What Core Values Create Personal Growth Full Guide?

Personal Growth Core Value

What Core Values Create Personal Growth Full Guide? As complex people we often get so caught up in living life we don’t inspect who we really are. My own experience has taught me that I learn more from my disappointments than from my triumphs. Perhaps you’ve never thought about it but the core values you hold have a lot to do with your personal growth.  So, if you’re at the stage in life, where you want to grow and be authentic by matching what you think with what you do, then this article will help you break free of a discontented life and start growing.

personal growth core values

What Core Values Create Personal Growth Full Guide?

Until I really seat down and thought about it I didn’t really know what my core values were. Most people don’t really know what they are, they know about their beliefs and principles but don’t know much if anything about the foundational values they hold. 

To summarize, however, it’s what separates you from everyone else and makes you special, individual, and unique.

They control why you do the things that you do and what has led you to this point in your life. By tapping into the positive core values and aligning them with action, you’ll develop a more authentic and genuine approach to life. This is because your fundamental values act as a compass directing what decisions you should make to achieve what you want from life.

The objective of this article is to give you a greater understanding of the power of personal core values you already have. It also explores how you can use them to fuel your

7 Hacks to Discover Your Personal Core Values
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personal growth so continues reading to find out more.

the most successful people ……achieved massive triumphs they tap into their core values

I have written an ebook dedicated to helping your find success by using the foundational values you already hold. To discover how you can harness what makes you unique and obtain your own brand of success click this link on the image above.

What Core Values Create Personal Growth
& How
Full Guide? & Summary

There may be many things going on in your life that make it become unbalanced. You might spend too much time working and not enough time with your family. Or you may be doing the things that make you unhappy, like a job a boring mundane job that makes you feel empty.

However, personal growth is about understanding yourself and being able to appreciate what is lacking in your life, or what areas of your life need to be more developed. Being balanced is about finding that sweet spot between doing the things you have to do but don’t really want to and finding those things that make you most alive.

The table below will help you determine what areas of your life you need to grow and how your personal core values will help you achieve it.
How To Define Your Core Values for Growth?

Personal growth core values

The chart below shows some great personal core values that can produce personal growth and help you create the best quality of life.

However, our lives can be very busy hectic, and it’s can be difficult to find the time to be introspective.

This makes it hard to take time out to sit down and think of what values you hold and how they influence your life. So, here’s your chance to sit down and do just that.

Think about, whether you are being true to your authentic self or are you living someone else’s life?   When you know what makes you feel grounded, and develop a sense of belonging and purpose you can then take steps to ensure your actions connect to how you feel.

Many people neglect to do this, so they get to a stage in their lives where they feel lost and unhappy. Years go by and they don’t understand why they haven’t connected with what they’ve been doing. Their lives become very meaningless and they feel a sense of loss.

I certainly wish I had connected with my personal core values earlier in life because I would have made different decisions. Ones which have made me happier. However, it is never too late to reflect and grow through self-discovery.

I have dedicated an entire article on how to define your core values which you can access by clicking this link.

Questions To Determine – What Core Values Create Personal Growth Full Guide?

Answering the following questions should help you find more clarity on what you need to do to live your best life through personal growth. But before I explain it further, I want to introduce you to some cool ways you can turbocharge your personal growth. 

Personal core values
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Along with answering each of the questions, grade yourself for every question on a scale of 1 – 10 how positive you feel.

1   =   is very low
10 =  is very high.

  1. What makes you most excited to wake up in the morning? – What words describe how you feel?

2. What makes you feel most alive? – think of 10 words that describe your emotions. 

3. What’s happening in your life that you wish you had more of and why? Write down 5 situations that this relates to.

Are your relationships with your friends and family thriving

4. Are there things in your life that you really want to change and why? – write down 5 things you would like to change 

5. Are your relationships with your friends and family thriving, or do you need to build more positive ones? Write down the positive and negative things in your relationship.

6. Do you enjoy and thrive at your job, or do you feel devalued and unmotivated at work? write down 10 words that describe how you feel at work 

7. Do you feel you are living an authentic life? – Please see the above definition of authentic life.

8. If not why not? – write down how you feel you’re not being true to yourself

9. Consider 10 words that describe when you feel excited and most alive.  Is it being part of a loving family, being independent, or empowered?

10. Then consider what strengths you have to help you overcome adversity. Write down 10 words that describe the qualities you draw on to do this.

These are qualities you possess that help you to push past your struggles. Perhaps it’s being optimistic, having perseverance, or having strong friendships or resources.  

If you would like more help discovering what personal core values are, click this link on my article and read my article entitled Personal Core Values List 600 | Ultimate Guide

Scores For Your Personal Growth

Consider all your responses to the questions you have asked yourself. Out of 100 what score did you obtain?
If you scored between under 50 – you could benefit from evaluating whether you are living your personal core values.
For example, are you doing a job that you dislike, that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself? If this is the case, consider what you could do to change your job, maybe you need to train to do another job.
Or perhaps your relationships with others aren’t what would like them to be. If your score is between 50 – 60 your doing okay but there is room for improvement. Scores between 60 – 70 are pretty good.
And over 70 is an extremely good score. Now consider the words that describe how you feel about each question. What do they tell you about yourself? Are the majority positive or negative?

Your Core Values That Create An Authentic Life

Personal Core Values and hacks
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If your actions don’t align with your core values, it can often lead to becoming stagnant and feeling unhappy.  At stages like this, it easy just to go through the emotion of life and lose your ability to grow.

Your life can become really boring and mundane and it’s difficult to feel positive or motivated.

defined your core values, …..take positive steps to activate then and start your personal growth.

However, if you define your essential values and live by them it means you don’t let convention dictate your existence.

Personal growth comes from accepting that you might not have all the aesthetic things you want, but can find real joy and happiness from within.

If you look at some of the most purposeful and mindful people who have achieved massive triumphs they’ve tapped into their inner belief systems and didn’t follow the boring, safe path.

Like them, once you appreciate what’s really important to you in life, you can take positive steps to act on them. At the core of everything you do,  you should be checking whether it adds value to the lives of others.

Doing things that create growth because they come from your self-discovery but also when you enrich the lives of your community.

Evaluating your inner belief system gives you a reflection of who you are. Are you about creating a positive legacy, giving and caring, kind and support? Or are you looking inward at how to satisfy your own needs? Your values exist to help you understand yourself.

If you would like to break free from being in a rut and want to grow and discover what you’re truly capable of click this link of powerful recommended tools that will supercharge your personal growth. 

Personal Growth Should Generate Action Around Your Core Values

personal core values and growth

At thirteen years old, I realized that I love being creative. At the time, not surprisingly, I didn’t know it was a core value. 

However, I knew I enjoyed using my hands to make things that I could look at and say I make this.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

— Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I would make dolls clothes with my mother. We would get out the sewing machine and create little dolls dress, trousers, and skirts.

As I grow older, I continued my passion and would design and make clothes for myself, my family, and a few choice friends. I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, my unusual, extravagant designs gracing the exclusive catwalks of London, New York, and Paris.

I didn’t take action to align my core values with my personal growth.

My love for creating and designing clothes developed into a strong passion. The opportunity to visit fabric shops in Debenhams, John Lewis and Liberty in the West End of London excited me.

I would spend hours viewing expensive fabrics, drawing elaborate fashion designs and showing it off to my friends and family. I also completed a short pattern cutting class at the London College of Fashion.

Personal Growth Through Mindset

Believe in Yourself and core values
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Although I had an insatiable appetite for being creative, I didn’t take action to align my core values with my personal growth. I, therefore, didn’t carry out the necessary training to guide my behavior and connect to what I really wanted to be. A cool way to jumpstarting your personal growth is just by believing in yourself more.

The power of self-belief is one of the most important fundamental values you can possess. I know that my self-belief has pulled me through hard times and has enabled me to write this article to empower others.

If you’re looking to grow in confidence and put your plans into action hit this link and start taking control of your life.

Sometimes, however,  personal growth may only require a shift in mindset

My experience taught me that building personal growth, is not just mental it can be physical too.

Personal growth usually requires a mind shift. A mind shift is the repositioning of your focus which makes you gain a higher understanding of your potential.

Your mindset can aid your development by enabling you to understand what’s truly important to you. If you go back to your responses to the above exercise and focus on the positive words that describe how you feel, these are your core values.

They should be the most important aspects of your life that you should focus on to build personal growth. Much about personal growth is about having self-esteem. This powerful eBook entitled “Self-Esteem Boosters” is the ultimate guide to personal growth. More importantly, it gives you simple steps to avoid going through life with a low impression of yourself and not achieving your goals, which can lead to disappointment and frustration.

Building your self-esteem is easy but you need to discover the fundamental values that make you true to yourself and happy.

When you think about how you have lived your life does it make you feel positive?

Is it a true reflection of how you want to live your life?

Are there things that you should be doing that would bring more meaning and purpose to your life?

When you develop a personal growth mindset the appreciate the things that might be holding you back. 

The Actor Will Smith said when you look at your last 10 text messages are they building you up or tearing you down? 

It’s important to ask yourself who do you have in your life,  that’s helping you to grow?

Hopefully, you have people in your life that help you to grow and are genuinely supportive.

What’s important to appreciate, however, is that understanding what makes you whole and want to do a double-back summersault to get out of bed in the morning is critical for your personal growth. Find amazing tools that will help you to achieve this click this link. 

What Change Is Necessary To Bring About Personal Growth?

Growth and Values

To grow you need some form of change. It might a change in mindset or a change in behaviour most often it is both.

There are so many ways you can change in your life, so it’s important to pin down what changes you need to develop.

The above exercise should help you decide what changes are necessary so that you can live a more fulfilled and happy life. Sometimes, however, as you will have discovered the key to change is taking action. 

Your core values should set you free

Perhaps you need to dispel any self-imposed limiting beliefs?

Law of Attraction personal growth
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If you don’t believe you will ever achieve what you want in life, your ability to grow will be hindered.

I use to struggle with believing I was good enough, everyone around me seemed to know what they were doing and going in life. When I realized that I had all the tools I needed and my limiting beliefs. It’s the law of attraction that helped me to understand that you can attract what you think so that you can become what you desire.    If you would like to discover how to dispel your limiting beliefs click this link 

Personal Growth Through Having a Clear Vision 

What core values do you hold that set you free, make you more free-spirited?

Help you face new challenges without consistently worrying about what others think, or being afraid of failing.

Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.

— Anonymous

Do you have a tendency of overthinking so you never actually get round to achieving anything worthwhile?

Sometimes it’s at our lowest point that we find the courage to define what makes our heart sing and trust ourselves enough to bring about real change happen. So, as the statement says make your vision clear. 

Whatever stage you’re at now, today is the best time to start your journey to personal growth.  Unfortunately, failure to do so will evidently lead to becoming unhappy and disillusioned.

So have you always wanted to start a business that you’re passionate about?

Sit down and think about what core values you will need to draw on to get motivated.

What change in mindset and behaviour do you need to make your business a success?
What core values can you draw on to help you?

Do you need to learn new skills?

The entire process of building your business should be about how you can empower your personal growth journey.

What Tools Can Help You Find Your Personal Growth Around Your Core Values?

Your personal growth is not going to happen overnight.

It is likely to be a gradual process that will build and you might not even be aware that it is happening until you look back and see the progress you have made.

Fortunately, there are many tools that can help you speed up the process. One such tool is meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool that creates a mind shift. It rewires your brain to reform your thinking and build growth.

One tool I found useful to create relaxation and calm is a free subliminal MP3 which you can access by clicking this link. 

It takes you through how you can evaluate your overall behaviours, lifestyle, history, etc. And perfectly explains the simple process of meditation to make you start living a healthier and positive way of life.  

vision boards are scientifically proven to impact on your thoughts and emotions.

Vision boards are another tool that can speed up your personal growth.

Have you ever wished you were motivated enough to live in another country and start a whole new way of life?

Or having the confidence to meet a life partner or just new people and build meaningful relationships.

Whether you desire personal growth using pictures that represent what you want to manifest in your life is a powerful way to help bring about clarity and empower yourself.

Research shows that vision boards are scientifically proven to impact on your thoughts and emotions. It creates a ripple, vibrational effect into the universe through the laws of attraction that will help take you closer to reality.

As a Christian, I believe that God’s plan for us is to have an abundance of personal growth as stated in James 1:17, King James Version

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

How Can Vision Boards Create Personal Growth?

Using magazines, newspapers, or the internet, for images that represent how you want to feel and what you would like to create is a way of rewiring the brain for personal growth.

Placing them where you can see them daily will help to incentivize and motivate you to achieve it. This technique can emit positive energy that will help you actuate your vision.

we’re able to pull off far more than we give ourselves credit for.

Take a quiet moment to create a vision board. Use as many images you feel represent what would make you feel most alive and fuels your personal growth. Place your vision board somewhere visible so you can be reminded of it every day.

“Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less.”

―Norman Mailer

When you’re reminded of the things that really bring your life meaning it will drive your desire to do more of manifest the spirit of who you really are.

Other tools that can promote personal change are positive self-affirmations, prayer and mindfulness, and singing bowls. Click this link to discover how I built personal growth and how you can too by using these tools. 

Successful People And Core Values

Having studied some of the world’s most mindful and purposeful people like Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and activists Rosa Parks and Bill Gates.

They each started at the bottom and worked their way up to the top by believing in their core values.

This quote from Benjamin Franklin sheds light on theory

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

This statement illustrates how your personal vision should continually be evolving, transforming, and developing. By tapping into your positive core values shows your traveling in the right direction

By defining what’s important to you, you’ll be able to determine whether your behaviour is life-enriching and what actions does precisely the opposite.

Your actions should reflect the essence of what you truly believe in. The more you see the excellent results of what is a reflection of you, the more you’ll become driven and fuelled to become more of who you truly are.

Accountability and Personal Growth

Pure Core Values

Finally, “What Core Values Create Personal Growth Full Guide?”  has hopefully made you appreciate that you’re accountable and responsible for your own happiness.

To truly grow you need to take some time to reflect on the important decisions you make and ensure they are in line with your core values.

The objective is to bring you closer to living the fulfilled and holistic life you deserve.

Arrange a meeting with yourself every day to make yourself accountable for your actions. At the heart of everything you do should be how you are progressing, do you feel good about yourself, are you adding value to your community?

The magic behind this crucial habit is to encourage you to become more aligned with your values to bring you closer to living the fulfilled and holistic life you deserve and ensure your personal growth.

To find out how you can attract success by building personal growth based on the tools that you already have within you, to discover endless possibilities click this link…..

Summary – What Core Values Create Personal Growth Full Guide?

Steps to Your Personal Growth
Using Core Values
What You’ve Discovered  
Defining your Core Values They are your fundamental beliefs and ideologies. They influence the choices you make, how you behave, and your aims and aspirations in life. That’s why finding out what your core values are is fundamental.
Personal Growth Core Values Improvement, Availability, Contribution, Hygiene, Entertainment, Excitement, Efficiency, Intuition, Excellence, Mastery, Family, Honour, Credibility, Investment, Fairness, Accountability, Creation, Calm, Goal-focussed, Time-conscious, Appreciation. Clear-Minded, Commitment, Open-mindedness
How They Create Personal Growth True growth is about finding what priorities you have and putting them first. Make those things shine out in your life.
Personal Core The Authentic You


Your values should make your heart sing and allow you to live a more authentic and purposeful life. They do this by helping you to prioritize what’s important to you.
Massive Action for Growth If your actions align with your values your personal growth will follow. If your behaviour reflects your core values you will feel more contented and true to yourself.
Mindset Change for Growth


By defining things that will most improve your life your entire mindset and approach to life changes. You’ll be to see your life with clarity and vision. Your core values will enable you to see what exactly will drive you forward.
Life Changes for Personal Growth Discover how to focus on core values that promote greater self-discovery and need to dispel any self-imposed limiting beliefs. After which you’ll require a commitment to take action to start the business going. This might involve mastering or sharpening a skill. The entire process should be about how you can empower your personal growth journey.
Tools to Build Personal Growth Other tools that can promote personal change are meditation, positive self-affirmations, prayer and mindfulness. These tools will help you focus on how you can make your core values more prominent and build self-confidence and purpose.
Accountability and Growth By becoming accountable for yourself you are responsible for your own happiness. Start by having a meeting with yourself every day to make yourself accountable for your actions and track your progress.
Successful People &  Growth By defining your core values, like some of the world’s most successful people, you’ll be able to determine whether the actions you take are life-enriching and what actions do precisely the opposite.