5 Ways To Tell if Someone is Emotionally Attracted To You.


5 Ways To Tell if Someone is Emotionally Attracted to you. Now we are all looking for different things in our relationship. Perhaps you’re looking for someone who has a great sense of humour, or someone who’s smart, maybe, it’s important for you to find that special person who is organized or you can have a good conversation with.

But this article is about the most important thing that you should be looking for in your partnership and that is to have someone who is emotionally attracted to you.

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Why do I say this?

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Well, if your partner is not invested in you the fact that their smart, sensitive or confident is not going to make any difference to you if they’re not prepared to take your relationship seriously by being emotionally attracted to you.

This article is going to explain the 7 signs that will reveal to you exactly what to look for to tell if someone is the right person for you.

Because there is a big distinction between someone showing you any kind of attention and some who values and respects you.

So this article is massively important because it will let you know whether you’re in the right relationship with the right person.

1. The First Sign That Will Show You Whether Someone is Emotionally Attracted to You is Whether Their Morals and Values Match Yours.

What does this mean?

Well, as I said at the start of this article, people go into relationships for different reasons.

Someone may go out with you because they want to be intimate with you.

And they’re giving you attention because they find you attractive on a physical level, but they’re not emotionally invested in you.

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So, if this is happening to you the conversation you have with the person, you might go something like this,

“Yeah you’re rocking that dress tonight, really shows off your figure.”

“I love the way you look you know.”

“You have a really great figure.”

And the next day you go out and you’re hearing the same thing.

“Yeah, you know you’re looking really cute.”

Or if it’s a woman she’ll tell you.

“You’re looking ‘criss’, I really like what you’re wearing.”

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Back to the article but it doesn’t go beyond that they will never or very rarely tell you they like you as a person.

And you’ll be dating them and thinking I hear this story before, you’re saying am looking good but where are we going with this?

And along with this, they may indicate that they want to be intimate with you. And you’re just new to dating and you feel that intimacy comes with building a strong emotional connection.

Friend this is why it’s important to work out what you want from the start of your relationship.

Because what you have here, is a surface, superficial relationship that in all likelihood is not going to go any further than the physical.

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But on the other hand, if they are giving you non-physical compliments, saying things like:

‘I really enjoy your company.’

Or ‘it’s just nice being with you.’

Or say something like

‘I love hearing your voice and just thinking about you makes me happy.’

This is a sure sign of emotional attraction.

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2. The Second Sign That Will Show Whether Someone is Emotionally Attracted To You is How You Feel When You Are With Them. They Should Make You Feel That You Are Totally Understood.

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And friends this is a really difficult one for your partner to fake because I know people can fake feelings to make you submit to them and get what they want from you.

But, making someone feel totally understood is a difficult one to fake because you need to establish emotional connectivity on a deeper level.

And this creates a form of vibration a sense of a meeting of the minds.

Because they understand you, they get you, they understand where you are coming from.

It’s not as if you need to try hard to connect with them because it’s something that you have together is already there.

This creates a powerful bond that shows the person you’re with is emotionally attracted to you.

3. And This Brings Me to The Third Sign That Shows Whether Someone Is Emotionally Attracted to You and That You Can Talk For Hours About Something and Nothing and You Feel Great About It.

Don’t get me wrong, you could be with someone who just likes to hear the sound of their own voice. But, I’m not talking about this person.

What I’m talking about here is having a well-balanced conversation about whatever you both decide to speak on.

Because your minds naturally sync into talking about what is mutually important to both of you.

And when you do stop talking there isn’t that awkward silence so, you’re not just talking for the sake of it. And you don’t feel the need to fill in the silence.

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So back to the article, my advice to you would be to test out your relationship are you able to conversant with each other for hours and hours?

Because if when you speak to them you find that you don’t see eye to eye and you disagree with a lot of what they’re saying.

If this is happening to you, in your relationship then you’re going to find it super difficult to cement any kind of serious relationship that will stand the test of time.

4. So, What is The Fourth Way You Can Tell If Someone Is Emotionally Attracted To You Is They Reveal Their True self to you? 

What do I mean by this?

Well, they tell you about their vulnerability.

Because every one of us has some form of vulnerability, and this is something we don’t really tell most people about either because we might feel ashamed or embarrassed or just don’t want someone to judge us.

But, when you can break this barrier down, they’re prepared to tell you who they really are.

It shows their willingness to make a level of commitment to you and is a good indication that the person is emotionally attracted to you.

The thing to note also here is that once they’ve revealed their true self to you, you’ve got to decide whether you like what you see.

Is it a turn-off, or does it bring you closer to them?

You see your psych will tell you whether you can connect and are attracted to that person on an emotional level.

It’s then up to you to act on what your emotions are telling you.

5. The Fifth Sign that Someone Is Emotionally Attracted To You is When They Want To Hear Your Thoughts and Opinion on Something.

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Back to the article let’s face it if someone is not emotionally attracted to you, the last thing they’re going to want to do is to hear what you think.

In fact, they may even cut you off when you’re telling them your thoughts and ideas.

But if someone is emotionally attracted to you, they will respect your thoughts and want to hear what you have to say.

And this is a huge sign of emotional attraction.

When this happens, it’s a good idea to reciprocate by letting them know you also want to hear their thoughts and opinion.

5. The Fifth Sign That Someone is Emotionally Attracted To You Is That You Can Feel Trust Between 

So, it’s almost palpable.

And I know it’s an obvious one, but I need to say it because trust is one of the number one things you need in any partnership because it can be lost in buckets and can only be earned in drops.

You see, when you develop emotional attraction, it should almost automatically come with trust.

So this means you’re not worried about revealing your true self you’re not concerned about how your relationship is going because that emotional connection that bonds you together is there.

Along with this, you know you can rely on that person for help so you’re one of the first people on their list they can go to for help.

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      7. The Seventh Sign That Someone is Emotionally Attracted To You Is That They Make You Feel Better about Yourself.

      If that’s possible, I hope you feel great about yourself anyway but if whoever you’re with can add to that feeling of confidence, that’s great.

      Because being emotionally attracted to someone can be 10X whatever emotion you’re already feeling.


      Because you know that person is there for you.

      They have your back there is that one person who can comfort you more then anyone else.

      That’s what’s called emotional attraction.

      It’s about learning to love wants important, because your physical appearance will change but real emotional attraction remains.

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