3 Traits Which Will Make You Highly Irresistible


3 Traits which will make you highly irresistible: In this article, I want to share with you 3 traits that will make you highly irresistible, and by that, I mean, people will be drawn to you; they love your energy and want to spend time around you. It’s that magnetism that some people seem to “just have.” You will have this.

And I think you can relate to this; I know I can when you meet someone and think WOW where did they get their charisma from.

They are magnetic energy, they are attractive, and you just feel that sense of, I really want to be around this person.

But the fact is there are only three traits that you need to know to become irresistible.

And before I go into the first trait, that will make you highly irresistible I want to start off by telling you that no matter what hang-ups you have about yourself, lack of confidence, or feeling insecure these three traits really do work.

Because let’s face it, no matter how confident we think we are will all have insecurities look at other people and think why they are better than me.

And I would encourage you to read this article to the end because you can do something about these feelings and discover how you can easily become highly irresistible and magnetic.

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Believe in Yourself and core values
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  1. The first trait that will make you irresistible is having attractive values and beliefs. Now, most people think it’s someone’s physical appearance that makes them irresistible and that is a part of it. There is research that shows that it only takes a fraction of a second for people to form a first impression of a stranger based on how they look. Vision is our first sense.

However, what’s more, important going forward is who you think and feel about your life, and what you believe about what’s going on around you.

And more importantly, whether your belief in your values and ideology of life aligns itself with the people you wish to connect with.

And I know we talk a lot about opposites attract but the reality is it’s going to be way more difficult to be irresistible to someone who has the exact opposite view to you.

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Back to this article, so what are attractive beliefs? It’s about the beliefs you hold bringing people towards you rather than moving them further away.

So it’s things like being seen as intelligent which can be seen as very sexy in a relationship and this is something you can easily enhance by reading.

So your education helps to make us more attractive as does money being hardworking, ambitious, and conscientious, having a good sense of humour, and being honest so people can relate to you better because you’re showing the real you.

But along with this, I want to add an important point Don’t play hard to get One law of attraction is that we like people who like us.

That doesn’t mean we should seem too easy as though we have to ingratiate ourselves with or flatter every person we meet.

What we like is to be liked by people who are selective in their liking. We want to be liked by people who don’t like everybody but have the discernment to like us.

That’s what flatters our egos.

So, if you meet someone you really like, it’s better to show it than play hard to get and it’s best to seem like you’re not a person who likes everyone indiscriminately or just uses flattery on everybody to get to first base.

You have to seem like you are a genuinely selective person in your liking for people to feel special.

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Let’s get back to this article, so being irresistible is about whether the values and beliefs you hold are bringing people towards you rather than moving them further away.

  1. The second trait that is going to make you irresistible is the level of optimism you have, and this is often related to being confident in yourself, which is an attractive quality.

You are essentially going to become more irresistible if you believe life will give you more positive outcomes.

So if you want to achieve something and you have a positive mindset. This is going to be seen as an attractive attribute.

Psychology Today adds to this by saying.  Higher social status is generally more attractive than lower.

We are generally more attracted to people with who we live in proximity to us and who become familiar with us.

And on a whole, more attracted to people who like us and more attracted to people who are similar to us.

The good news, then, is that you can compensate for deficiencies in the looks department by improving your personality, and increasing your social status.

Also becoming familiar with people you want to like you, showing you like them in the hope of reciprocity and seeking out people who are more similar than different to you.

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  1. The third trait that is going to make you more irresistible and attractive is how you behave and conduct yourself. Again, is your behaviour moving someone towards you or pushing them away.

Back to the article, so being irresistible is a lot about understanding what motivates people and acting in a way they can relate to.

Showing you have a productive lifestyle that is, you’re engaged in a meaningful activity your career-minded or ambitious, successful

And it is also about your body language.

Crossing your arms

Clutching a wine glass in front of our stomach

Checking a phone in front of our chest

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Are you walking the walk or just talking the talk?

TheScienceofPeople.com states make an even more important point.

Research shows that a person’s most attractive trait is availability. Confidence is a plus, too, but availability wins, hands down.

And this is based on your availability to act and attract others

In dating, it is about physical availability: “Will this person mate with me?”

With friends and long-term romantic partners, it is about emotional availability: “Will this person open up to me?”

For business, it is about economic and intellectual availability: “Will this person work with me?”

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The best way to show availability—whether it is at a networking event, party, business meeting, or date—is by demonstrating availability.

Showing up is NOT enough! You have to show people you are emotionally available to connect.

So if you meet someone at a social event you like then make it obvious you’re available by

Action Step: At your next social event, make a point of telling people why you are there and what you are looking for. Something like:

“I’m excited to meet you because I was hoping to make some really interesting connections at this event.”

“This event is going great. I came wanting to stir up some business, and I have already passed out a few business cards. May I give you one?”

So, you can easily become more irresistible by showing:

  1. You have engaging attractive values and beliefs,
  2. Showing optimism and confidence
  3. Being available

And these are things you can do TODAY.