Is Time Management A Core Value?

Time Management

Is Time Management A Core Value? Time management is a precious commodity which many struggle with. But if you manage your time effectively it can be life-changing. Discover what core values can help you manage your time better. 

What Is Time Management As A Core Value

time Managment core values

Time management is a core value that – 

– The cornerstones to building momentum in life and is an emotion.
– Time is valued based on what you achieve with it.

– It builds motivation. 
– Helps build purpose
– Sharpens deadlines
– Creates

Discover how you can build momentum and enrich your life by being time conscious and using it to equip yourself for a bright future.

Core Value of Time As An Emotion

The American author, philanthropist, and life coach Anthony Jay Robbins equated time with being an emotion.

He explained this by asking if you’ve ever waited for something exciting and incredible to happen and felt as if one minute was like waiting for one hour.

Alternatively, have you ever been in a tedious, mind-numbing job, and by the end of a seven-hour shift, you feel as if you’ve been working a lifetime?

Your emotions attribute value to time

If you enjoy time management is your fundamental belief it will influence what you do with your day and impact your judgment and decisions and choices you make. It even controls what we think, feel, behave and prioritize our lives.

Personal core values and time management
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Foundational values are not set in stone but change based on your life experiences, so they change to align with how we interact with the world.

Robbin’s theory that your emotions illustrate how time has more value if you’re doing the things that are really important to you and less time on things you really don’t care about.

I’ve learned how to value my time by checking in with myself and examining the quality of what I’ve achieved in the time I have. This has made me cognizance of whether whatever, I’m doing is bringing me closer to my goals, or whether moving me further away.

The business entrepreneur Brian Tracy has written a powerful book entitled “Master Your Time Master Your Life.”  The book explains that Te quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your time management. But time management is really personal management, life management. It is the management of yourself.

Find out how you can manage your life and achieve more. Find out why successful people use the 24 hours in the day we all have to do more and achieve more than you do and how you can do the same.

Why Is Time Management As A Core Value
So Important?

Time management is one of the great cornerstones of building momentum in life. If I’ve ever wanted to achieve something but couldn’t find the time to do achieve it, this time next year, you’ll be hitting your head against a brick wall wondering where you went wrong.

If you’re living a dull and tedious life, time might not only appear to move more slowly it can feel as if it’s not worth as much.

You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace

So, if you spend your time creating a magnificent painting, and can go on to sell it for thousands of dollars the value of your time is evidenced by the value of the painting.  

When I worked as an immigration lawyer, I charged £230 per hour for my services. At the end of the day, I was able to tot up how much money I had made. This makes it easier to acknowledge the value of your time.

“Incredibly time acts as a way of sharpening your mind and flagging up what’s most important to you.” 

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The American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said:

“You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace, and if you’re not very valuable, you don’t make much money.”

Both Rohn and Robbins’ theories show why time is so important because it dedicates not only how much you get paid but how you feel throughout your day and ultimately throughout your life.

Both Rohn and Robbins are incredibly talented in getting you to develop the mindset to achieve your goals. You can access their life-changing books by clicking this link. 

Does Time Management Need Motivation? 

Core value and time management

Understanding the value you place on your time is crucially important to ensure you maximize your life and your enjoyment of it.

With this in mind, is it worth making managing your time better?

I think most people would say a resounding yes.

Finding the willpower to manage your time effectively can be difficult if you already feel devalued and unmotivated.

set aside sufficient time to complete your goal and maximise your efficiency

If this is the case, finding a way to bring value to whatever situation you’re in is crucial. So whether it’s in the marketplace or your professional or social environment no matter how demotivated it’s important to establish some kind of value to what you’re doing and finding something to add value to what you do. 

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Purpose, Drive, And Time Management

Most people are put off from doing things because they feel it will take too much of their time and energy to achieve. The human brain is very adept at assessing whether it’s worth spending the time to achieve a result.

isn’t all about making money but is more about how you can maximise your life

One way around this is to simply take action no matter how mind-numbing your activity and create momentum. To discover how you can use the momentum created to build a successful business I highly recommend taking a peek at his powerful tools that will enable you to emulate the most successful people. Click this link to discover more.  

core values and visualisation
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If you take pride in the momentum you have achieved even if it’s not in the task itself you can still place value on your time, based on what you have achieved.

This in itself can be satisfying and help you get over the time-management issues. 

It’s important to remember however that time management isn’t all about making money but more about how you can maximize your life with the time you have.

Is Being time-conscious Important?

Most people are dissatisfied with their life because they don’t have a goal or plan for their life. As a result, they don’t place value on their time. 

However, without planning for your life and leaving things to happen is the recipe for disaster. If you don’t make proper use of your time, rest assure as Robbins states someone else will make use of it.

So, not taking the time to knuckle down and work on your goal someone else will hire you to achieve theirs.

what you manage to achieve in the time you’re given

Most people are motivated by the consequences of not doing something rather than the consequences of doing it.  So if you don’t do something that will lead to you getting fired, you more likely to do it if it would lead to you being promoted.

So time management is massively important in helping you to prioritize what’s important to you and enabling you to achieve maximum productivity.

Personal core values and time management
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How To Create Positive Time Management

Take a moment to consider what you can do to use your time more effectively by considering the following:

  • How much time do you have to achieve your goals?
  • Set downtime to work on your goals. If you’re seriously pushed for time, set as little as ten minutes a day then increase it as you feel appropriate.
  • Consider whether it is realistic that you will be able to achieve your goal within the time you have set. An unachievable goal will not motivate or empower you.
  • Consider any outside events beyond your control that may impact on the time you have to work on your goal. This might be family and work commitments or other social events.
  • Ask yourself, do you have the time to learn new skills to achieve your goal.

Will you need assistance to achieve your objectives? If yes, factor in the time to work with that other person.

If you would like additional help to create positive time management to unlock your ability to achieve your life-changing goals then I would highly recommend the Brian Tracy books and courses.

He explains how to: –

  • Feel 100% confident to chase after your dreams
  • Know exactly what your next steps are
  • Be closer than ever to realizing your true potential
  • Have total trust in a system that has helped millions
  • Never feel inadequate or unworthy again
  • Experience complete faith in yourself
  • See every area of your life increase in value

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Time Management And Deadlines?

Being deadline orientated gives you a point of reference to help you prioritize your goals and stay on track. Having time management as one of your core values, means you’re more able to work to a definitive timeline.

This is because your core values are important to you and so you’ll prioritize whatever it is you want to get done.

I don’t know about you but when I practice proper time management I seem to find more energy and focus from somewhere.  And the closer I get to my deadline the more focused I become. I use deadlines to encourage me to look at the bigger picture by creating clarity the closer you get to the deadline.

some way of measuring your effectiveness at any given time is necessary

However, deadlines must be used correctly, if not, there’s a danger that they can create unnecessary anxiety and stress. Most of us can recall being anxious and stressed about having to achieve something within a specific time. And in our effort to get the job done, our judgment could suffer.

There’s also the view that deadlines can kill creatively, reduce innovation and lead to merely a tick box exercise. This could mean you don’t actually achieve very much. Personal Achievement and core values

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There’s also the argument that when we’re under less pressure, we become more proactive and imaginative.

a sense of purpose and a heightened standard efficiency and professionalism

However, no matter what side of the fence you’re on, some way of measuring the effectiveness of how you spend your time is necessary. This helps if only to reassure yourself you’re making some form of progress.

Being Time-Conscious At Work

If you speak to any personal injury or medical negligence solicitor, in the United Kingdom they’ll tell you about the three-year limitation period. If a claim hasn’t been settled or court proceedings commenced before three years the case will become time-barred.

This means a client can’t claim compensation for their injury after three years, save for very exceptional circumstances. The consequences for a solicitor missing the three-year limitation period could lead to a professional negligence claim.

a driver for you to produce results you never thought possible.

It could also lead to being reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority who could decide to suspend and in some severe cases stop the solicitor from practicing.

So focussing on the consequences of not hitting a deadline can create laser focus and raise your game to another level.  It also enhances your ability to get more done and avoid distractions and become more resourceful.

Personal core values books
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Eckhart Tolle book “The Power of Now”  provides new insight into how we value time. His book extols the principle that most of us are preoccupied with what will happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. As a result, he states that most people are miserable and waste their time being instead of losing themselves in worry and anxiety about the past or future. 

Living in the moment is a powerful opportunity to embrace real life, in real-time. It also provides a powerful explanation of why we should only be concerned with things we can control. If we don’t we unnecessarily waste time worrying. If you would like to discover more about this book and other powerful books that will encourage you to harness full control of your life, click this link. 

Time Management Purpose and Direction

I remember working on a very complicated medical negligence case that was approaching the three-year deadline. I gave a higher priority to these claims, my mind became more focused, and I achieved a lot more in the limited time than I would normally.

However, the best thing to come out of this crucial period is the level of drive and purpose.  The three-year deadline carries with it a sense of purpose and a heightened standard of efficiency and professionalism. It creates a massive incentive to try to settle the case before having to issue the claim at court.

it’s often at crucial points in our lives that we achieve the most.

Both parties understand that the stakes become much higher when a case is issued in court. Because the cost of losing a case is much higher as the client might have to pay the other side’s cost. The situation also becomes much more unpredictable as neither party really knows how a judge is likely to decide the case.

Like with my legal case it’s often at crucial points in our lives that we achieve the most. We’re able to more easily avoid distraction and focus on the end result.

Is Time Management As A Core Value
Worth It?

Just imagine you running for your life, and you’re carrying a heavy bag that’s slowing you down. The first thing your likely to do is to ditch the bag.

Proper time management acts as a driver for you to produce results and help you identify what’s realistically achievable. 

So if you dedicate two hours to achieving a goal, you can look at the clock to judge your performance. Time management is ditching the bag that causes us to lose focus and concentrate on what we want to achieve.

core values you can maximise your life and the lives of the people around you.

Time is an emotion and managing our time effectively can maximize your life and the lives of the people around you.

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