How To Define Your Personal Core Values?

Defining Your Core Values

How To Define Your Personal Core Values? As a personal development researcher with a thirst for finding ways to empower people on their personal growth journey, I’ve always been fascinated by what makes us who we are. what makes us special, unique, and individual, and do the things that we do. And, does defining our core values enhance our personal development and your feeling of empowerment? Intrigued? Well, here’s how our personal core values affect your life. 

What Are Your Core Values?

Core values define who we are as and help us understand our principles beliefs. In this way, they dedicate our behaviour, choices, and the decisions we make. As a result, they help you to determine right from wrong and this, in turn, leads to what you ultimately decide to do with your life. Core values, therefore, act like a Global Positioning System (GPS) that helps you navigate and make sense of the world.  

tThe Core Values

I researched some of the world’s most purposeful and mindful people such as Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. I found that their core values can massively influence how they connected to a higher mental attitude. I looked at how their global success, excelled around their personal core values.  

“dispel your fears and build a personal vision”

These successful people used their foundational values to enable them to believe they have all the tools to fulfill their powerful, personal life mission. And you can too. 

Why?personal core values

Click the link to discover moreThis is because defining your basic values can challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, dispel your fears, and build a personal vision for yourself. So, just like some of the world’s most purposeful people, it can make your life become much more in line with the spirit of who you really are.  

If you’re interested in finding out how successful people are able to tap into the energy they obtain from what they believe in to fuel their success, I’ve written an ebook, dedicated to exploring this called” 7 Core Values of The Most Phenomenally Successful People” Click this link to discover more. You’ll discover how by making your successful behaviour instinctive you can pave the way to success by taking positive action. 

How To Define Your Core Values To Supercharge
Your Life? 

Supercharging Core Value

So if you want to boost your personal development, raise your energy levels, and make the things that are important to you actually happen then discovering how to define your personal core values is a must.

Defining your core values is akin to defining your goals because it helps build momentum and direction. 

Your core values should also help you expose the untapped potential you already have, and encourage you to utilize them. If your objective is to excel at what you do and develop more belief in yourself your core values should help you to do this.

Development tools and personal core values
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“How to…… supercharge
your life”

Your fundamental values should also create harmony and balance, helping your life to flow smoothly, this should enable you to thrive and progress naturally. They should create positive habits that feed your understanding of the world and how you navigate it. 

Like many of the world’s most self-driven, and mindful people core values can help you overcome your limitations, by helping you to understand yourself better. This will allow you to let go of hostilities and insecurities and start building momentum. 

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How To Define Your Core Values To Build
Healthy Relationships

The above video shows James Franklin, the head coach at Penn State’s Football program which represents the Pennsylvania State University in college football. The video highlights Franklin’s ability to recruit, motivate and teach talented student-athletes who have gone on to achieve great success using core values.

His use of core values empowers his students by pinpointing the importance of defining what you stand for and believe in.

“everyone involved in the team had a positive mindset.”

He makes clear that everything he does in his work as a coach is about focusing “healthy and positive relationships” on his team and in his organization.

Every decision made focuses on whether it’s going to help his team.

As a result, he made sure that everyone involved in the team, had a positive mindset.

It was important for Franklin that no one around the players stopped them from succeeding by subjecting them to a negative outlook.

How To Define Your Core Values To
Win Friends?

Just like Franklin, your relationships with friends and people around you make up your life experiences.

If you had an argument with everyone you interacted with. What kind of life would you have?

“Your core values should dedicate how you connect with the people”

Of course, you will not be very happy. 

So when you foster relationships with someone based around the true essence of who you are, it should serve to maximize your life by adding value to someone else’s.

You achieve this because you speak from the heart, you are true to what you say and do.

Being authentic in a positive and holistic way is one of the most attractive characteristics you can have.

Franklin said he believed you can be unbelievably demanding and challenging to people if they know how much you care, but it starts with trust; it starts with having a good relationship with them.  

Your core values should dedicate how you connect with the people around you and determine the kind of relationship you want to have with them. Genuinely caring about someone is the start of making great friendships.

When you heightened people’s experiences with you, it can take your life to a whole another level.  As James Carnegie states in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People when you can win people to your way of thinking it can bring miraculous results.

“the importance of how to define your personal core values cannot be stressed enough.”

Therefore, the importance of how to define your personal core values cannot be stressed enough. Has Franklin states it shouldn’t be based on what makes you popular.

Instead, it should be about what you have done in your community, to earn everyone’s respect. This is judged by how you behave with your family, your friends, at work, at social gatherings. To Franklin, it all about making meaningful connections. 

How Can Core Values Help You Become More Positive? 

Maximizing your life around your fundamental values often leads to empowering and build your community. 

For Franklin, this means practicing having a positive attitude. In my article “Should Self-disciple Be A Core Value”  I highlighted how the tennis champion Serena Williams used her positive attitude to relentlessly train to become one of the most successful tennis players in the world.

“be around people who have a positive attitude.”

To Franklin, it’s all about “waking up in the morning and doing a back hand-spring out of bed ready to attack the day with everything you have.”

Personal Achievement and core values
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For him generating positive energy, is being around people with a positive attitude. Such people should be excited and appreciative of the opportunities around them, not people who suck your energy and enthusiasm. 

If you’re looking to attract positive outcomes I highly “The Power of Personal Achievement” by Brian Tracy that will not only transmute your life but will get you out of the rut doing the same thing every day without any real change. Click this link or the image above to discover more. 

How Can Defining Personal Core Values Help You Develop A Strong Work Ethic? 

Have a great work ethic. If your personal mission is to achieve something that’s challenging and demanding you need to put in the hours and enthusiasm.

The American actor and rapper Will Smith said his work ethic was so intense that if he was in competition with someone on a treadmill he would rather die than be beaten. 

Having a great work ethic as a core value is, Franklin said, something you can control. You can wake up early in the morning and start training, putting in the work seven days a week.

If your positive habits fuel your desire to invest in your future then your natural intuition will be to put in the hard work to bring change.

“you can work hard to find resources to make it happen.” 

Creating a great work ethic can make up for weaknesses that you might have. So if for example, you want to set up a business but haven’t enough money to do it, you can work hard to find resources to make it happen. This powerful comprehensive ebook “Your Successful Business” is a great read if you looking to venture out and set up a new business to pursue your goals. If you would like to discover more hit this link. 


You could work hard by using a crowdfunding website like and promote your appeal on your social media platforms. You could work hard to give away a product or service to give to anyone who donates to your fund.   

How To Define Your Core Values To Compete

If your competent at everything you do, then if you continue to work at it, you’re going to be able to master your skills. This will get doors to start opening for you.

Cal Newport, an associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University extols this principle in his book, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” He believes that rather than following your passion, you should develop your skills to master your job.

I believe his deal has a great deal of merit and the book has helped me to gain a more realistic perspective on how to get doors open that might otherwise remain closed. I  was so impressed by the book I have included his book on my list for recommended reading click here to take a peak.  

Personal core values books
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“We all recognise the Nike slogan Just Do It,”

Like mastering your skill, competing at whatever you do can open up new opportunities and allow you to move the needle towards success.

By mastering your skills, your actions can become a mission and master an identity far bigger than you. However, learning your skills by putting in the time must come before anything else. Only then will you witness what you’re truly capable of.  

We all recognize the Nike slogan Just Do It, which conjures up an iconic statement that resonates with so many.

The link between taking affirmative action through the core value of hard work, and being fearless, self-confidence resolute in your determination to master your goal is an incontrovertible one. 

“do you have excellent listening skills,……. or public speaking skills you could master?”

  • Think about how you can use this core value to supercharge your life.
  • Is there anything that you have an interest in that you could excel at to change your life?
  • What do you enjoy doing that according to Newport you might not be passionate about but have a genuine interest in that could develop into something big
  • Think about your past experiences, do you have excellent listening skills, negotiation skills, or public speaking skills you could master?

How To Define Your Core Values To Empower 
Your Life Through

sacrifice and core values

In my article, core values, and self-disciple I expose the immense benefits of exercising self-control through sacrifice. Click this link to read the article. 

Franklin said that “everyone wants success, but are they willing to sacrifice to get the success that they want,” and asked the question:

“I choose life.” I remember thinking wow”

“Are you willing to sacrifice the things that the common man won’t sacrifice to be special?” It’s all about going the extra mile, and your core values should challenge you to do this. 

While working as a solicitor, I remember going on a medical negligence course and noticed a core member in the line looking for something to eat. On one side was a single red apple and on the other hand a delicious pastry.

The man looked at both options and said: “I choose life.” I remember thinking wow that’s pretty out there. However, the more I thought about it, the more I understood what the man really meant. 

“the kind of success that you want to transform your life.”

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The need to sacrifice was what his choice was clearly all about. The decision to go against what most people would do so he would be rewarded later on health.

This is really what life is all about, your willingness to have the discipline every single day to make small choices that will lead to the kind of success that you want to transform your life

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More Things to Consider On How To Define Your
Core Values

sacrifice and core values

  • Consider whether you are willing to sacrifice to get the life you truly want? 
  • If yes, what do you need to sacrifice, your sleep, your comfort, your time, your money?~
  • What the one thing that you want to achieve in life that you’re willing to make sacrifices for? 
  • If no, consider why your not prepared to sacrifice to get the success you want? 
  • Is it due to a lack of confidence?

“building a personal mission around your core values”

  • Not being challenged enough?
  • Not wanted success enough?

Click this link to find out why how building a personal mission around your core values can help create transformational change.

Franklin ends by saying he couldn’t emphasize enough the importance of the four core values stated below, are to achieving the goals you want. 

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Compete 
  3. Hard work ethic
  4. Sacrifice.    

“builds these core values into the hearts and minds of his team and his organisation.”

The importance of understanding your fundamental beliefs is such that when Franklin speaks to his team or goes on social media he builds these core values into the hearts and minds of his team and his organization.

Most of all, he helps to create a collective culture. This results in everyone associated with his program and institutions are singing from the same hymn sheet and pulling in the same direction. He believes in the above values and takes great pride in them.  

Questions When Considering How To Define
Your Core Values

What next core values

Have you defined your values? 

If yes, do you take pride in them?  

How do they help you to supercharge your life? 

How do they help you to build solid relationships with people?

Do they help you empower others? 

Or foster a positive attitude?

Help you to compete?

To work hard?

To Sacrifice?

“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110% all the time.”

— Don Zimmer

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