How to Make Your Partner Serious About You | Complete Guide

How to Make Your Partner Serious About You

How to Make Your Partner Serious About You | Complete Guide. Whilst working as a lawyer in the UK for many years, I’ve gathered knowledge just by speaking to my clients about how they have managed to develop serious relationships. They gave me a lot of insight into exactly what it takes for their partners to commit to them and not only that to command respect and build long-lasting relationships. So today I want to share the knowledge I have obtained by revealing 5 Ways Make Your Partner Serious About You | Complete Guide

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I’m sure you may have been in a relationship where you thought someone was serious about you, only to feel disappointed and heartbroken when you realize they only want a no-strings-attached relationship with you.

This article and the above video will give the signs to avoid this from happening.

“this is the ideal way to kill
the love”

Because, in my opinion, it’s all about the science of love and friends that’s what being serious in a relationship is all about love and the ability to commit.

And according to scientists, the average time for men to fall in love is 88 days. And it takes women 134 days to experience the same feelings. Another study also discovered that 72% of men believe in love at first sight, and 61% of women do.

So, you have a window of opportunity to make real love happen and ensure that the special someone in your life takes you seriously.

And even if you’ve been dating for a long time, this video will help you get the person to take you seriously.

1. The first thing you need to do for your partner or potential partner to take you seriously is to kick your past negative experiences to the curb.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you have gone through a bad relationship in the past, it can create trauma that you may not even know you haven’t gotten over.

And the truth is if you’re bringing these negative experiences into your new relationship. So, you’re effectively inviting your ex into your new partnership. And this is the ideal way to kill the love from flowing and jeopardizing your partner taking you seriously.

So, how do you deal with this?

Well, come into it as a new person, grow and learn from your past experiences and use it to become a better person.

My last article ‘How to Tell if Someone is Emotionally Invested in You may also help you avoid wasting time with relationships that you’re going find difficult to take to the next level.

2. And the Second way you can make someone take you seriously is to understand yourself better, so you can prepare to fall in love.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s because love comes with responsibilities. And the first mistake people make is they don’t know what they are looking for themselves before they go into a relationship.

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Because the reality is if you don’t know yourself how you can know what to expect from your ideal partner?

And to take this a step further, you’re not going to know what you need from your ideal partner.

You see you need to value yourself first, understand your worth, know your truth, and stop looking at your relationship to value yourself.

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Because your partner can sense if you don’t value yourself and this is going to make it hard for them to take you seriously.

So, know that you define yourself not your relationship.

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3. The third way to make your partner or potential partner take you seriously is linked to the third way and that is to know what you stand for.

And what I mean by this is that you understand your personal core values.

This is so important because most people don’t know what their core values are.

But it’s what guides you to make decisions, it acts like a GPS system, navigating you through life and telling you what’s right from wrong.

And it’s critical for you to understand this because it’s what matters most in your life. Think about it this way, what wouldn’t you do for money because it would go against your values?

If someone said they are going to pay you £1million dollars to do something, it’s something you would never do because it’s outside the boundaries, priorities, and ambition you’ve set for yourself.

When your partner knows that you are invested in yourself in this way, they will begin to take you more seriously because you have an innate purpose, beyond your immediate relationship.

And this is a very attractive attribute to have.

So, the question is when your partner is speaking to you, you are going to radiate this attitude of self-belief.

4. The fourth way for your partner or potential partner can take you seriously, it’s knowing your goals in life.

Development toolsBecause your partner can sense whether you are a man or a woman with a mission.

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When you have a goal or mission in life your partner could potentially help you on that mission, thus creating a larger bond between you.

Maybe you want to start a business, learn a new profession, or trade that’s going to upgrade your life.

“So have a goal that makes you shine for who you are”

And if this is you, it’s important to be with a partner that can grow with your mission.

Don’t be that person that is fooled into thinking that falling in love is going to fix everything in their life.

I hope that’s not you.

Don’t get me wrong I know that falling in love is an amazing feeling it can take your heart to places it has never been before.

But nobody is going to want you to be constantly sitting by the phone waiting for your partner to call and you don’t have any goals outside your relationship.

So, know your mission in life and know that if you have a mission your partner should help to build it not destroy it.

Because the business of being serious in your relationship is about a mutual meeting of the minds.

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And so if your partner is not behind what you really want to achieve with your life, it’s going to be near impossible to build a serious relationship.

So have a goal that makes you shine for who you are, and then the serious part of your relationship will follow.

5 The fifth way to build a serious relationship is accepting and facing the risk of change.

And this is all about knowing and understanding that you are a brand-new person after every relationship.

This is because you should learn and discover more about yourself.

It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone here and embracing change. This is what will help you to meet the right person that is going to take you seriously.

Because let’s face it, if you keep on doing the same thing, going to the same places, you’re going to bump into the same people, and you’ll just keep going around in circles.

But when you let go of your past, you are going more willing to date outside the people you would normally date.

Or if you’re already with someone, you bring in fresh ideas and a new approach to life that will make you become more attractive to your partner.

So what I’m saying here is embrace new opportunities, and change your attitude and approach towards life.

Become fresh and exciting and this will generate the spark that will ensure that a special person will take you seriously.

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