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I mention in many of my articles, that I use to think that I could never achieve my goals because I lacked true self-belief, but the truth is it all starts with being able to stimulate your mind so that you can believe in yourself. With self-belief comes true life transformation. 

Here is a collection of powerful subliminal MP3’s and CD’s which I personally recommend that will connect with your unconscious mind and make lasting changes to your thoughts, habits, and behaviour. Not only that, but they can also dramatically improve your life, create a move carefree and positive outlook on your life which help you achieve your goals and aspirations much easier. Click on the images to take the first step to transform your life. 

Strategic core values
Visualization – Reach Your Goals with the Power of your Mind  Organization skills – Clear Your Inner Mind & Become Organized. 
Commitment as a personal core value Brain and values
Boost Self Esteem – Learn to Love yourself Law of Attraction – Align Your Subconscious Mind For Success.
Core values Stop Procrastinating
Stop Procrastinating– Start Achieving Productivity & Success  Your Possibilities are Endless  Dramatically Improve Your Life 
7 Best core values
Smile More – Change Your State of mind – The Power of Your Smile   Start living your life to the full – Putting Your In The Driving Seat
time Managment core values
Free Subliminal CD – Affirmation for relaxation and feeling calm Time Management – Beat Stress with Successful Time Management
Core value and time management
Weight Loss Permanently – Train your Mind and Lose Weight Easily Healthy Eating Habits – Discover How To Stick to Healthy Eating 
Values and self-discipline
Attract Your Soulmate– Unblock Obstacles & Attract the Right Person Attract Success – Develop the State of Mind For Success
 Important Core Values
Attract Luck – Discover How Good Luck Is A State of Mind Attract Health – Discover Vibrant Health In Abundance

Great core values
Learn to Say No – Stop People Walking all Over you.  Think Yourself Thin – Train Your Mind & loss Weight Fast