Should Self-Discipline Be A Core Value?

Your Self Discipline

Should Self-Discipline Be A Core Value? Imagine what you could achieve if you were more self-disciplined? How might it affect your life?  How would it affect the people you care about? I’ve always been fascinated to understand the effects of self-disciple has on our lives. In particular, how some of the most self-driven and motivated people in the world use their self-discipline and transmute it into a core value to achieve their goals and live remarkable lives. 

What Is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is the quality of practising self-restraint, being patient and tolerant despite demanding circumstances. It enables you to manage your emotions, and exercise willpower to control your impulses. Your self-discipline that special core value that helps you defeat your weaknesses.

If you look at the science behind self-control, your urges are controlled from the prefrontal cortex a small region in the brain which processes feelings of sympathy, empathy, humiliation, and guilt. This region of the brain allows you to exercise willpower, preventing you from rearing out of control and acting on a whim. 

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” 

–Theodore Roosevelt.

“If you want something bad enough, ……you need to put in the work to get it,”

But you’re not born with self-discipline, just like with any other part of your body you can exercise your brain so that it becomes finely tuned and respond and react so that you achieve what you desire.

If you want something bad enough, to meet a partner, get a new job, or start a business, you need to put in the work to get it, and self-discipline is the best place to start. 

So what happens if you elevate self-discipline as a core value? 

Well, they can and do for many releases your greatness so that what you fundamentally believe in aligns with what you actually do.

So if you believe in gaining your own personal freedom and not relying on a boss to tell you what to do, then the spirit of basic values will help you achieve your goals. I have published books to help empower your personal freedom which you can access by clicking this link…..

What Are Core Values?

Values and self-discipline

First, let’s define core values. They’re what you believe in which impacts on every aspect of your life. This includes the friends you choose, the way you spend your money, how you behave.

It also involves what you consider important, and the decision you take.

“if you really don’t want to to do something you’re going to do it first”

Your core values might be intuitive, something that we naturally flow towards that makes you feel true to yourself and authentic

If self-discipline is one of your core values, life becomes much easier because you’re going to prioritise it. So if you really don’t want to do something you’re much more likely to do it first, before you can come up with any excuses that will stop you.  

Defining Your Self-discipline Core Values? 

Defining Your Self-discipline Core Values

Have you defined your fundamental values?

If yes, what core values do you hold and why?

If you haven’t yet defined your core value, click this link to help discover the power of understanding your beliefs in your personal life mission.  

Your beliefs and ability to exercise self-discipline have a profound bearing on how you navigate your day to day life and fundamentally affects what decisions you make and the choices you make.  

If you value your family life and are self-discipline as a core value you’ll prioritise your family over and above your other considerations.

For example, your manager tells you your biggest client is thinking of pulling out of a major contract and asks you to stay behind to secure the deal. However, you have an important dinner engagement with your partners family who are relying on you to be there. 

“What Do You Decide To Do?”

core values and positive attitude
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If you’ve defined discipline as a core value then your more likely to tell your boss that you have an urgent family matter to attend to that you can’t get out of. Thinking laterally, you could ask a friend to stand in for you to help you out.

The issue is your family will trump your professional and business life. This is where being clear on your core values speaks volumes.

When you understand what lays at the heart of what you truly stand for, and identify with your natural way of life, your authentic self comes first.  

To find the power of who you are and what you believe in and how it can boost your self-discipline and transform your life click this link. 

Why Is Discipline As A Core Value So Significant?

Discipline and building core value

Having self-discipline as a fundamental core value provides more definition and purpose in your life. It can help you make choices that make you feel more alive, and in control.

However, if you don’t know what makes you do a double flip to get out of bed in the morning it can make you vulnerable to the whims of others

“Have you ever struggled to make a decision due to not understanding or defining what you want?”

So in the scenario, when your boss tells you, you need to stay late to secure a major deal, your options become fudged and confused and with it, your chances of saying no. 

Have you ever struggled to make a decision due to not understanding or defining what you want for your future?

How Did It Make You Feel?

What inner beliefs do you feel could help you make a better decision going forward? If you’re not sure how your values impact your life and will ensure you not only boost your self-disciple and take you to the next level, read my article entitled What Core Values Make you Independent.

What’re The Consequences Of Not Having Discipline As A Core Value?

Discipline core values

Not connecting with your self-disciple can have major consequences not just for you but your family life. It could impact your health, physically, psychologically and emotionally.

You might be more prone to losing your temper, becoming impatient, getting into arguments and other forms of negative behaviour which could severely impact the people around you.

“I hadn’t exercised enough self-discipline to write for hours at a time.”

Studies show compelling reasons to exercise self-discipline as a personal core value that makes you more likely to perform well at school, at work, in your social life. In fact, you are more likely to be successful period.

I wouldn’t have been able to write this article and numerous other articles if I hadn’t exercised enough self-discipline to write for hours at a time. 

How Does Self-Discipline Influence Your Choices?


A study called the Marshmallow test revealed that children who were able to resist eating a marshmallow, so they would be rewarded with two marshmallows afterwards, were more likely to do better at school and attain higher academic achievements, than those who were not.

If you are prepared to accept that life often requires that you give something up so that you can receive a greater reward afterwards your life can become richer because you’re ready to do more to be more. Self-discipline makes this possible. 

“Her training involved a punishing pre-pregnancy workout”

When you look at some of the world’s most successful and purposeful people, they have all discovered how to claim their lives by discovering how to harness their personal power.

Brian Tracy personal core values

Just like many of the world’s most successful people, you’ll discover how their self-discipline as a foundational value has created extraordinary results.  

Take Serena Williams arguably the most successful female tennis player of all time, you can see the formation of self-discipline elevated into core values.

Her training involved a punishing pre-pregnancy workout routine starting off with a 10-minute workout and then an arm workout, beautiful booty workout, core and leg workout, not to mention a raw and vegan diet, pretty impressive stuff.

It wasn’t just the practise she put in, but the enthusiasm, unwavering commitment and purpose that went with it, that made all the difference. 

The Benefit of Self-Discipline And
Taking Action

The Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg practice self-discipline by wearing the same grey T-shirt every day. The billionaire social media boggle said that he wanted to channel as much energy as possible serving his community rather than spending time doing shallow, superficial things. 

A big part of the self-discipline behind their success was taking action every single day, even on the weekends and prioritising what they want to achieve by delaying their self-gratification.

So instead of having a cup of their favourite cappuccino immediately, they’ll delay having the cappuccino until they’ve finished what they need to do and then reward themselves with a cappuccino afterwards. 

Praising yourself, may sound narcissistic but in reality, it’s a powerful way of building self-confidence

Have you ever tried this technique before?

If yes, how did it make you feel, did you think that you were entitled to a reward after doing something quite important?

If no, consider practising this technique and reviewing what you’ve achieved. Once you’ve practised self-discipline, you should start seeing the results when you take action.

How Does Self-discipline Make You A

Just like with Serena Williams whose prioritise self-discipline as a core value, you’ll begin making gains and wins and viewing yourself as a self-starter. When you’ve looked at the gains, you’ve made you should take a moment to praise yourself for it.

Praising yourself may sound narcissistic but in reality, it’s a powerful way of building self-confidence and inner strength. Praising yourself also helps you believe that you can make changes that lead to remarkable results for you and your family.

Law of Attraction personal growth
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So if losing weight is a huge consideration for you, practising the following will help you on your journey towards self-discipline.  

  1. Prioritising going to the gym first thing 
  2. Taking action to lose weight every single day, which might mean eating healthy every day. 
  3. Delaying your gratification, rewarding yourself with a fruit bar after you’ve gone to the gym rather them before. 
  4. Praising yourself after achieving a goal – possible after losing 1 – 2 kilos 

I use to find it difficult to achieve what I wanted due to lack of focus, I would work on several projects at the same time none of which make any real impact on my life. That was until I focus on the law of attraction. To discover a useful tool that made me appreciate I had direct control over my circumstances and reality through thought alone, click this link if you wish to learn more. 

What Are The Consequences Of Having
Self-discipline As A Core Value?

Core Values discipline

I remember when I was about nine years old, I was living in Brixton, in southwest London, although my parents had very little money, in those days it was easy to get a mortgage, so they purchased a large three-story house.

To afford the mortgage repayments, my parents rented out some rooms to friends. I remember seeing my dad’s friend who had rented a room in our home, he was busy making scrambled eggs on toast, as a free-spirited child, I asked him why he was making scrambled eggs for dinner. 

He smiled and said, 

Personal Core values with examples for you
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“Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for what you want.” I looked at him inquiringly.  

Sighing, he explained, 

“I’m saving up to go to the United States for good.”

“You mean, you’re not coming back?” I asked. 

“Yes,” he replied, 

“I’m eating scrambled eggs on toast because I need to save money for my flight.” 

As a nine-year-old child, I couldn’t appreciate the principle of self-discipline the willingness to put off something you could have today so that you could be better off tomorrow.

Just like the children who were able to withstand eating one marshmallow practising self-discipline through endurance has powerful consequences. 

How Self-discipline And Creating Positive And
Meaningful Results

Self-discipline personal core values

Self-discipline sharpens your ability to resist endless hours scrolling through social media, and instead use the time to learn new skills.

It helps you resist getting angry, impatient or irritated. But instead, take the time to reflect, take a deep breath, and walk away. The consequences of practising self-discipline as a core value has wide-reaching implications and can remarkably improve your quality of life. 

“‎Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you.

Any impulses you might have or addictive behaviour will give way to self-restraint. When you start seeing the benefits of your self-discipline it will 10X your enthusiasm. It might be losing weight, building confidence or self-esteem, controlling your anger or aggression.  Results encourage you to practice even more self-discipline so you can witness ever-increasing results. 

Self-discipline can be a challenging value to practise. Nevertheless, it can enrich your life in ways you never thought possible and help you work out what’s important to you.

Be a hard master to yourself-and be lenient to everybody else.

When you are faced with a plethora of tasks competing for your time having the discipline to continue on a course of action that’s going to yield the most positive and meaningful results for you and your family can be life-changing. To find out more click this link. 

When determining how best to move forward this statement from Henry Beecher provides wisdom:  

“‎Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself-and be lenient to everybody else.”