What Are Core Values In Life & Do They Matter?

True Identity and Core Values

What Are Core Values In Life & Do They Matter? Ever wondered why some people are so super confident and have an extraordinary purpose in life and others struggle to find meaning? For me, I have always try to follow my heart and be true to myself but found that the world often dedicates another path. This article will explain how some of the most mindful people like Nelson Mandela didn’t beat to the dedicate of others but used their fundamental beliefs to find their purpose, and illustrates how you can too.

Life Core Values

Your fundamental values are the principles and guidelines that affect your behaviour and feelings. They also –

  • Help you understand yourself better.  
  • They shaped and control what you believe in.
  • They influence what makes you feel authentic and true to yourself and others.
  • When they align with your actions they ensure that what you say and do comes from within. 

Continue reading to discover how your fundamental beliefs can set you on a path that frees you from the need to conform and find your authentic self.

Core Values That Help You To Understand Yourself Better?

Community and life core values

In a world where we’re often told to conform to societal norms that promote mediocrity, it’s important to reflect and find out what makes you feel whole and precious. 

These are often not the things that society is telling us we need but our own edification and self-discovery.

Although the list of fundamental values can teach us a lot about ourselves they are only really valuable if we live by them. They reveal much about personal choices whether you are family orientated, progressive, creative understanding.

There are countless values by which we should be living our lives and here are some of them:

Honesty, Self-love, Self-discipline, Self-commitment, Open-mindedness, Consistency, Self-discovery,  Reflection, Inner-solace, Purpose, Imagination, Deliberation

to tackle injustice and to value all people no matter what their colour, creed or class.

If you consider the lives of some of the world’s most self-driven and purposeful people such as Nelson Mandela, you’ll discover how the principles by which they live their lives becomes self-evident.

Personal core values books
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It serves to illustrate the power of standing up for what you believe and the massive impact it can have on your life and the lives of many others.

For Mandela, his intention was to end apartheid without resorting to an interracial war. His personal core value embraced the need to tackle injustice and to value all people no matter what their colour, creed or class. 

If you would like to discover how to discover your inner strength and like Mandela use it to build direction and understanding in your life click this link. You’ll discover books that I  recommend to help you create a purposeful and remarkable life and stop you from feeling lost, stuck, and afraid of failure.

How Your Lived Experiences Help Define
Your Core Values?

Here was a man with a profound understanding of his vision for the country he loved and cherished. His overriding objective was the peaceful termination of the apartheid system and to lay the foundation for a democratic South African. To establish a country that respected human rights and value peace and unity for all people.

his lived experience influenced his core values

Mandela’s life reveals how our beliefs should orchestrate the physical manifestation of our lives. They should direct our actions, so they align with our true identity, beliefs and sense of right and wrong.

Such values influence our feelings, emotions and thoughts and help to reflect your reality. When our emotions are moved by what we truly believe in they intensify and make us driven and inspired, and our true identity becomes transparent.

his lived experiences, seeing the effects of injustice influenced his core values.

If we look at how this impacted Mandela’s life, we’ll discover how the ripple effect of his attitude towards the injustice of apartheid pinpointed his innate beliefs. An examination of the motive behind Mandela’s actions makes it clear that his lived experiences, seeing the effects of injustice, influenced his fundamental principles by which is lives his life. 

How Do You Find Your Core Values?

Life personal core values

Mandela studied to become a lawyer and was evidently aware of the injustices of apartheid. As a result, he joined the African National Congress (ANC), and as an influential lawyer, he quickly gained promotion in the ANC, actively campaigning against apartheid. 

His life gives us a clearer idea of how you can unearth the driving force and purpose behind your life. The overwhelming theme that becomes apparent is:

  • A wish to provide a service to society
  • A need to make a contribution to improve the world around them
  • Taking action that is both useful and productive
  • Pursuing objectives that make you and others feel alive fulfilled, enthused and empowered.
  • Championing causes that allow you and others to thrive, advance and flourish
  • A desire to pursue a cause that, while challenging provides mental freedom.
  • Pursuing a purpose with a clear directional path and focus that will lead to the desired outcome.
  • Generating enough, motivation, enthusiasm and courage to pursue their objective.
  • While you may experience pain, anguish and frustration, the result must bring a level of joy and rapture at securing your goal, which aligns with your core values.
  • Developing intrinsic skills that come naturally to you albeit ones which you need to master through training.

If you would like to discover how to tap into your hidden talents and revolutionize your life by improving your mindset,

core values and positive attitude
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like Mandela, unearthing the driving force and purpose behind your life click this link. I recommend powerful tools that can help you achieve it. 

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Examining Core Events In Your Life

Take a quiet moment to write down 5 events in your life that made you feel most alive.

What words would you use to describe how you felt?

Now examine whether they embraced any of the points listed above, the more points they include, the better.

redefine who you are through your personal values.

Go as far back as you can remember, perhaps you have beliefs and values that you never thought you possessed or ones that you have forgotten about.

This exercise the first step to discovering the core of what you stand for and ultimately who you are.

Understanding what you stand for is the first step towards personal freedom. I simply cannot express how empowering it is to define what you believe in. I have therefore spent many hours writing about how you can harness your potential using your inner sense of who you are and what you represent.

For a detailed account of how to define your core values click this link and find your true identity.   

What Happens When You Don’t Live Your
Core Values?

Align core values

Understanding the principles behind why your life is the way it takes you through the process of getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

It also whether you’re using your own innate talents and like Mandela using it to help others. I have found that using powerful tools can have helped me understand myself better and the amazing potential I have to achieve my goals 

expressed their personal and professional dissatisfaction at their careers

Your personal core values should also like Mandela influence how you spend your time.

For example, is your job in tune with your fundamental beliefs?  

Having spoken to several friends and colleagues about their careers and aspirations. Many express feelings of being trapped, unappreciated and bored at their jobs. They felt unable to connect with what they are doing because their work doesn’t align with their values.

Even speaking to people in high profile jobs such as top lawyers, doctors, senior business executives have expressed their personal and professional dissatisfaction at their careers and expressing a wish to change their careers entirely.

Life Career Core Values

You may not already know but I studied to become a lawyer and use to specialised in immigration. My work aligned with my core values which were to support her client’s suffering persecution in their country of origin.

The role enabled me to find what I could excel at because I was saving people from being killed or tortured and it gave me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. 

However, due to government changes in funding, practising as an Immigration solicitor became almost impossible, and I no longer felt able to continue the role. I left my position and eventually became a medical negligence solicitor.

I realised that I was far from embracing My  true potential.

Believe in Yourself and core values
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However, I found I wasn’t using the same skills as her previous role. My new job was mostly office-based were as before she was able to meet clients face to face at asylum centres, the Home Office and airports.

I was required to handle several files, which was often very complex and time-consuming. It left me very limited time to connect with my clients and add value to their lives. I found that I no longer felt able to support and empower clients who often suffered life-changing injuries.

Instead, I was preoccupied with dealing with red tap and keeping up with hitting my billing targets and performing what seemed like pointless administrative duties.  I realised that I was far from fulfilling my true purpose. 

you are responsible for your own happiness and your core values should help direct you to that path

Are you trapped in situations either on a business or personal level, where you feel unable to thrive?

When this happens, we often become locked in a never-ending spiral of dissatisfaction and disinterest. This can permeate other areas of our lives.

you are responsible for your own happiness

We can feel stressed and disorientated, out of sync with our core values and beliefs in both our business and personal life.

However, you are responsible for your own happiness and your core values should help you find the blueprint to live your authentic life.  If you would like to empower yourself and breakdown the walls that confined you click this link to discover how to turn your dreams and goals into action. 

Develop Life Habits To Build Your Fundamental

Consider what core values you would need to harness to do your dream job. Although you don’t get to choose your core values you can practise them so they become a habit.

So if you’ve always wanted to be creative but don’t feel you have the ability to play the piano which you’ve always wanted to do. Go ahead and play it.

The word motivation comes from the word “movere”  which is a Latin word that means to move.   So even if you lack the motivation to do something that you want to develop into a habit the simple act of doing it will in itself motivate you.

Brian Tracy personal core values
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The simple act of playing the piano on a regular basis will get the creative juices flowing that you never knew you had.

When you begin to see how much you’ve improved this will motivate you even more and you’ll start practising even more. If you would like to see real improvement in your life by experiencing more energy, purpose and prosperity click this link. 

How Can You Live Your True Identity Through
Your Core Values?

When you discover our personal values were able to identify hidden skills that come most naturally to you. They should point you how to live a fulfiled life and allow you to bring your dreams to fruition.

Great core values reveal what you think about yourself and not what others think about you. It should point to the incredible opportunities you have to redefine yourself.

As a dynamic and resourceful person, you have an unlimited capacity to expand yourself

Everything you do should contribute to the growth and well-being of the important people around you.

This might be providing a service, caring, supporting or encouraging others. Or creating, building, or constructing something that supports the needs of others. As a dynamic and resourceful person, you have an unlimited capacity to expand yourself and utilise your core skills. Whether you embrace those opportunities is down to you, but you might want to take the advice of –

Pope John XXIII said the following:

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”

If you would like to tap into the power of your true identity and develop the correct mindset for rapid personal growth click this link.