Personal Core Values To 10X Your Life

Core Values to 10X Your life

Personal Core Values To 10X Your Life: Have you ever wondered what separates ordinary people from extraordinary people? Do you admire people who really go all out for what they want and struggle to understand why is your life so different from who you aspire to be? Well, you may be surprised to learn that the answer is to do with the personal core values you hold and or your ability to live by them.

Core values

Continue reading this article to discover how you can tap into your fundamental values to 10X your life and take active steps to make real change happen.

Personal Core Values To 10X Your Life

You may not know it but you have the potential to 10X Your Life which you can quite easily do by discovering what your personal core values are.

Like most people, however, you probably feel that there is something stopping you from achieving the things you dream about.

  • Perhaps you feel you’re just not good enough, or too scared to reach beyond your comfort zone because you’re afraid of failure.

The truth is, whatever your obstacles are keeping you from maximizing your potential they are far from insurmountable. Many of the world’s successful people had to overcome massive hurdles before they achieve success.  However, to overcome your hurdles you must first identify your triggers, those things that irritate you and prevent you from excelling.

“being true to who we are by using that passion to change the world around us”.

Below I have explained what your triggers might be and help you to discover how you can get rid of them. This will enable you to not only 10X your life but boost your confidence and ultimately change your life.

You will understand the secret of how by getting rid of the triggers you’ll begin to start seeing your powerful core values which are the things that you truly believe in and that can introduce joy and happiness into your life.

  • In fact, they are the fundamental principles that should guide and influence your behaviour to ensure that you are living an authentic and purposeful life.

I know, I definitely felt that obstacles were getting in the way of achieving what I honestly believed I was capable of.

I would try different ways of enhancing my life like going on courses or changing jobs but nothing seemed to improve how I felt about my life.

I felt as if there was something stopping me from truly succeeding. If this is you feel that obstacles are getting in the way then this blog will help you rid yourself of anything that is stopping you.

If you look at the information available on people who have become successful you’ll discover, that it was because of their determination they found success. They were able to free themselves of any limiting beliefs or triggers that may have affected their success.

More importantly, they were able to gear themselves always to think positive to focus on the task at hand use valuable resources available to them including people and mentors, ways to cope with uncertainty and negativity, positive visualization techniques, goal setting strategies, and alternative courses of action when they run into roadblocks and face challenges.

To 10X their lives they have become acutely aware of what triggers spark a certain kind of behaviour and understand what action to take to avoid stumbling.

Like them, you can become aware of your behaviors, and actions and be honest with yourself, so that you can understand yourself better dispel the triggers that are preventing you from getting ahead. and step out of your shell and emancipate the power of who you really are.

Instead, you’ll be able to understand the fundamental values that you hold are the driving force behind your success.

Such values might include: –


Whatever your fundamental values, they should strike at the heart of who you are and force you to throw away the mask you hide behind and reveal the real you.

I use to struggle to appreciate that I was capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for until I tapped into what makes me unique, and remarkable from everything else.

Just like me, you can state to appreciate that your possibilities are endless. If you would like to appreciate the amazing uniqueness you have and how you can tap into it to 10X your life click this link where I recommend some powerful tools to help you on your personal growth journey. 

Negative Triggers & Personal Core Values
To 10X Your Life

Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple who at the time of his death in 2011 was estimated to be worth $10.2 billion said that we grow up accepting, without question, the way society tells us we should behave. He, therefore, comply with all its rules and regulations so as not to upset the normal balance. 

So we go to school, we get married we have a nice life, we have some enjoyment in life, save a little money but that’s our lot.  However, Steve Jobs said that life is much richer than that.

“being true to who we are by using that passion to change the world around us”.

Jobs discovered the amazing truth that life is made up of people no smarter than you or me. However,  unlike most others, he believed in himself and this gave him the confidence to trust in the directional path he created.

His self-belief, allowed him to recognize the fundamental values upon which he built his vision. Despite dropping out of college, he went on to achieve extraordinary things, things that most of us wouldn’t dare to dream.

Jobs said –

“We believe people with passion can change the world for the better….and that those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who actually do.”

Personal Core values that will 10X your life will compel you to examine the passion we hold and whether we are really being true to who we are by using that passion to change the world around us.

Achieve Incredible Thing By Identifying
Your Triggers

By knowing what your triggers are you can focus on the steps you need to take to free yourself from your self-imposed limitations.

The objective is to encourage you to use find your authenticity with who you are and to overcome negative triggers and find the best person you can be. Finding the real you is the key to 10X your life.

“think positive to focus on the task”

Powerful fundamental beliefs can encourage you to think outside the box and in some cases throw away the box.

10X your life is the ability to let your mind ran free without limitation – If you’ve always had a dream, goal or ambition, but have never had the opportunity, courage, or motivation to challenge yourself here starts your journey. Hit this link if you wish to find resources to 10X your life 

“To 10X your life and create empowerment understand what makes you feel vulnerable.”

Do you want to avoid some issues that come up in conversation because you know they will cause you to become angry or frustrated?

Have you got a short lead and easily get offended by others?

The thing that causes you to feel this way is what’s triggers often negative emotions that get in the way of your progression.

A failure to overcome such triggers leads to spending time worrying about what someone said to you and what you should have said back, instead of spending time moving forward in life. If you are tired of staying in the same place year after year and want to discover powerful ways to start going forward in life and start 10X your life click here. 

Triggers Affect Your Mental and Physical Well-being Preventing You from 10X Your Life

Triggers aren’t good for your mental and physical well-being. When you become annoyed or frustrated by something that triggers you, the brain reacts negatively and so does your body.

Your pulse increases, your blood vessel becomes strained your testosterone increases and your cortisol level heightens. Also, your (stress hormone) diminishes and the left side of the equator of the brain becomes progressively invigorated.

Research from the College of Valencia (UV) confirmed these bodily reactions. It also negatively affects the changes in the brain’s cardiovascular, hormonal and asymmetric activation when you become frustrated.

When we are triggered by something external to us, we tend to blame others. However, it can lead to a victim mentality where we don’t take responsibility for our own happiness.

The quicker you stop negatively blaming others or your circumstances the quicker you will find your best self. This will ensure that each interaction you have will take you one step further to 10X your life. 

To counter negative triggers, concentrate on the value which makes you feel calm and at ease.

These are values such as –

Although you can’t choose your core values you can practice them and make them a habit so they become a part of your everyday routine.

Every time you feel triggered by something that annoys you, take a deep breath and think positive.

When you accept that you can’t change the world, you can only change your behaviour and your attitude towards your situation your life will start to improve. This is because you’ll begin to release your frustration start taking your power back

Identifying Triggers Affect Your Mental
and Physical Well-being

To 10X your life is about building layers of empowerment within your own mind. So when you face a difficult situation, for example, someone speaks to you in a demeaning way, you’ve already built layers of empowerment that will help you handle how you should react to it.

Identifying the fundamental values that make you aware of your behaviour and thoughts is important because they strike at the core of who you are. 

Your perception of yourself is one of the most powerful tools you have to 10X your life. So if you truly believe you’re a reasonable person then it’s likely to be one of your core values.

So if you find yourself fuming over something that someone said, understanding the beliefs you hold about yourself, will help you tackle your negative feelings. It will also fuel you to do everything in your power to make your positive perception of yourself a reality.

Meditating on these important values will help you become more conscious of your triggers and think of better ways of handling them. 

It also helps to realize that people’s negative reaction to you says more about their shortcomings than your own. They’re probably more unhappy with their own lives than they are with you.

However, your reaction to whatever they have said or done is likely to be something in your past that’s still upsetting you that you didn’t tackle at that moment. To figure out what your triggers are that are holding you back from improving your life complete the following exercise.

I tend to react negatively to the following:

  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________

Now think of specific core values that you have that counter those feelings and how they will help you deal with triggers more effectively.

Understand Why You React the Way You Do

The following example should help you work out why you get offended or angry in certain situations.

Trigger Internal Reality
I get so upset when people accuse me of being egocentric or self-interested.


I feel as if other people are doing better than me. I’ve also felt that I haven’t got what I deserve and that somehow what I should get others get instead of me.


I get so angry when people talk about animal cruelty rights; I just can’t stand it.


Does this really matter? People make animals so important as if they should be the centre of attention but it’s people that count. What about human rights that’s what matters?


My partner tells me that I don’t do the things that most people do in relationships and constantly makes me feel inadequate.


What makes me frustrated is that my partner doesn’t understand that I need time to myself and want to feel valued and loved as much as he does. It’s not all about him it’s about us.


Vegetarians are so self-righteous the majority of them wear leather and use creams and other household items that are tested on animals


Eating animals is a part of life, there’s nothing wrong with eating meat. It’s vegetarians that need to get their story straight.



How To Counter Triggers with
Fundamental Values 

Now evaluate your triggers closely, what do they say about you.

I have listed my triggers below and identified the core values that will help me overcome them. 

Trigger Core Values 
People who are selfless and always thinking about themselves no matter what.


I try to understand why the person reacts the way they do. Perhaps it’s something that happened to them in the past that has caused them to become self-centered. Values such as –

Reflective. Cognizant. Insightful. Discernment. Empathy

When I have conversations with people who are closed-minded and seem unwilling to understand these other ways of looking at things.


Again most of our behaviour comes down to our past experiences, what has led us to his point, for example, how we were brought up, who has influenced us in life? If someone is unhappy or depressed they are more likely to be closed-minded. So core values such as –

Perceptive. Sensitive. Enlightened. Savvy.

I become hard on myself when I feel I’m not doing my best, I can put myself down automatically without even realizing it.


Blaming oneself is something we all of do, but constantly putting yourself down is a sure-fire way of destroying your confidence. I seek to understand the emotion behind my reaction. The fundamental belief I use to counter this trigger is –

Pragmatic. Rational. Gentle. Conscientious. Empowered.  Optimism


I can get stressed by trying to achieve too much in a too shorter time.


In my effort to achieve and do well I often overstretch myself this makes me feel disappointed and deflated, which can lead to greater stress. The values I use to help me overcome this is –

Consonant. Mellow. Still. Hushed. Smoothed. Unruffled. Quiet.


Embrace Personal Core Values To 10X Your
Life By
Thinking Positive

Whenever I think about my triggers I counter them by thinking positively about the fundamental beliefs I hold about myself. I believe I am a calm, considerate, understanding, and intelligent person and I am ultimately responsible for how I react and behave.

So that you gain a greater understanding of who you are, consider what four positive values sum you up and why:-

  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________

When you become self-aware and accountable for your thoughts and behaviour you’re better able to start to 10X your life. 

You are the only person who can promote real change in your life. And appreciating that your triggers can be managed by harnessing the best parts of yourself. 

The four positive core values you listed above, will help you to achieve this.

“The feeling of being offended is a warning indicator that is showing you where to look within yourself for unresolved issues.”

Bryant McGill

McGill’s statement echos what the American actor and Director Morgan Freeman, said many people say I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that, but he said the bus runs every day.

What is stopping you from getting on the bus are is simply one word.


If you would like to get on the bus and start being in the driving seat, and the CEO of your life, hit this link because Your Possibilities are Endless 

Celebrate Your Achievement in Life 

So, you have discovered what your triggers are.

What four core beliefs you hold about yourself.

How do you us then to take back your power.

You do this by defining who you are, which you can do by creating a mission statement. If you would like a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this read my article How To Build A Mission Statement Around Your Core Values. 

By building a list of core values that develop into healthy habits you can supercharge your personal growth.

The American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said to achieve results you need to create a list.

That list should identify what you want out of life and every time you achieve something on that list, you should tick it off and celebrate.

Celebrating the positive things in life that bring you the most joy will automatically lead to improving your life. 

This happens because our brain is automatically wired to react well to pleasure, it does this by releasing dopamine chemicals in the brain. It plays a part in controlling emotional responses and is a hormone associated with happiness.

Celebrating your successes is a neat way of wiring your brain for success. If you would like to Discover How Your Core Values Affect Your Brain and how you can use it to 10X your life read the article.

Conclusion – Personal Core Values To 10X Your

The ability to 10X your life requires change, development, and growth and takes courage and perseverance, and a degree of mental toughness.

My life experience has taught me that the thing that most often holds us back from greatness is our inability to believe the best about ourselves and to tap into the positive core values.

As this articles states, you can achieve it by

  1. Appreciating that you have massive potential
  2. That your triggers limit your ability to see your potential.
  3. Identify what your triggers are.
  4. Use positive core values to counter your triggers.
  5. Identify what fundamental values define who you are.
  6. Let go of your limiting beliefs.
  7. Make a list of the things you want to achieve in life.
  8. Celebrate your achievements.
  9. Take back your power by living your authentic self.

If you would like to discover more about how you can build personal strength read my article What Core Values Promote Your Strength.