behaviour can rewire your brain to achieve results you didn’t think possible.

Most of all, you’ll be able to let go of hostilities and insecurities by tricking your brain into believing whatever you choose. This will not only open you up to peak experiences it will ensure you live a more empowered meaningful life.