6 Signs You Should Walk Away from Your Bad Relationship

6 Signs You Should walk Away From Your Bad Relationship

6 Signs You Should Walk Away From Your Bad Relationship: This article is the first part of a series of articles that will tell you the signs you should walk away from a bad relationship. And it will it’s about at what point do you say, am done. This is over, I can’t do this anymore. Or whether you’re just going through a rough patch and you want to wait it out and see what happens.

Because the truth is there are huge signs that will tell you it’s time for you to walk away, and I’ll be telling you what these signs are. But it’s up to you whether you accept these signs.

I know it takes a lot of guts to walk away from a relationship that you’ve invested so much time into.

However, on the other hand, if you believe it will be easy for you to walk away from your relationship, this means it’s already over in your head you just need to do the physical part and that’s walking away.

If this is you, that’s good for you because you don’t have to all through the pain associated with leaving someone.

But in all likelihood, you’ll be struggling after months years, or decades of being in a relationship and don’t know what to do.

This article will give you the honest sound advice you need to make that important decision.

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1. The First Thing You Should Understand When Deciding Whether it’s Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship is: 

When you have done everything you can do to save your partnerships but things just haven’t changed.
So the things you should be doing are:
  1. Speak to your partner and make sure you speak to them with your head and not your heart because you need to be logical not emotional. As the last thing you need is your partner telling you a lot of “stuff” to keep you. Because you know it’s all smoke and mirrors, you’ve heard it all before. What you should focus on is whether they are able to put in 50% to make your relationship work. And I’ll be going into exactly what this should look like in more detail later on.
  2. You need to focus on the reality of your situation, not what you want it to be, but what’s realistic that your partner is capable of delivering. If they’re not paying the bills. Are they really willing to get a job and pay the bills?
  3. After speaking to your partner if you can’t decide what to do, think about it some more.
  4. Go to couple counseling with your partner,
  5. Go on a vacation on your own to gain clarity.
  6. Be honest with yourself are happy in your relationship? How do you feel when you’re with your partner? How do you feel when you’re not with your partner? Are you in a relationship because it’s a relationship but it’s not the relationship that makes you happy?
  7. Understand this do whatever you can do within reason to make your partnership work. But know this you need to put your needs first. Why? Because friends, if you stay in a relationship that’s not giving you what you need, love affection whatever it is you’ll begin to resent your partner.Not only that it will create emotional pain which will stunt your relationship anyway.
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2. The Second Sign That Will tell you it’s time to walk away from your relationship is:

When you or your partner are having an affair and one or either of you feels guilty about it.

And, if your partner may have cheated on you before once or on multiple occasions, and you have spoken to them about it and it still persists.

If this is the case then this is a sure sign friend that you should walk away from your relationship.

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3. And The Third Sign You Should Walk Away From Your Relationship is That You Find Yourself Actively Looking For Someone Else.

In effect, you’re looking for a backup plan.

You have someone else you’re intimate with or you have an emotional connection that is you’re having an emotional affair with someone else.

Because you prefer to be with that someone else.

So, what does this look like your going to places to find “friends” going to bars and clubs, looking on dating apps, and saving people’s profiles with the view of hooking up.

This is a pretty good sign that your relationship is over.

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4. The Fourth Sign Your Relationship is Over Is When Your Level of Intimacy Has Gone Right Down From Where it Was Before or It Doesn’t Exist.

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Back to the article, a lack of intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean you should walk away from your relationship.

Because many couples have great relationships without intimacy but, when the fun and passion aren’t there or when you are intimate together it leaves you feeling cold.

Maybe because you’re thinking about being with someone else or there just isn’t any spark.

You should work on bringing passion back into your relationship.

There are things you can do to bring back the passion, and I’ve put a link down below in the description that will help you.

But if all else falls think long and hard about what you want to do, because you don’t want to start resenting your partner for something that you don’t have.

5. The Fifth Sign You Should Walk Away From Your Relationship Is That You’re Jealous. You’re Jealous of Other Couples That Have What you Don’t Have.

Because a true relationship is where you are proud of being with that one person that lights your fire.

Or if they don’t light the fire you really want to be with.

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6. And This Brings Me To the Sixth Reason You Should Walk Away From Your Relationship You Miss Being The Person You Were Before You Were In The Relationship.

In a way, you’ve forgotten what life looks like being single and you miss it.

Let’s be fair if you enjoy being in a relationship, why would you miss being single? You wouldn’t, but you do miss being single because you’ve lost yourself.

What do I mean by this?

Well, society tells you, you have to be in a relationship to have any kind of value. Because if you don’t you are less than who you are.

So you’ve been in your situationship for so long.

This means that to stay in your relationship you’ve had to have adopted all the other person’s values and beliefs so you’re just an extension of who there are not who you are.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a reason to leave your partner because you might like who you have become.

But when you can’t recognize yourself and don’t even like yourself this is a sign that you may need to walk away from your relationships, so that you can be the person you should be and shine for who you really are.

The truth is when you’re in a relationship oftentimes you need a booster that will help you on your journey to discover yourself. 

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