5 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Partner


5 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Partner – In this article, I’m going to get up close and personal with you because it’s all about exactly what you can do to attract the right partner.

And, not to be pessimistic here, because I care about you and I owe it to you to be realistic about how you go about finding the right person for you.

But let me tell you it’s like finding the right person in a sea of wrongs.

And why I say this is because unsurprisingly, there are more people that you meet that are wrong for you than right for you.

And from speaking as a lawyer to so many of my clients, I believe that most people don’t know how to find the right partner for them, their soulmate.

And if they’re in a relationship is just plain wrong for them and I think to myself what’s this wonderful person doing with them.

Look at them and look at you.

There’s nothing about that person that you connect with spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or even financially.

So, the conversation I’m going to have with you today is not about finding the right person, it’s about the 5 steps you can take to attract the right person.

There’s a huge difference between the two because you don’t have to find that person because you will automatically attract the right person.

Because they will come to you. I care about you and I really want to help you attract your soulmate. This is unique powerful information I will be sharing with you so watch the above video or keep on reading to the end. 

5 Ways to attract your ideal partner
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 1. And The First Thing You Need To Do To Attract the Right Partner Is To Secure The Right Psychology.

This is all about whether you are giving off the wrong emotional signal that helps you to attract the wrong person in your life.

Because you need to have the right mental framework to start off with.

And for the time being, we’re going to forget about your exterior what you look like, what you wear what your hair looks like, and your aesthetic. 

Am not saying that It’s not important, and I will come back to this later on.  But if you want to find out 3 easy ways you can become more attractive to your ideal partner Read this article 3 Traits Which Make You Highly Attractive. Alternatively, you can watch the video below.

What I’m talking about now however is being right in yourself.

Let me break it down for you, the fact is everywhere you go, you give off an energy and aura.

This is when you’re shopping, you’re driving, out with friends even when you’re eating. You are coming across a certain way.

And you are making a statement about yourself and advertising yourself everywhere you go.

Which gives off a signal of what you are all about.

And we all of us have what I call emotional feelers or spiritual feelers that pick up on the signals that we give off.

I want to get deeper into this because there are principally two kinds of signals that you can put out.

  1. The first signal is what I call the undiscerning aura

This goes back to what I said before about my clients and people I know. They are in relationships with people who disrespect them on every level, And I look at them and think WHY?

Why are you allowing this to happen to you?

5 Ways to attract your ideal partner
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But it’s very difficult to hide this aura because you may not be in the right frame of mind or have the right mindset to understand what signals you are giving off.

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But, when you have an undiscerning aura you open the door to a lot of people in your life. It’s almost as if signally that you’re desperate for a relationship.

So what happens is you get a lot of takers people that come into your space and they take from you.

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Back to the article your so-called partner take your time, and take you emotional energy, they are draining you. And you may not even be aware of it.

And along with the takers, you have the moves and the shakers, they look at you and say the right things.

But they don’t get you,  and you can’t give them your heart because they wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had it.

And this used to happen to me a lot, I use to give the wrong signals to all the wrong people, and I look back and think, I don’t even like the person now.

What was I doing in that relationship?

The second signal that you can give off is what I call the high-value signal.

And this signal not only shows confidence but, perhaps more importantly, shows you have a purpose.

Because let me tell you something if you want to attract the right mate you need to mirror the person you’re looking for.

Meaning of core values

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It’s no use trying to attract the men or women of your dreams and when you look at your life – you’re not saying anything yourself.

If you know what I mean.

When I say you’re not saying anything am not saying you don’t deserve to attract the right person.

But, if you’re living a boring life, going to work and coming home and watching bad TV, you’re likely to attract the same kind of person as you.

If that’s what you want then cool.

But if you’re looking for more out of a relationship with someone who compliments and elevates you, you need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself why would the person you wish to attract be interested in you.

And this is an important question.

So let’s continue the conversation and give you my definition of being a high-value man or woman.

Being a high-value person encompasses a strong sense of who you are. And this gives a powerful signal to your potential mate.

It’s about not looking for anyone else to give you that label because society doesn’t tell you who you are, it doesn’t tell you how to think or how to feel. Because you know who you are.

And you may be thinking how do I know whether I’m a high-value person.?

Well, it’s because you are well balanced and by that I mean you have a life where you hang around people who make you feel valued. You have faith in yourself and your capabilities.

You use the tools that God has given you to enthuse a positive attitude and your mate’s emotional feelers will sense about you.

Your hobbies your interests, portray that you are a conscientious available, and impactful person.

So, the first way you attract the right partner is by being right with yourself first.

2. The Second Thing That Is Going To Attract the Right Partner is to use your High-Value energy.

What does this mean?
Well, your mental mindset your emotional strength, and your spirituality will bring the right person to you.

It’s about the connectivity of the mindset, your emotions, and your spirituality that almost creates a frequency that your ideal partner’s emotional feelers will sense.

Ever heard of a six sense?

Well, it works and it’s true.

And when you’re involved in the spiritual it means you’re not involved in the material.

You are not looking for the material man or the material woman you are looking for THE man or the woman.

That gets you.

Knows you because you’re linked together in a very powerful way. You won’t have to sell yourself to this person, because that person already knows your value.

  1. And that brings me to the third way to attract the right person in your life and that is to understand that with all you have – The high value you have that you approach attracting that person with the right intent.

What am I saying here? Well, you need to clarify yourself.

Know who exactly are you looking for?

And like I said before if you’re focus is on looking for the material things money, good looks there is nothing wrong with this.

But you need to make sure you have the right mental mindset, emotionally and spiritually to create the right frequency for you to attract the right person, that you can eventually fall in love with.

If you’re looking for a person with money, think about what you have to bring to the table.

If you don’t have a dime, why would they want you?

This goes back to mirroring the partner that you want to attract.

Don’t get me wrong, am not saying you need to lower your standards but, you need to upgrade yourself by giving a clear signal that you are a high-value man or woman.

How do you do this?

5 Ways to Attract your ideal partner
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Well, take time to visualize who you want to attract. And you might want to sit in a quiet place lock the door if you have to and just think about resonating with that right person.

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Back to the article you see, visualization can impact the spiritual side of you that will turn you into a magnet to attract the right partner.

Just imagine, having the ability to attract someone just like a magnet.

You don’t necessarily have to think about what the person looks like but think about what they make you feel like.

Your heart and your head should be working at the same pace.

So THAT person, the one that makes it all worthwhile feeds both your head and your heart equally. Do they get you on every level, there make you feel accepted, you have faults but hey it doesn’t matter because they resonate with you.

When you visualize your partner like this it will automatically exclude the person you don’t want in your life – they are the people I spoke about the shakers, the movers, and the takers.

Because so many of the clients I have spoken to as a lawyer settle for people who aren’t treating them right, they have A person in their live but it’s not THE right person in their lives.

There with people you treat them in a condensing way, control them, jealous of them, Bad minded towards them

These are people you shouldn’t even be having a conversation with much less be in a relationship with.

So, you need to open your eyes to being high value and to attract a high-value person. The right person.

  1. The Fourth Way You Can Attract the Right Partner into Your Life is to Be Bold.

What I mean by this is not being afraid to show your mental mindset, emotion, and spirituality but in the physical sense.

And this includes how you dress, your nails your hair and how you carry yourself outwardly. Because your potential partner will obviously look at your aesthetic.

But, more importantly, because you have your mental framework right, your potential partner’s emotional feelers will pick up on it. All you need to do now is to show it outwardly.

But you’re not going to do this in a materialistic way. So let me give you an example of how this plays out.

I was walking down the road and something came into my mind that upset me. 

The first thing that happens is my mental framework changes, and my brain is gives a signal to my body that I’m stressed, unhappy and confused.

Then immediately after this, my face starts reflecting what my brain is telling it. So, am putting out negative signals with both my body and my mind. But try this instead it’s really simple you got this you can easily do this.

Smile. Do you know that when you smile (even when you are thinking something negative) you throw a little feel-good party in your brain?

The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. And it also stops you from feeling stressed. So, when you smile it helps your brain to think positively.

And I know it sounds really simple, but I have found that when am speaking on the phone to tell someone something they don’t want to hear, I automatically smile to soften what I’m saying And it really does work.

Try it. I appreciate that you can’t smile all the time, but when you want to radiate a positive frequency, the frequency God has given you to be the best version of yourself then smiling is one of the best ways to do this.

  1. The Fifth Way to Attract The Right Partner Is to Accept That It’s Okay to be Single. And I know it sounds counterintuitive but thinks about it for a second.

And I know it sounds counterintuitive but thinks about it for a second.

If you feel that you have to be with a partner, you not going to be brother about implementing the 4 things I’ve just had a conversation with you about.

This is because your objective is about having a partner not necessarily getting the right partner. But when you appreciate that it’s okay to be single you.

You’re not necessarily already in a relationship and you are available when the right person comes along.

I know so many people who feel they need to be in a relationship doesn’t matter who the relationship it with.

When you find that one person, because that’s all you looking for one person that will rock your world you won’t need to chase them, because they will connect with you, even without you having to work hard for it to happen because it’s just a natural and intuitive thing. And love happens without forcing it to happen.

It just does it of its own free will.

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