How To Predict Your Relationship Future | A 12-Step Guide

When You Should Leave Your Relationship

How To Predict Your Relationship Future | A 12-Step Guide: In this article I want to share with you one of the most important guides you can know and they are the 12 key moments that will predict the future of your relationship.

It’s all about opening your eyes to what it takes to create a long-lasting partnership. Because believe it or not there are 12 specific moments that will happen in your relationship that will allow you to:

  1. Determine exactly where you are in your relationship
  2. Where it’s likely to go from there.
  3. And will give you insight and discernment so you know exactly what steps you can take to take your relationship to a whole new level.

Because let’s face it you don’t want to waste your time racking your brains trying to work out what’s going on in your partnership only to find you’ve got the signals all wrong and then you’re left feeling disappointed and let down.

How To Predict Your Relationship Future | 12- A Step Guide will share with you what to do to avoid all that disappointment and heartache.

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1. “The first key moment in your relationship that will help you predict its future is your first stay-at-home date.”

Because you’re making a pretty bold statement when you introduce your partner into your home. Because what you’re doing is breaking down that façade that wall, that we all have when we initially meet someone we like.

So you don’t have the restaurant staff or the theatre or bar staff to feel in any of the gaps, it’s just you and your partner at your home.

And I want you to imagine this moment because it’s a big one you’re bringing someone into your personal space.

And you’re saying look at me, this is how I live, this is what I look like at home. Here I am, this is it. Do you like what you see?

Picture your date, you’ve cooked them a pretty decent meal, and you’ve chosen the best recipe to try to impress them.

How did this event go?

Am asking you. If this goes great, then this is a good sign friends.

But if it goes south, well you’ve got some work to do.

2. “The second key moment in your relationship is introducing your partner to your friends.”

How To Predict Your Relationship Future | 12- Step Guide

This one is a pretty big deal here because I’ve told your friends that you are dating someone and they’re asking you all these questions.

What do they look like are they tall?

Are they cute?

You know what happens.

And the day finally comes when you introduce them to your friends and your heart kinda stops and thinks are they getting on?

Because it’s an opportunity for you to think have I got the signal right?

This is because when you’re dating someone you’re in isolation, it’s just you and them and you have to rely on your own personal judgment about what is really happening.

Is this love, is this fake is this a real connection that you have? And if your friends are giving you the thumbs down it can build a rift between you and your significant other.

However, if they get on like a house on fire this will help your relationship to soar. So watch out for this moment friends.

3. “The third key moment in your relationship that will predict its future is when you realize your partner is truly listening to you.”

And I mean not just listening to you too but truly listening to you from the heart. What do I mean by this?

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Well, most people miss this because it can be really subtle. But you know when it’s happening because your partner really gets you.

And how they show this is that they remembered what you like, and they go out of their way to get it for you.

I remember this happened to me, I was listening to Trevin Campbell an RnB artist, and I said to my significant other, I really like this song.

And the next couple of days they brought the album for me. This is a really wonderful sign so watch out for it.

4. The fourth key moment in your relationship that will predict its future is the first time you do boring, routine things together.”

How do you mesh when you’re putting out the trash or just running mundane routine errands together?

And it’s an important right because here we’re not talking about a candlelight dinner, where your partner gets to be romantic. But it’s the annoying stuff we get consumed with every day.

It’s a major milestone for both of you because if you still feel WOW I feel really good about doing this little thing with my partner that’s all that matter.

It’s the fact that you’re together so that boring errand turns into something special.  If you both feel this way it’s a great sign for your future.

Little did you know that putting out the trash could make you feel so fantastic…..

5. “The fifth key moment in your relationship that will predict its future and that’s when you introduce your partner to your parents/family.”

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Back to the article, you could be introducing your partner to your grandparents, siblings, kids, or your mentor.

It’s an important moment because just like with your friends your family can more easily see through the mask that your partner may be wearing.

You see, they can tell if they’re right for you. They’re not going to sugarcoat anything if they really care about you.

They may say to you, hey, Paul your girlfriends really sweet, you guys look great together. Let’s be real this is one of the first things your family is going to say to you.

And this is a really good sign because they’re got your back.

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Back to the article, you see your family or friends don’t want anyone with the wrong intentions in your life.

And another important thing is that it clues you into how future family functions with your partner are going to go.

If the meeting goes south, however, and they don’t get on, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take your relationship to the next level, it just means your partner may need to put in more work to make you feel comfortable and assured that the relationship is right for you.

Friends keep this in mind and think about whether your partner is truly being genuine towards you.

6. “The sixth key moment in your relationship that will predict its future is when you go away together.”

I have a friend who has said once they went away on a mini vacation with her partner, and she said she knew she would never see them again.

She said they were sloppy, she had to tidy up after him. It just didn’t happen for them there was no gel. Hopefully, this won’t happen to you and you have a great holiday.

And you feel free to be yourself, to say what you like because your partner gets you and accepts you for who you are. If this is you, then it’s a really positive sign for your future.

7. “The seventh key moment in your relationship that will predict its future is when you have your first real argument.” How To Predict Your Relationship Future | 12- Step Guide

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What happened?

Am asking you.

Because it tells you a lot about the person, you’re with. How did they make you feel? Did they get out of control?

Or did you manage to work through the fight and meet in the middle?

If this happened, then it’s a good sign.

But if it didn’t mind in mind a person’s true character comes out when they’re angry, you’ll be able to tell if a person is putting up a façade, pretending to be nice, and have good intentions toward you and whether they’re really the person for you.

You can’t avoid having disagreements in your relationship but be mindful of how they react towards you and whether they apologize for their behaviour afterward.

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8. “The eighth key moment in your relationship that will predict its future is when you discover whether you can tolerate them when they get on your last nerve.”

Because let’s face it everyone has things about them that will rub you up the wrong way.

But if you can handle whatever they’re throwing at you, and it’s at the management level then this is a big thing to know. Because whatever they’re doing it’s not a deal breaker. And this is a good future predictor for your relationship.

9. “The ninth key moment in your relationship which will predict its future is when your partner first tells you “I love you.” How To Predict Your Relationship Future | 12- Step Guide

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  1. The fourth way to avoid arguing with your partner is to just listen. And this ties in with what I’ve just said.

Back to the article, if your partner tells you they love you and they genuinely mean it, this is the thing guys that will take your relationship to the next level.

It’s pretty significant

Bear in mind that your partner may be telling you they love you just because they think you want to hear it.

“I love you, baby.”

Think about why there saying this to you, it is just because they want to become intimate with you.

Be honest with yourself. Go back to your friends and family if you trust their opinion and get some honest feedback from them.

10. The tenth key moment in your relationship that will predict your future is when they start talking about your future together.

Let me get my fan out because am going carried away here. Because you can start hearing those wedding bell ringing.

WOW sound so sweet.

When this happens, you know you’re on the right track.

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11.  “The eleventh key moment in your relationship that will predict your future is when you start discussing having children together.” How To Predict Your Relationship Future | 12- Step Guide

If you’re both on the same page then his is great.

This is sweet news to hear but if you don’t agree this can be a huge deal breaker, so watch out for this.

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12. And the twelfth key moment in your relationship that will predict your future is when you put all those moments together.

Because bear in mind not all of these moments are going to happen, you may only get one or two.

And it may only take one of those moments that make the difference. To being here in your relationship to being here.

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