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Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth | With Exercises Are you the best version of yourself? As a keen believer in personal development, I’ve always wanted to be the best person I could possibly be. So, much of my time has been about how I can create personal growth. In this article, you’ll discover how to use your core values to grow and succeed. My hope is that you will be surprised at what just what you’re capable of by tapping into your often hidden beliefs and values.

So what are the personal core values for personal growth? Well, there are many ways you can grow and develop. You can develop emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and financially the list is endless.

However, there are some personal core values that will supercharge your growth and embrace values such as  –


Your conditioned to be a version of yourself that pleases others

Such values enhance your life and your feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

They propel you to extend yourself beyond your comfort zone and help you build realistic goals, and meaningful relationships promoting well-being and a sense of adventure. 

But how do you tap into these values to supercharge your personal growth? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Your Personal Core Values?

Personal core values show you how to become true to yourself, they enable you to intuitively grow and build confidence.

They are fundamentally important to how you live your life because they affect the decisions you make and your feeling of well-being and contentment. Along with this, they impact how you see the world and the opportunities you embrace.

These values also influence the decisions you make, the friends you keep, the person you choose to have an intimate relationship with. They even influence how you spend your money.

Brian Tracy personal core values



Needless to say, they are super important.

The table below is your blueprint for how you can use your fundamental values to create personal growth. 

Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth | With Exercises
Finding the True You Discover why you should take off the mask and find the true you. Learn why not worrying about what others think of you and going with the true spirit of who you are is important.
Dispelling societal norms How can you dispel the societal norms and restraints that tell you to act a certain way. It about getting to know yourself and forgetting about what society expects of you.
What core values to build growth Focus on values that inspire, drive and fuel you. These are values that make you feel most alive and align with your sense of who you really are.
Being True to Yourself Stop telling yourself what you want to hear and be honest and truthful with yourself. When you are authentic, even if it makes you more vulnerable the people you really care about will still be there for you
Accessing yourself How often do we take the time to really access what’s truly important to us? Take time to reflect and engage in self-discovery and find your best self.
Personal Growth Exercise This exercise will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and how to address them.
Core Values for development Learn some super core values for development. They include – Concern, Satisfaction, Challenge, Decisiveness, Comprehensive, Creativity, Consistency, Differentiation, Cooperation
Positive Self Speak Discover how to speak to yourself to maximize your self-worth and confidence. How you speak to yourself impacts your life in ways you perhaps never thought about.
Building Personal Change Personal growth comes with change. It is an inner desire that makes your actions align with the heart of your ultimate goals. It’s about discovering who you are through change.  

By examining your values you’ll provoke INNER REFLECTION that can bring meaning and fulfillment whilst you build your vision for your life.

By taking the time to sit down and reflect on how you can build real change in your life you’ll begin to ask yourself the right questions.

So how does this tie in with your everyday life?

Well, your actions should align with what you want to achieve in life. 

Do you want to be a better dad?

“you have learned how to put a mask on and become somewhat of an actor in your life.” 

To be a better partner?

Do you want to dedicate more time to the things you enjoy doing?

Perhaps it’s starting a business for financial independence?

Your fundamental values will help you boost your personal growth. It will also give you the impetus to break down barriers that you didn’t even know existed.

Perhaps you’re not aware, but from the time you’re born, you’re conditioned to be a version of yourself that pleases others but stunts your personal growth.

“transmute your life so you can ditch the acting role”

It might come from the way you were brought up, or how you were taught in school. But wherever form your conditioning came from you have learned how to put a mask on and become somewhat of an actor in your life. 

And perhaps, you aren’t even one of the leading characters in your own life but play the role of an extra or background actor. If you feel that this is you, likely, you’re not being your best self. 

That’s why defining your values is so important because you can use them to supercharge personal growth. When your values align with the spirit of who you are, you can discover your amazing potential. You can then transmute your life so you can ditch the acting role and get on with the business of living your best life. 

“I recall being taken aback at how mindless and emotionless everyone appeared.”

From my own personal experience, I know that I often wore a mask to fit in and comply with what was expected of me. 

When I was 18 I went to work in the city of London, standing in busy Victoria station on a weekday. I witnessed people marching, dashing, and jostling to get from the overground to the underground station. I recall being taken aback at how mindless and emotionless everyone appeared.

It seemed almost as if they had been pre-programmed to get from A – B within the shortest time possible, regardless of whatever stood in their way.

These commuters had such an indefatigable determination to get to work, I felt that even if there was a raging inferno they would just walk right into it. Surprisingly, however, I soon realized that to survive the rat race, I would need to adopt the same pattern of behaviour as everyone else. 

“Society programs us from a very early age to live confirmative lives”

You see, I felt that without complying with what everyone else was doing, I wouldn’t be able to tune into the rhythm of mediocrity, assimilate into society and perform and behave in a way that was expected of me.

And at the tender age of 18, I was already conditioned to try to fit in, not to bump into any walls, or do anything to embarrass my family. My role was to do well at school, become self-sufficient by bagging a good job, and start a family. 

That is why I’ve written this neat book called “PROJECT YOU How To Get What You Want Fast” The book opens you up to a journey of discovery, who you really are? What you’re truly capable of and how you are going to proceed to achieve your objective.

I have used simple language to take you on a journey that will empower your personal growth. I have set out to deprogram you from thinking you’re not capable of achieving the important goals that will change your life.  Click this link to discover how you can start your amazing journey of discovery now! 

Personal Core values with examples for you
Click the image to discover more

You see, I know that society programs us from a very early age to live confirmative lives, leading to a systematic and normative way of living.

So almost from the day, we’re born our parents, who have themselves been programmed, teach us to behave in a way where we don’t challenge norms, we don’t connect with our natural self but we comply and obey. 

learned behaviour forms a habit that is difficult to break.”

By the time we are three years old we’re being constantly fed a series of instructions that dictate how we behave, what we should do, how we should think. This process becomes an ingrained part of our normal everyday existence. So by the time we 7 we develop a predetermined systematic way of existence.

Even if we consciously try to change our programming, our learned behaviour forms a habit that is difficult to break. So let’s say you wake up in the morning, your most likely going to get out of the same side of the bed. This book addresses our preprogramming and offers you an alternative perspective to find your way out of mundane life. Click this link to discover more. 

Personal Growth To Dispel Societal Restraints 

Your thoughts will be influenced by what you’ve done the day before the week before the month before. And if you’re unlucky even the year before. Our behaviour is controlled by societal restraints that tell us that to live a comfortable life we need to be defined by societal structures. 

From nursery or kindergarten to elementary or primary school and from high school or secondary school, the educational system proliferates the matrix. So, by the time we finish school we’re stuck in a cycle immersed in a normal everyday boring life. 

Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth | With Exercises will help you to break the mound.

“Personal growth is not about what society tells you to do but about building your development through self-reflection.”

Are you in a position where you’re doing the same thing day after day and feel that there is more to life? I know I did, that’s why I decided to create this website to be able to not only help you grow but also empower myself in the process. 

Personal growth is not about what society tells you to do but about building your development through self-reflection. It’s also about becoming more aware of your behaviour being totally honest with yourself and taking action that aligns with your values.

You may not believe it, but you have an extraordinary degree of potential but you need to claim your personal power? 

Claiming your personal power begins by examining your current situation and looking at where you want to be in the next five years. The next step is exploring what core values you rely on in your everyday life to make it a reality. 


If you want to discover how to claim your space and access your personal power to create personal transformational click this link to discover how to develop the correct mindset for rapid personal growth with Brian Tracy’s powerful masterclass. 

I have listed below a very powerful book and some of the most empowering fundamental values that will ensure you empower your life. I would like you to list the ones that you think apply to you. 

Improvement, Availability, Continuous, Contribution, Hygiene, Entertainment

Excitement, Efficient, Dreaming, Inquisitive, History, Intuition, Excellence, Fierce, Friendly, Fun, Individuality, Hardworking, Passion, Honour, Credibility

Investment, Fairness, Accountability, Creation, Activity, Adventurous, Craftiness, Customer, Careful, Communication, Caring, Adaptability, Satisfaction, Challenge, Decisiveness, Comprehensive, Creativity,

Consistency, Differentiation, Cooperation, Character, Best

Ashley Rickards said – 

“The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be so that you can create a better world.”

Personal Growth And Being True to Yourself 

What values do did you feel resonate with you and why?

Your answer to this question, says a lot about who you are. 

But are you really being true to your beliefs or are they just a bunch of words?

To create personal growth you need to start being true to yourself and finding the truest version of your best self.

“What is your best self?”

Being true to yourself is not about: 

  • Doing what others want you to do. 
  • Making others feel small so you feel big.   
  • Doing things, you don’t want to do.  
  • Compelling yourself to do something. 
  • Being tough on yourself. 
  • Comparing yourself to others and judging them
  • Having a victim mentality and blaming the world for your situation
  • Acting in a way that makes you popular but doesn’t build respect.  

Finding the true you means behaving and communicating in line with the spirit of who you really are.  It’s what makes you want to do a double-back summersault to get out of bed in the morning. 

When there is an alignment of your higher self (passion, emotion, and feeling of self-worth and desires) and your actions you will be on the road to true personal growth. 

Assessing Yourself – Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth | With Exercises

Most people feel they’re living a life that doesn’t align with the spirit of who you are.

They tend to play different roles when they are with different people that they want to please or want to make sure they like them.

“you can reprogram”

An example of this is that you might behave in a completely different way if you are at work or with people you just met and want to be friends with.

We tend to be ourselves when we are at home or with childhood friends, that’s when we let our guards down and show our vulnerabilities, and become less concerned about how others might perceive us. To some extent, this is a natural response to life we need to feel we need to conform and please others to get ahead. 

However, by tapping into the values that make you true to who you really are and be you no matter who you’re with. 

The following questions will help you identify what stage in life you are at, where you are not and where you really ought to be – 

They also identify which areas of your life allow you to be most authentic and which areas need some work.

Answer “YES” or “NO” to the following questions by picking the answer that is closest to how you feel. 

Exercise – Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth 

Business, Career, and Professional World
Are you fulfilled with your work?
Do you get along with your work colleagues?
What is your ideal job?
Are you happy with the level of knowledge and skills you currently have?
Do you feel you are donating to the world in a way that makes you feel valued?
Are you happy in your job?
If you had the option of changing your job, would you still stay in your job?
Love and Romantic Relationship
Are you happy in your love life?
Do you feel you can be who you really are in your love relationship?
Do you feel that your partner loves you for who you truly are?
Do you feel your partner knows who you really are?
Does your partner meet most of your needs?
Would you say you understand your partner well?
Are you positively independent in your relationship?
Do you have a close family relationship?
Do you feel positively connected to your family?
Are you yourself around your family?
Are your experiences around your family largely positive?
Do you feel your true self being around your family?
Do you feel supported by your family?
Are your family there for you when you need help?
Do you have a close bond with your friends?
Do you trust your friends?
Is there a 50/50 give and take in your friendships?
Do you feel yourself around your friends?
Do you have positive boundaries in your friendships?
Do you feel comfortable saying “no” to your friends?
Do you tell the truth to your friends?
Acquaintances and Neighbors
Are you open with people you meet for the first time?
Are you true to who you are when you meet people for the first time?
When you meet someone new that you don’t like, are you honest with yourself?

Assertiveness – Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth 

Are you the type of person that will say “no” to an offer to go out if you don’t feel like hanging out with that person?
Are you assertive and prepared to say no if you don’t want to hang out with someone?
Are you assertive and willing to distance yourself from someone if whom you aren’t friends?
Are you comfortable saying how you feel with unfamiliar people?
Are you comfortable with who you are?
Are you happy with your physical appearance?
Do you positively speak to yourself?
Do you feel comfortable when others compliment you?
Do you easily accept help from others?
Do you enjoy your own company?
List ten positive things about yourself right now?
Compile all the “yes” and “no” from each section. TOTAL:

More Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth

Compile all the “yes” and “no” from each section. TOTAL:

If you have answered “YES” to most of the questions you’ll find it will be easier for you to enhance your personal growth. If you want to achieve success – real, true success, on your own terms –

I would recommend accessing Brian Tracy’s program which provides an incredible opportunity to appreciate you’re destined for something bigger and better. Click the banner below to learn more. 

Brian Tracy’s tools enable you to focus on values that bring development and change into your life. If you’re not happy with where you are now and want to develop clarity on what you, and cultivate the self-esteem and confidence you need to promote development Tracy’s Personal Success Made Simple will help you achieve this.

To create personal growth you need to take action and focus on fundamental values such as: –

Progress, Change, Evolution, Advancement, Development, Movement, Progression

“explore what values will truly supercharge your personal growth.”

Whilst you don’t get to choose your valued beliefs, because it’s based on your lived experiences and the people you connect with. However, you can start to design your own circumstances by connecting with the right people who will change your life experiences. 

Using the law of attraction and focussing on what you want to become, you can reprogram your mind and shift your mental paradigms to introduce personal growth.

Brian Tracy’s personal success made simple pinpoints how you can achieve this. 

How do you feel about your friends and family? What can you do to strengthen your relationships with them?

Which areas of your life has more “NO’s” than “YES’s”?

Wayne Dyer an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development said:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – “

This statement is an ideal way to promote personal growth. I have written extensively on how you can obtain the key to generating real transformational change. Click this link and you’ll be taken to Personal Core Values List 600 | Ultimate Guide which will help you do just that.

Self-Development – Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth

Self-development means living a well-balanced life, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

It’s about being able to slow down and reflect on your life and focus on what will bring your life meaning.

“instead of waiting for the world to change, you’re encouraged to take positive action steps to achieve it.”

You turn your positive values into habits and rituals you can empower your life by focussing on what proliferates your development. I have used various tools to help me focus on habits that will build confidence and self-belief.

Again, Brian Tracy’s, the Science of Self-Confidence provided has provided me with real insight into building personal growth. Click on the link below if you would like to learn more. Positive Self – speak  Personal Core Values: For Super Personal Growth | With Exercises

Begin by telling yourself every day that you can make the necessary improvement to achieve your goals. So, if you want to become more decisive your self-speak should reflect this.

As a result, instead of saying –

“I want to find the partner of my dreams”

You say

“I will find the partner of my dreams”

Similarly, instead of saying.

“you can start to design your own circumstances by connecting with the right people”

“I want to get a high paying job”

You say –

“I will get a better paying job”

And take it a step further by saying

“It will improve my life and the lives of the people I care about”

You can also visualize getting your dream job.

“become deep and reflective and ask yourself the right questions”

To discover how to use visualization positive self-affirmation and more to make events in your life happen click this link. 

It’s important to see your personal core values as an anchor for your personal growth. So, instead of waiting for the world to change, you’re encouraged to take positive action steps to achieve it.

When you recognize the core values essential for holistic and well-balanced living, you’ll find it easier to not only find personal growth but connect with what brings meaning and purpose to your life.

Also, becoming aware and living your core values will bless you with the ability to appreciate what you have to contribute to society and boost your feeling of fulfillment.

Build Change – Personal Core Values

Creating a vision without core values can ultimately lead to feeling empty and dissatisfied. I’m sure you know successful people who have attained anything they could possibly want but are still unhappy.

I hope this article has encouraged you to explore what values will truly supercharge your personal growth.  The objective is to make you become deep and reflective and ask yourself the right questions that will build change and personal development.

“Every decision you make reflects your evaluation of who you are.”

When your actions align with the heart of your ultimate goals in life your change will become self-evident.

As I said at the start of this article your personal core values serve to boost your personal growth. Not only that they will allow you to see the spirit of who you are and produce the added confidence you need to break down barriers that you didn’t even know existed.

Marianne Williamson

If you would like to discover how to use your fundamental beliefs to carve out a further for yourself click this link.