What Core Values Make You Independent?

Independence and core values

What Core Values Make You Independent? If you’re looking to become more financially, emotionally, or intellectually independent then this article is for you. But, did you know that your personal core values can influence whether you actually achieve it?  I this article I promise you that you’ll discover what fundamental beliefs will help you build confidence and take action to find the independence you desire.

Independance core values

It has often been said, that the art of being independent is desired by many but achieved by only a few.

However, in actual fact, you can become independent very quickly if you’re able to tap into what you really believe in and impassion you to empower you to take action.

If you think about what honestly makes you excited about waking up in the morning, you’ll find it can easily conjure up values like – 

  • Courage. Fortitude. Intuition. Progression. Innovation. Purpose. Mastery. Adventure. Self-investment. Effectiveness. Endurance.  Intelligence. Perception. Reliability. 

The objective of this article will show you how you can tap into your personal beliefs giving you the confidence to become more independent.

The Value of Independence  

Independance and core values

Let me start by explaining what being independent is all about.

True independence is not having to rely on the will of others to deliver a particular result or adopting a state of mind which is unique to you and not influenced by others’ opinions.

How many of us have real independence?

Many of us strive for it but fall short.

It is a rare commodity to be nurtured and cherished and is achieved through commitment a desire for self-determination and a strong sense of purpose. When I started this website, it was fuelled by a determination to help others but also to gain independence. 

I was and still am, committed to making my website my life’s mission to empower and encourage others to fulfill their goals by helping others find their true life’s vision.   

“Your goal, therefore, becomes a mission, which becomes your life purpose, which takes on a greater meaning.”

However, you can’t find your true life vision, unless you know what you truly believe in and stand for.

Finding what you really believe in is driven by the core values you hold, the reality is, however, that people seldom realise this. As a result, they aimlessly do engage in different things only to find they feel lost and unhappy. However, your fundamental beliefs can ignite a passion in you that will touch the hearts and minds of others allowing you to discover another path in life.

That path is often much bigger than just you because it can take on a meaning and purpose all of its own.

Your goal, in life, therefore should be to discover your life’s mission, which will become your life purpose, which takes on a greater meaning. It is that greater meaning, that allows you to become independent.

So pay attention to the words of Sherry Argov

“Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way.”

Why Core Values Make You Independent?

Sir Richard Branson during the launch of Virgin Trains 'tilting train' at Reading Station. The first tilting train to carry fare-paying passengers is being operated by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Trains company. Sir Richard joined customers o

So how do your fundamental personal core values set you free?

Well, if you look at the lives of some of the most successful and independent-minded people it illustrates how their core values have built success. 

Take, for example, Richard Branson the self-made billionaire. He believes that we should –

“Always be learning, no matter your age.”

“Having an insatiable curiosity for the world around you is an essential skill as an entrepreneur,”

“Independence is not waiting for people to give you the go-ahead”

He states that this “fascination comes easily to children who are still learning and find all kinds of things interesting.” 

However, as we get older it seems to disappear.  The fundamental values that Branson was alluding are those that deliver that spark of excitement that keeps us learning and being curious.

So values such as – Excitement. Curiosity. Fascination. Interest. Discovery. Innovation. Talent and being visionary and important values in setting you free.

Take a moment to consider 8 core values you can draw on to gain greater freedom, whether it be spiritual, emotional, financial, or otherwise. You will see that they are loaded with the amazing potential to create your own unique and a very special type of independence. 

Consider your values again and consider them closely. They are the values that will guide your decision-making. They’ll also influence how you live and work, what you consider to be essential aspects of your life, and what you prioritize. In short, they should reflect who you are.

Failing to compliment your core values with your actions can result in you feeling out of sync with your true self.

So if you consider what you feel passionate about, consider what values you can use to draw your goals closer to reality.

So for example, if your passion is to start a successful business so that you will become independent your actions should connect with your values. Therefore if you’re working a full-time job putting in 80 hours per week.

Your passion based on your fundamental beliefs will not align with your actions and will more likely lead to you becoming frustrated. This is why so many people are disappointed with their lives.

They know that they are capable of so much more but feel powerless to do anything about it.

But, you’re in a slump. You can’t seem to get yourself to take action.

You procrastinate.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

Having the motivation short-term is one thing, but to reach your ultimate goal, you need to sustain a level of motivation to endure all the peaks and plateaus.

I’ve discovered some helpful tools that will guide you through the strategies and tactics to building sustainable, long-term motivation so you can win at what you put your mind to. Click this link if you would like to discover how to sustain your motivation and start your independence

Personal Achievement and core values
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What You Need To Become Truly Independent

Somehow, you will need to find the time to become guided by what you believe in. Perhaps it’s waking up early every day to work on your business or getting help from someone. You may need to dig deep to make it happen but if you want it bad enough it will happen. It might just take a little longer than you’d planned. I believe  Unshakable Motivation is a very powerful way to getting you to secure real independence.    

You should bear in mind that your fundamental values can change as you travel through life, so defining your core values is a lifelong process.

The flip side of failing to implement beliefs with your actions can result in feeling out of sync. This, in turn, could lead to your being unhappy becoming demotivated and losing your sense of purpose.

But, when your life is aligned with your core values, life becomes so much more interesting and fulfilling.  You’ll feel more alive, optimistic, and happy and your feeling of independence beings to flow.

I appreciate that taking steps to fulfill your goals can be difficult and small concise steps are much easier to take than big ones.

Gaining true independence is a marathon, not a race.

Personal core values
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“Are you living your core values?”

Are you living your core values?

If no, you risk feeling devalued and frustrated. 

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The Cost of Independent?

Gaining independence requires courage and fortitude as it often means doing things that others would try to avoid.

Making sacrifices is a big part of this. Denying yourself from going on holiday or going out with friends to get valuable time to work on your goals.

Independence is not waiting for people to give you the go-ahead to do important things that will impact your life. It is about having enough self-belief to take steps to make whatever it is you want to happen, actually happen.

“this article is about your freedom or quest for the same.”

From my own experience, the more you trust your gut and go with what your instinct is telling you, the more I awaken the energy you need to create true independence.

But you need the courage to take that first step.

However, there are simple and very effective steps you can take to become independent click here to learn more.  

What Personal Core Values Make You Independent?

The Brand Brief Behind Nike's Just Do It Campaign

One very important fundamental value that will supercharge your ability to become independent is motivation.

Did you know that motivation means “movere” which means to move in Latin?

The reality is that most forms of independence require some degree of activity or movement either mental or physical.

The most powerful attribute of being independent is your ability to take action. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be motivated to take action. As the Latin”movere” term makes clear you just have to move.

Let me give you an example of this in action. If you don’t want to write a blog, just switch on your computer and start writing. 

The act of writing will create momentum and with it motivation.

For me, it was an amazing discovery  – because I could become independent by taking action even if I didn’t have the motivation to do it.

And you can too……..

Try it, it really does work.

Just imagine what you can achieve.

In the words of Nick statement “Just do it”

The world is your oyster when you just Act…  Gain Momentum… = Motivation…..

“three qualities which impact your ability to become motivated …… Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose.”

Daniel Pink, the author of the book “Drive” defines what it is to become motivated.

He put forward three qualities that impact your ability to become motivated based on intrinsic rewards: They are Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose.

My interpretation of these intrinsic rewards are:

Autonomy & Independence

Autonomy is your ability to beat out your own destiny, direct your own path, and dance to your own rhythm, without reliance on external forces. When you’re able to control what you do with your day and decide what you wish to achieve with your future – it means you’re independent.

“dig deep to make it happen”

Judith Guest, an American novelist, and screenwriter said:

“Autonomy is the whole thing; it’s what unhappy people are missing. They have given the power to run their lives to other people.”

Mastery & Independence

Independence mastery core values

With the world is becoming an increasingly competitive place we all need to work hard at developing the skills to build expertise to stand out. With it, your ability to command top positions, financial reward, prestige, and your opportunistic horizons expand.

When doors open, giving rise to a wealth of opportunities and choices

When you see the fruits of your skills blossom, for example getting a bigger paycheque it triggers the motivation neurotransmitter dopamine in your brain which heightens your desire to do better to receive an even bigger reward.

Mastering what you do therefore can make you independent opening doors you never knew existed. If your goal is financial independence it can give rise to a wealth of opportunities and choices you never thought possible.

The more you start wining by becoming more in control of your own destiny the more in line you’ll be with your authentic self.

The Core Value that Builds Purpose.

Independent climbing core values

The entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said if you want to reach your purpose – 

“You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.”

He said that if you’re not advancing toward your goals as quickly or as easily as you’d hoped, it’s time to address your skillset.

Your purpose is within your reach if become better than the rest.

core value like knowledge, opportunity and goal-setting build independence.

He explained that fulfilling your purpose is not a matter of luck or chance but based on the mechanism of what makes up success.

So developing your opportunities by learning new skills can make you become more independent. So values like Knowledge, Opportunity, and Goal-setting build independence.

“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.”

–Alfred Lord Tennyson

Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose Independent

Jim Rohn extolled that we should be motivated to invest in ourselves. The ethos of working harder in your job will he said make you a living but working hard on oneself, mastering your trade would, he said make you a fortune.

To Rohn, in the event of losing your job, you’d no longer be able to make a living, however, if you invest in yourself, the possibilities of making getting a higher paid job or setting up a business will make you a fortune are endless.

Clearly, mastery, autonomy, and purpose are powerful core values that can cement your independence.

Self-Investment and Independence

Rohn advocated that investing in yourself would result in real-life transformation, enhancing your promotional prospects, opening doors you never knew existed.

He said that even if there was a downturn in the economy, it wouldn’t impact on you because you would adapt and change to fit into the different seasons. Rohn urges that we shouldn’t wish our lives were easier, instead, we should be encouraged to work harder.

This illustrates how self-investment is another powerful fundamental value promoting your independence.

“Discover how you can build a remarkable and empowered life”

Do you have a core purpose?

If yes, would your core purpose help you to become more independent?

If no, consider what your purpose might be.

Have you ever wanted to achieve something but never had the impetus to go for it?

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How Does Your Brain React To Independence As A Core Value?

It not hard to imagine how you would not become independent if you practiced all three of these intrinsic rewards Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

Our motivated neurotransmitter, dopamine is triggered when we anticipate a reward such as pleasure. Because independence can be seen as a pleasure, it makes sense to see how we can feel more motivated when we feel independent.

“find out what motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning”

Independence as a core value is a continuous process. You need time to get to know yourself and find out what motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning. It should continue building energy layer by layer.

Pushing through despite your lack of drive is important.

However, there will undoubtedly be times when you’ll lose your motivation, but as we have learned if this happens just take action.

This might be writing your executive summary, drafting your cash flow forecast, calling the bank to sort out a loan. Pushing through despite your lack of drive is important. Why? Because it’ll create sufficient momentum to restart your motivation and continue building your independence. One very helpful book which will power your mindset towards your goal of independence is this ebook “Mind Power”

Mind Power How To Master Your Mind To Create A Powerful Mindset

If you want to excel or become exceptional at anything your capacity to work at it and stuck with it is crucial.

  • This is where the powerful ability to release your hidden genius and discover your own unique brand of self-motivated comes into play- This is where the power of your mind comes into play.

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”

Terry Orlick

How Does Rewarding Yourself Promote Independence? 

The psychology of rewarding yourself with healthy treats can also boost your ability to become independent. Because the brain responds to pleasure, giving yourself a treat when you reach a specific goal is a way of building excellent motivation. It can also encourage you to develop healthy habits.

“What other core values that make you independent”

When you deny yourself treats you feel deprived you might lack enthusiasm and drive.

But when you feel deserving of a healthy treat indulge it. Because, not only does it help energize and motivate you, it helps build your self-confidence.

What other core values make you independent are, the acts of Self-Reward, Commitment, Trust, Self-rule, Loyalty, Hard work, Fairness, Tenacity, Strength, Boldness, Influence, Responsibility, Accountability, Self-Respect,  Stability, Wisdom, Respect

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The Marshmallow test revealed that children who were able to resist eating a marshmallow, to be rewarded with two afterward, were more likely to do better at school.

Like with becoming independent, it often means you must give something up to receive a greater reward afterward.

So rewarding yourself with healthy treats is an excellent way of fuelling your motivation thereby fuelling greater independence.

Other Core Values That Promote Independence

Some other core values that helped make me independent are Activity. Adaptability. Ambition. Attentiveness. Certainty. Competency. Decisiveness. Diligence.

These values require will ensure you continue your journey despite setbacks.

“Would you like to empower your way through life”

Believe it or not, you have the ability to become independent. You can beat out your own path and live life on your own terms.

But it requires courage and fortitude.

As Henry Ford once said

— ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t– you’re right.’

Would you like to empower your way through life instead of merely accepting what comes along? If yes, click here?