The Best Core Values For Relationships?

Relationships & Values
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The Best Core Values For Relationships? Most of what we do and feel comes down to the relationships we form with others. It dedicates much of how your life will play out, whether you’re going to feel secure can confident or feel devalued and hard done by. That being said, the most important core values for good relationships is pretty important. Read on to find out simple ways you can supercharge your relationship that will vastly improve your life.
Relationships and core values
Most people don’t know this by your personal core values reflect the important life choices that make you unique and define who you are.

But not all fundamental values are treated equally, there are some super core values that enrich and enhance the relationships and hopefully take pride of place in your relationship find out what they are by reading on.

What Are Core Values?

We can go through life and fail to find the time to consider what really makes us tick? Why are we doing what we are currently doing? Alternatively, why aren’t we doing what we should be doing?

Well, your fundamental beliefs play a large part in what makes you stand out for everyone else and has ultimately dedicated what has happened in your life still now.

It is that compass that navigates what you consider to be right or wrong allowing you to make better sense of the world by influencing your actions and behaviour at a given time.

They touch at the very soul of what you stand for as a human being and act as a roadmap that makes you grounded and centered. Your values don’t remain constant because they are influenced by your lived experiences and the relationships you form.

We all have different relationships based on whether we’re at work, in a marriage, a partnership, with our family, in our business.  And the relationships we form with others ultimately dedicate the quality of our lives. 

But most people don’t realize the value of adding value to every meaningful relationship because it is a fundamental way of bringing wholeness and balance not only to our lives but the lives of others.

The American Actor Will Smith said if we’re not bringing values to other people’s lives, we’re wasting our time. The reality is, this is the best way to ensure we live happy fruitful lives.

Relationships and core values
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There are, of course, some must-have values for meaningful intimate relationships, such as –


If you are struggling to introduce these very special core values in your personal relationship there are some powerful tools that will ensure you discovered the hidden world driving the feelings of attraction that you can access by clicking this link.

Core Values That Build Relationships? 

Love and core valuesAs you already know, not all core values are created equal, and this is true. And although you don’t get to choose the values you hold you can adopt them by conscientiously practicing them every day. How do you do this?

Well, the first step is to appreciate that you’re not perfect, and you will say and do things that will inevitably harm your relationship with others. What’s important to remember, however, is that they do not define you, nor should you let it define your relationship.

When you are able to accept this, you can let go of your insecurities and start harnessing what makes you unique faults and all. You will find that showing your vulnerability, by accepting the fact that you will inevitably screw up, is in fact one of the most attractive qualities you can possess.

Because people will admire you for exposing the real you, they will begin to understand what makes you unique. I use to struggle to accept the fact that I make mistakes and use to build a wall so I wouldn’t expose my genuine self. I was ashamed that I did have the confidence to show who I really was. I managed to overcome it, by learning to values myself and in so doing valuing the relationships I have with others.

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I like many others have found it difficult to find good relationships and keep them. It just seemed that I couldn’t meet anyone I had anything in common with. My first dates were horror stories and I rarely made it to a second date.

I have also written a number of articles that highlight super core values that will help your relationships to sing, which I have set out below –


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I’m sure you know what it is to listen to someone, but it can be defined as to “take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request.”

A friend told me how her relationship with her partner was dwindling because they could no longer relate to each other.

I asked her why and she said: “God knows, but I just don’t understand him.”

core values …..rebuilding valued relationships that thrive

I paused and asked if she took the time to really listen to what he was doing, and not just listening to what he was saying.

Listening is not just about using your ears but using your intuition. A person’s behaviour can often say a lot more about them than what they say.

Sometimes, our relationships change. That change could be based on a mixture of things going on in our lives.  And very often, it has nothing to do with the relationship itself.

Listening is not simply about opening your ears to hear what someone is saying, it opening your heart to hear and appreciate what others are facing.

I believe that my relationship with my Pastor and elders at church and the teaching of the Bible influence my ability to listen and develop and grow. 

For example, the Bible states James 1:19

“My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”

In the same way, your relationships with your friends, family, coaches, mentors, or other people should be about showing that you care enough to take time to hear what they are saying.

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More Core Values That Build

Friends and relationships core values


All good relationships are about to give and take. However, problems arise when there’s an imbalance where one person feels there are giving more than the other. This can make us feel the other person is valuing their feelings and opinion more than our own. 

attention is the greatest act of love.

The net effect is that it can lead to unhealthy relationships where we feel that were being devalued, demeaned, and even disrespected. However, when you practice compromise as a core value, you’re giving respect to someone else, letting them know you care about them.

It is summed up very neatly by Ludwig Wilhelm Erhard

“A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.”


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Love and devotion are core values that often go hand in hand. When you show devotion to someone you’re being loyal and faithful to them. It’s akin to telling them that you’re prepared to give them your attention.

“attention is the greatest act of love.”

become what you’re devoted to

Giving someone your attention is about being present and living in the moment. The act of devotion allows you to become more available and diligent about your relationships.  There are different types of devotion, devotion to God, to your family, your friends, your partner, your country.

You can become what you’re devoted to because if you’re prepared to dedicate the time and effort to make something happen, chances are it will.  So if you’re devoted to becoming a great husband,  if you dedicate yourself to doing all the right things necessary, there’s a good chance you’ll pull it off. 

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Conflicting Values In Relationships

conflict and relationships core values


The act of being sensitive is being responsive and reactive to other people’s feelings. It’s about being empathetic and understanding in your relationships and being mindful of difficulties others may be facing.

My friend Celia met a man who she became very fond of, for six months they would meet for dinner, go away on holiday together to get to know each other better.

As a highly sensitive person, every little thing elicits a strong reaction in me.

― Tracy M. Kusmierz,

Relationships & Values
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They would also spend hours speaking intimately with each other and found that they shared many of the same interests. Traveling was a major part of their lives as was learning new languages. In addition, they both had an interest in art and keeping up with current affairs.

Not surprisingly, they seemed extremely compatible and even had similar outgoing and gregarious personalities. They decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and got married seven months after meeting each other.

Approximately three months after their marriage, my friend called me to get my opinion:

“I come home from work, and he hasn’t done anything.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked

having “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something

“Well, Mike gets home a good hour before me because he works locally and every day I come home to find him sitting on the sofa, waiting for me to cook dinner.”

“Have you spoken to him about starting the dinner before you arrive?” I asked.

Do you think Mike was being sensitive to Celia’s feelings?

What would you do if you were Mike?

In Mike’s case practicing sensitivity as a core value means taking into consideration that your partner has had a hard day’s work and doing your bit to share the work so your partner is not overburdened.  If your looking for a better marriage and would like to build trust and intimacy and mutual respect to flow then click this link right now! Because Dr. Bob Huizenga marriage professional has the answers you have been looking for.

Core Values To Calm Conflicting


Respect is having “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

It’s also about having “due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.”

Going back to the case of Celia and Mike it occurred to me that the core value of respect was also missing in their relationship.

Celia told me how she had hinted to Mike that he could start dinner, and we’d both complete it together when she got home, but he said something about, “it was a woman’s duty to do the cooking…”

a willingness to consider new ideas, unprejudiced, unbiased and being non-partisan.

“Honestly, Elaine,” she said, “I don’t know what to do if he expects me to cook dinner for him seven days a week.”

To calm her mood, I told her to approach the subject with mike when she was less stoked up and appeal to his sense of pragmatism and humility.

The core value of humility is a way of humbling yourself and deferring, respecting, and giving esteem and consideration to others.

The act of being respectful often requires humility and this is fundamental for every relationship.

Core Values To Solve Conflicts In


The quality of being open-minded in a relationship is very powerful if you would like to discover more, click this link as I’ve devoted an entire article about it.

The art of being open-minded is a willingness to consider new ideas, unprejudiced, unbiased, and is non-partisan. When you practice open-mindedness as a core value you actually see your relationship through an entirely different lens. It allows you to show your vulnerability which is admired in most relationships and builds trust.

So in Celia and Mike’s case, they would be more likely to listen to each other’s opposing points of view and not be judgemental and biased.

I encouraged Celia to sit down with her husband over a cup of coffee to talk and be open-minded about how she felt their relationship was going.

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.

Frank Zappa

I explained, that this could be used as an opportunity to build a positive and meaningful dialogue.

In any relationship, it’s important to try to understand each other’s points of view and to try to reach a compromise. For example, what has led to Mike’s view about a women’s role in the home?

Open-mindedness will also allow both Mike and Celia to drawn on core values that tackle the deep-seated problems in their relationship.

Discussion Around Relationship Conflict

Their discussion should revolve around how they could support each other’s emotional well-being. This would help prevent either party from feeling stressed, pressured, anxious or worried, either financially, spiritually, or emotionally.

Important values should help you speak positively with someone even though you may not agree with them

core values revolve around peace, oneness, harmony and connectivity

To help you achieve this, before your discussion with someone you should meditate to create a calm peaceful atmosphere. So you become balanced, considerate, and thoughtful while speaking from the heart. If you would like help to unwind the clock and build positive dynamic relationships hit this link.

Can you relate to Celia’s and Mike’s circumstances?

What other core values do you feel would help their relationship?

What Harmful Core Values Can Affect
Your Relationships?

Just like there are good core values there are also negative ones. These negative core values surface when we losing sight of what’s important. And they can easily screw up our relationships

Sometimes when we concentrate on our own needs too much instead of thinking about others. It might be entirely innocent because we’re worried about something in our own lives that absorbs our attention.

Or we might be focussing on negative values like being ego-centric and self-interested, anger, aggression, or dishonesty.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, take a step back and viewing things from a 360-degree angle. When you examine yourself and try to see things from another person’s perspective life becomes far more rewarding and you start to build more positive relationships.

This is easier said than done but if your core values revolve around peace, oneness, harmony, and connectivity it’s easier to see things from a pragmatic perspective. These values are important aspects of any relationship and motivated by selflessness and producing positive interpersonal relationships.

Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without

Inner peace

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Having a negative bias can also affect impact your ability to build meaningful relationships. Sometimes we can find it difficult to build on our positive core values because of our negative bias. We can often adapt poor core values which we may not even know about.

These include negative core values like being Mistrustful, constantly thinking that our partner is treating us. Or being cruel, bad-tempered, controlling, or angry. Having such negative core values can massively affect your ability to form positive relationships.

However, it is possible to change how you behave to build positive relationships and it really doesn’t take much effort to create amazing results. Click this link to discover how this is possible.

How Do You Form Positive Relationships
Around Your Core Values?

Love is an incredibly important core value for a relationship. The definition of love is an intense feeling of affection and fondness towards someone or something. To discover the power of love as a fundamental value, click here.

James Arthur Baldwin was an American novelist, playwright, and activist said:

“Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”

The knowledge which we express to others is based on our cognitive skills.

love and personal core values
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The emotional glue holding meaningful marriages or partners together was the core value, love.

However, for true love to thrive the things you say and do should help foster a healthy and positive relationship. The decisions you make should be about building and empowering the other person by adding value to their lives.

Along with this, core values that allow you to express how you really feel, good or not so are crucial. There’s nothing like the burden of having to hold your feeling in and not being honest with your feeling to weaken a relationship. As James Baldwin states, take “off the mask” and reveal the real you.

Your Attitude Towards Your Relationship

Your attitude towards your relationship also impacts your ability to develop positive core values. How you behave, your attitude, and demeanour in your relationship are guided by the following:

  • Emotional
  • Cognitively
  • Behavioural

The feelings you show are connected to your emotional stimuli, these feelings can be both exaggerated and intense. The feeling of love can be very intense and this emotion can get our heart pumping and we can feel a sense of euphoria. Your attitude towards someone we love is shaped by our emotions.

Our cognitive skills also affect our attitude in our relationship and involve the knowledge which we express to others. With this, our behaviour, towards someone we admire and love, is often self-evident by our actions.

So the fundamental values we hold in relationships are linked to our attitude based on our emotion, cognitive skills, and behaviour.

The Psychology Behind Positive Core Values
and Your Relationships

We all have negative behavioural traits. The trick is not waiting for something devastating to happen to create change. Like Celia and Mike, you can pre-empty the situation by developing real, meaningful change by connecting with your core values.

Who we are, is influenced by the positive relationships we forge not only with others but also with ourselves. 

By expressing positive values in our relationships it creates positive, meaningful vibes and a feeling of freedom and well-being.

This is because relationships thrive when we openly express our true feelings in a genuine, authentic way, and being true to ourselves is what our fundamental values are all about. 

By becoming aware of your personal core values, you’ll become more authentic and genuine to yourself.

So in conclusion, practicing these super core values in your relationship helps you to re-exam your behaviour, thoughts, and feelings and boost your relationships.

By becoming aware of your values and putting them into practice, you’ll become true to yourself. With this, your ability to make better choices and build better relationships increases.

This will help you to function on an altogether more emotionally and spiritually healthy frequency.

Meditation is also a compelling way of helping you to identify where you’re going wrong in your relationships Once you appreciate this you can use it to your advantage by setting achievable personal goals. Click this link if you would like to find out more.

To move the needle toward real positive change click this link in your life using powerful core values.