When You Should Leave Your Relationship


When You Should Leave Your Relationship – This is the second part of the article and video series about the signs that will tell you it’s time to walk away from your bad relationship. This article will give you what you need to decide whether you should stay and work on your relationship or say  I’m done it’s finished, I’m out. I can’t do this anymore. And it’s going to take guts to walk away from a relationship that you’ve invested time and energy, passion, emotional and physical milage into. It’s one of the most painful things that you can do, but sometimes you need to crip the bandage off, so you can see the truth. 

The above video also covers a lot of what this article is all about.

But I’m going to give you the honest and sound advice you need to make that important decision by revealing 6 signs that will tell you when you should walk away from your relationship. 

1. The First Sign that You Need to Walk Qway From Your Relationship is That You Argue All The Time.

And your argument is over everything and nothing and you just can’t stop it no matter what you do.

However, before you quit your relationship please check out my video How To Stop Arguing In Your Relationship

So you need to be honest with yourself because if you choose to stay you’re going to struggle to be happy.

When you argue may be both right in your argument, but you are not right for each other.

What do I mean by this?

Let me make it very simple, you decide you want to take a vacation but you want to go to Puerto Rico, and they want to go to the Caribbean.

And you argue and argue over it, but either one of you is wrong, you just can’t agree.

If this is happening on a daily basis, trust me there is someone out there for you that you vibe with and not argue with.

In my last article, I explained you should get help such as couples counseling, talk to your partner, and go on vacation alone to think and get clarity before making any decisions about walking away from your relationship.

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“So make up your mind is time for you to walk”.

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If you want to read the first article 6 Signs You Should Walk Away from Your Bad Relationship click the link. Alternatively, you can watch the video

2. The Second Sign that you Should Walk Away from Your Relationship is That Your Communication Has Stopped.

Or it may have dwindled to such an extent you’re not able to emotionally connect with your partner.

You see, emotional connectivity is the key to any positive relationship. If you don’t have this how is your relationship going to work?

Because if you’re bottling up all your emotions, and don’t feel you can share all the things that matter to you with your partner what’s the point of you being together?

This can seriously affect your mental well-being and damage your self-esteem. It’s also a sign your relationship is over, even though you may not know it.

3. The Third Sign You Should Walk Away From Your Relationship is that You Are Being Manipulated and Taken Advantage of.

And this could happen over such a long period of time you don’t realize it’s happening to you until it gets to a critical point.

And you could when your friends and family are telling you, why are you allowing your partner to speak to you like that.

If this is happening to you question yourself are you being walked over, or is your partner gaslighting you?

Are they abusing you, physically and mentally?

And know your partner could be doing these things and telling you they love you at the same time.

But that isn’t love, that isn’t anywhere close to it. So make up your mind is time for you to walk.

“you might be able to forgive but you will never forget”.

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4. The Fourth Sign You Should Walk Away From Your Relationship is When You Don’t Care Anymore.

Be honest with yourself if you love your partner you want to be with them, you feel less of a person if they’re not in your life.

But if you don’t feel this way and you just don’t care one way or the other think long and hard about why you think this way.

And if both you and your partner have stopped making the effort and there is no conversation, no reaction, or interaction, then then it’s time to walk away.

5. The Fifth Sign you Should Walk Away From Your Relationship is that You No Longer See a Future with your Partner.

So, you look back over the years and say we’ve been together for 15 odd years, but you can’t see a future with your partner.

Because it’s either not there or very unclear, or you don’t want to see the future because it’s not something you want to think about.

Or when you think about the future it’s being on your own, or being with someone else.

6. The Sixth Sign you Should Walk Away From Your Relationship is When You Just Can’t Forgive Them For What They Have Done to You.

I was watching divorce court recently and a woman described how her partner left her when she was having a miscarriage in the hospital.

He went across the road from the hospital and was speaking to a friend.

He made up an excuse about being in the room with her and then leaving because he thought she was asleep.

His partner just could not forgive him for this because she went through all the pain of giving birth and he left her. But Judge Star said that you might be able to forgive but you will never forget.

Sometimes, it’s things like this that show you what your relationship is really all about.

7. The Seventh Sign you Should Walk Away from Your Relationship is When You No Longer Respect or Want To Be Around Your Partner.

And they may also feel the same way about you. But this article is about how you feel not your partner 

And your partner may be disrespecting you on every level calling you names, or not turning up on time, without a good excuse.

All these signs show they simply don’t respect you.

Because you may have forgotten what true love looks like. When you look at your partner be honest and trust yourself do you feel the love?

Or do you feel hate and resentment because you may well resent them if you don’t love them?

And that will hurt you and hurt the way you feel about yourself. Don’t kick yourself down because you want to be around a relationship that is not sound.

It rhymes and it is true.

I hope you got some value out of this article, please check back as I will be releasing videos every Sunday.  Click the link to find out more.