What Core Values Can Change Your Life?

Life Changing Values

They What Core Values Can Change Your Life? Have you ever wondered what defines you as a person? What makes you different from everyone else? I carried out extensive research to establish how our core values influence our lives. 

Liv and core values

Your core values make-up who you are and how you choose to live your life.

  • Core values that can change your life are; Self-knowledge. Purpose. Knowledge. Understanding. Vision. Acceptance. Contribution. Community. 
  • They also help you discover your inner strengths.
  • Understand your behaviour.
  • Help your self-discovery. 
  • And build positive relationships.

Discover how you can use your fundamental beliefs, to build harmony and momentum in your life and to understand which direction your life should be heading in and why.

What Are Core Values In Life? 

My sister told me how she’d never visit Brazil because the police are well known for killing children who begged tourists for money.

“our core values play a significant part in the choices we”

Her fundamental humanitarian beliefs reinforced by her value for human life prevented her from holidaying in Brazil. This clearly shows that our fundamental beliefs play a significant part in the choices we make and can even influence where we choose to go on holiday and spend our money. 

They, therefore, act as a spiritual, emotional and financially compass, which influence our lives very often, without us even knowing it.

Can Core Values Help You To Understand
Your Life? 

Understanding your personal values gives you a deeper insight into what’s happening inside your mind and how it ultimately plays out in your behaviour. Listening to what these values are saying to you will give you a clearer perspective on what you purpose in life should be, thereby, helping you to make the right decisions.

Because we all have different fundamental beliefs they stamp you out as being distinctly different from everyone else.  By being true to your personal values, you become aware of your own unique positioning in the world.

So, instead of listening to the dedicates of the world around you, you begin to understand how to change your life to align with the spirit of who you truly are. 

“I was overcome by the sense of empowerment and satisfaction”

Some of the world’s most purposeful and mindful people, such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, all used their fundamental beliefs to change the world in profound ways.

Like them, by tapping into your beliefs, you’ll begin to appreciate that life is about the meaningful relationships you develop with other people and how you empower them.

For it is these relationships that add value to the lives of the people around you and ultimately add value to your life allow you to enjoy richer life experiences that shape the world around you.

“What core values do you feel are important to you, and why?”

Some other important core values that can empower and change your life are – Openness. Perseverance. Courage. Self-discipline. Hard work. Diligence. Competence. Conscientiousness. Loyalty.  Honesty. Empathy. Commitment. Patience. Joy. Peace. Positivity.

The Benefits of Reflecting On Life-Changing
Core Values

Life changing core values

Not all of your core values are created equally. There are some, what I call super values that help you become reflective and help you discover your hidden talents and potential. You might have life-changing talents that you never knew of. 

And using powerful tools such as meditation, visualisation, positive self-affirmations, mindfulness and prayer, you can bring your core values to the fore. If you would like to discover how you can transform your life by using the core values you already have, click this link. 

When I first practised as a solicitor I specialised in immigration. I was overcome by the sense of empowerment and satisfaction it provided. I was able to help people who were fleeing persecution from their country of origin.

” core values should help us cultivate our inner strength”

My role took on a whole new meaning much bigger than myself because I was literally saving people’s lives by helping them escape torture.

I felt in my element, my client’s were so appreciative of everything I did for them and I felt a strong sense of pride.

  • Consider whether your job aligns with your fundamental beliefs
  • Does it make you feel you being true to yourself?
  • Do you feel valued in your Job?
  • Or do you feel devalued and unhappy at work?
  • If yes consider what you can do to align your job with your core values

The Disadvantages of Not Living
Your Core Values

However, when I changed speciality to medical negligence, I lost the sense of who I was and what I stood for. Although I was still helping my client’s who suffered medical injuries my sense of pride that I was literally saving lives was missing. 

After much self-reflection, I realised that medical negligence did not align with my core values and I wasn’t living an authentic life. As a result, I wasn’t thriving enjoying my work and I felt undervalued and unhappy.

Several years later, I realised I was doing the wrong thing with my life and wasn’t being true to myself.  

I slowly realised that doing something that resonates with the spirit of how you are is vitally important because it helps you to find your true potential. That potential has the power to change your life and impact the world around you. 

To discover how to become more reflective and align your actions with the essence of who you are and what you fundamentally believe in and care about I would recommend some really great books that will supercharge your growth. Click this link to discover more…..

Character Traits And Core Values That Help You Evolve?  

Your values are not constant but change based on your experiences and the influential people you connect with. So the values you had 10 years ago may have changed. 

If your core values evolve around achieving excellence at work putting you might be happy to put in long hours. However, once you get married and start a family,  such values may not be as important. 

That’s okay because it means that you are growing and that means you’re developing.

Your character traits may also influence your core values. We all have positive and negative character traits. But, you can transmute your negative character traits into positive ones. This will allow you to change your perceptive on life and progress in ways you never thought possible.

“they acquiesced in his despicable behaviour”

Do Your Actions Align With Your
Core Values 

A friend confided in me and told me how he used to steal money from his friends and family because he didn’t want to go out to work.

He explained how he didn’t see the point in working to pay his rent and although he cared deeply for his family he wasn’t prepared to change his selfish behaviour. the truth was all he could think about was serving his own needs.

I formed the impression that my friend’s character traits were: 

Selfish. Dishonest. Self-serving. Deceptive. Dismissive. Irresponsible. 

When I asked him the reason for his behaviour, he said it was “selfishness, and he did it because he could get away with it.

Because he had a past criminal history his family were anxious to ensure he kept of out of trouble. Because they cared about him so much, they acquiesced in his despicable behaviour and despite all their efforts, couldn’t get him to change his behaviour.

However, not only did his actions place stress on his own physical and mental well-being but, was also impacting on his friends and family.

  • Take a moment to reflect on the essence values you hold?
  • Do your actions align with them?
  • If not, consider how your life could be improved if you connected with your core values, would you be more content and satisfied in 

If you’re not living the spirit of who you are and having to put on a mask each morning to hide the real you and the disappointment you feel about your life you are not alone.

However, there are tools that will help you appreciate that you are much more then you give yourself credit for. Click here to check out my recommendations……..

What Core Values Can Change Your Life

Sometime later, I called my friend to check how he was doing. He told me how had turned his life around had been baptised and was busy training to become a Pastor. 

WOW, my friend was able to turn his life around and he achieved it by focusing on all the positive people in his life he cared about. 

“re-examing his life and focussing on the above positive core values he found …. courage”

These people valued – Honesty, Selflessness, Understanding, Appreciation, Kindness, Humility, Peace, Goodness, Integrity, Love, Regret, Faith, Forgiveness, Calm, Hope.

By re-examing his life and tapping into the real spirit of who he was he was able to find the courage to change his life. 

Sometimes, it’s at the lowest point in our lives that we realise we need to change our negative character traits and reposition how we navigate the world.

How Can Your Relationships With Others
Change Your Life?

Life and core values

The relationships you have with others is one of the single most important defining factors which determine your life experiences.  When people respect and trust you it’s usually because you add value to their lives, and makes you feel good inside.

It’s easy to have problems and internalise them or make them appear worse then they are. However, if people know they can count on you to make them see that things aren’t as bad as they may seem it can make all the difference.

“make your core values the cornerstone of your life”

Some positive values that build trust in relationships that help them to grow are – 

  • Insightful.
  • Inclusiveness
  • Empathetic.
  • Genuine.
  • Honest.
  • Conscientious.
  • Courageous.
  • Empowerment
  • Reliable.
  • Flexible.
  • Humble.

By developing positive relationships with others, you can start to send positive messages to yourself, that build you self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.

You can do this, by just doing small things like listening to others. When you empathetically listen to people, you’re giving them your time and attention. That says a lot about how you feel about them because you’re telling them your value and care about them.

If you continue to do this to people you meet, it can transform your life by opening you up to new experiences. Not only will you learn more about others you’ll learn more about yourself.

Opportunities are created when we share experiences good and bad. When we allow life to touch us and prepared to rise to new challenges and take a few risks. Listening to the experiences of others can often give us that push needed to things we would never normally do that can change the way we look at the world and indeed ourselves.

If you would like to discover how to develop empowering personal change click this link.

How To Define Your Core Values And Your Personal Mission Statement 

Oprah Winfrey the American media executive, actress, talk show host said 

“Your real job in life is to figure out what it is you are called to do.”

Winfrey went on to say if you don’t know your purpose in life than you’ll be wandering around aimlessly thinking about what you should do to make sense of your life. Most people haven’t figured out the meaning of their life.

They’re not happy with what they are doing, and not in the relationships or jobs that they want or living the life they want. Your fundamental beliefs can help you to work out your purpose and give you the perfect platform to discover what you’re capable of. Building a  personal mission statement is the best place to start. 

“embrace new opportunities while maximising positive life experiences.”

Your personal mission statement should provide the basis of what your life mission should be. They should help you excel at every level. It is a brief description of what important to you and what you should be focussing your energy on. It should refocus your actions, thoughts and life choices to align with your ultimate life goal. 

And encourage you to be proactive and not reactive so you can form the building blocks to your future success whatever that looks like.

It could also help you to become self-confident, so you can operate on a much higher level, become motivated, self-driven and able to embrace new opportunities while maximising positive life experiences. 

and discover how you can control and influence your circumstances, track your goals, hit deadlines, master your time. 

How To Use Your Core Values To Change Your Life By Getting Things Done 

Fundamental values that encourage you to take get things done and action to get are a winner. Taking massive action is the life-blood behind some of the world’s most self-driven, motivated and visionary people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

The science behind taking action can also help you become resourceful enough to unlock multiple opportunities. Your mission statement should also provide enough detail to add clarity to your vision for your future.

“discover how your brain reacts to your core values”

Getting things done means you take a moment to pause and reflect and then take massive action to make your personal mission come alive.

Taking action means building momentum and turning into a habit, it then becomes that comes naturally every day. 

In the video above, the Motivational speaker Tony Robbins states that rituals condition us to achieve results. So from the time you wake up in the morning you have a ritual which will control your success for the future. 

In order to achieve great results, you need to change your physiology and your focus. This can be done very quickly but you need to be able to commit to it, just like going to the gym every week to lose weight if you keep doing it you’ll see the results. When you see the results, it will make you commit even more. 

In the same way, committing to personal core values that will change your life we reap results, but you have to remain true to the spirit of your values. By doing this you will live a happy and authentic life.

How To Use Core Values To Change
Your Life By Creating Harmony

Your values can bring harmony and balance can change your life. If you find yourself fighting against the world. It might be because your partner has left you, you’ve lost your job, your suffering from debt and can’t see a way out. 

When you’re at the lowest point in your life harmony can seem very far away. But if you focus and tap into you your calming beliefs Tranquillity. Stillness. Peace. Quietude. Serenity, it can pull you back from the brink of despair.

I appreciate that even if you do have calming core values life can still kick you down. The difference is how you’re able to deal with the crisis. 

The way you go about dealing with a crisis can be life-changing. You only need to look at the Bible to see that the way you deal with difficult situations makes all the difference. 

The Apostle Peter, denied Christ three times before the cock crowed, however, he went on the be one of the most powerful Apostles. Judas, on the other hand, betrayed Jesus and instead of coming back for that, hang himself.

There is a major difference between crashing and burning and using your crisis to become stronger. 

Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.

  • Are you currently going through a crisis?
  • Have you ever gone through a crisis?
  • What words would you use to describe how you are feeling as a result of your crisis?
  • How did you overcome the crisis?
  • Did you draw on your core values to help you get through your crisis?
  • What core values did you use to help you overcome it?

If you would like help overcoming a crisis and use it to empower your life click this link.

How to Use Core Values To Build Change Your
Life By Building Momentum

The nature of life means no matter how secure you feel, life will inevitably throw a curveball at you.

However, having faith and confidence to continue despite life’s setbacks is life-changing . 

“Stay focused on your goals, your peace, and your happiness.”

By tapping into your core beliefs and using them to gain traction and empower yourself you can transform your life you can build opportunities that will enhance your growth.  Above all, you should take responsibility for your own happiness.

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