My Personal Mission Statement

Personal mission statement

My Personal Mission

A Life dedicated to fulfilment, and happiness to achieve this I will

MAKE GOD the centre of my life and obey his teachings and live a life centred around honesty, integrity, peace, joy and love. At the heart of whatever I do. To serve others as God commands us to. To claim my teaching skills, and my ability to inspire others to build a YouTube Channel and blog to empower others on their personal growth journey.

DEVELOP an attitude of positivity, being empathetic, considerate and understanding of the needs of my family, friend and the wider community. To empower myself through challenging myself each day. To use the obstacles I face as stepping stones to finding a greater me.

UTILISE my talents and abilities to be creative and imaginative to generate wealth both financial and spiritual that will enable me to live an independent responsible, trustworthy and fruitful life to support my family and community. To use my ability to tell a story to make people laugh, shine, and grow.

COMMUNICATE Positive values to the world through being a powerful communicator, storyteller, influencer, and author. To help enrich the lives of others and fight injustices using my legal skills. To tell each individual that they matter that there is a voice listening to their pain ready to help them understand what they are truly capable of.

EVOLVE and increase in knowledge by acknowledging that I must continue to question negative thoughts, and narrow-minded opinions. To develop positive habits, or rituals every day that will empower me and others. To plan my day, positively making the most of each moment to help build my YouTube Channel and blog through motivation and dedication.

TO ADD value to every situation by finding strength through adversity, being humble and building an empowered vision for my life through my faith in God and my love for my family and my community.

I acknowledge that my life should be lived moment to moment and I should value the experiences that have led me to this point, good and bad.

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