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Elaine Daley is a personal development researcher and a lawyer with a human rights agenda. She has spent her professional career fighting injustices seeking to empower others to tap into their undiscovered potential using their inner strength. Her book 7 Step System, The Science Behind Achieving Your Major Goals is aimed at motivating others to step outside their comfort and fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

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I remember when I was 14 reading an article in a newspaper about a married couple that wasn’t getting along.  The wife was being subjected to years of domestic abuse which resulted in her being beaten black and blue in addition her husband was not contributing financially to the home which caused their four children to perform poorly at school.

“can create something, you can build something that will impact the world around you”

There were also allegations that the husband had committed adultery on several occasions. As a result of all the chaos taking place in the home social services had been called to try to prevent the abuse affecting the children.

The newspaper article when into great detail about how the whole family unit had badly broken down, becoming totally dysfunctional.  The wife decided to file for divorce and what really fascinated me as a 14-year-old child was that part of the divorce petition had been reproduced in the article which reminded me of a nail-biting thriller.

“What if I could change and mould the world around me”

I read something like this:

“The respondent had subjected the petitioner to domestic violence on several occasions. One particular incident was told to place on 17 May, the petitioner was mounting the stairs with the respondent’s breakfast when suddenly he appeared in front of her and aggressively grabbed her arms and attempted to push her down the stairs.

The petitioner lost balance and staggered backward, fortunately, she managed to prevent herself from falling down the stairs by holding onto the banister. However, the breakfast tray crashed to the ground. The petition was extremely shocked and distressed by the Respondent’s unprovoked aggressive behaviour.”

“the world becomes a much more fascinating and purposeful place”

At 14 I was struck by the level of violence between a married couple. Here was a woman who was caring for her husband and was as an act of affection, bringing him breakfast, and yet she was violently mistreated by him. I couldn’t get my head around why these vulnerable women were being treated in this way.

I suddenly had a mind-shift moment – what if I could influence injustices in the world.  What if I could change and mould the world around me and dispel the erroneous assumption that the world is as it is and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

“create a lasting legacy no matter how large or how small…”

As Steve Job discovered very early in life that the world becomes a much more fascinating and purposeful place when you realize that you have the potential to make a difference, you can create something, you can build something that will impact the world around you and create a lasting legacy no matter how large or how small…

About Core Values


Your core values help you to make sense of the world. They set the boundaries for your behaviour, thoughts, and actions and ultimately define who you are.

Core values such as Integrity, Honesty, Love, Open-mindedness, Hard work, Creativity, Spontaneity, Responsibility, Accountability, Peace, and Goodness influence our lives.

When we define our core values, it promulgates the truth about you, as you stand today. The reality is you don’t need a college degree,  or to come from a privileged background. You can start from ground zero, to take the limited resources you have to create your vision for your life by pulling on your core values.

“You can dispel confusion, insecurity, and lack of confidence”

By standing from zero, you can create, change, and influence the world around you and build, repair, and grow relationships you never thought you could. You can dispel confusion, insecurity, and lack of confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem and start growing in confidence.

By defining your core values you can develop your self-esteem, dispel poor direction, and start to organize, plan, and manage your life so you can shape out a vision for your future.

“start appreciating the tremendous of mental agility you possess.”

What’s incredibly fascinating is that once you truly discover this major truth about your position in the world through your core values, you’ll start viewing it with a different lens. Like being on top of a mountain, you’ll see your situation from a standpoint of the stoutness of purpose and start appreciating the tremendous of mental agility you possess. 


LLB., Law, Metropolitan University, London

Law Society Finals – (Postgraduate) Lancaster Gate London