3 Ways To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals

Your self-purpose powered by your personal core values will generate a neurological change in your brain which will encourage you to take even more steps to reach your goals

Goals and personal core values

3 Ways To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals – The secret to living a successful life means becoming an effective goal setter. Most people feel lost and stuck because they are afraid of failure. They keep doing the same thing day after day and so they fail to succeed at achieving their major goals. The truth is, your personal core values can be used as the key to escaping your mundane life. And in this article, I will let you in on a 3-step system that will open the door to achieving all your major goals.

If you like countless others are looking for clarity and direction this statement may hold the key to lock the door.

“You have power over your mind, not outside events, realise this and you will find strength.”

For me, this discreet statement made me sit down and examine the realistic goals I have planned for my life and how I could achieve them.

It helped me discover 3 ways to use my personal Core values to crush my major goals without working too hard to do it.

The simple steps to achieving this is to:

  1. Aligning your personal core values with your Goals.
  2. Creating positive habits
  3. Finding and pursuing your purpose.
Following the above steps started me on the trail to believing in myself and to developing a belief system, one that made me feel I could achieve all my major goals. More than that it helped me appreciate that the only limitation I have are the ones I self-impose.
If you’re feeling that you can’t achieve your goals read on you may be pleasantly surprised.
Personal core values for Freedom


What Goals & Aspirations Should You have? For 3 Ways To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals.

What is certain, is that we all have different goals and aspirations, that is what makes us special and unique.

How boring would life be if we all wanted to own a Ferrari, all wanted to live in a big house in Hollywood and all wanted 2.5 children.

We of course know that not all goals are created equal.

If your goal is to get a better job to improve your life, you’re going to rank it higher than going out with your friends on a night out.

That is obvious, but how do you know which goals are important to you, or put another way how you know which goals will best improve your life?

Well, that’s where your personal core values come in. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know what core values are. If you haven’t, then I would invite you to read Personal Core Values Definition which goes into some details about what they are and how important they are to ensure you are authentically happy.

However, if your life is aligned with your personal core values you’ll feel valued with a sense of fulfillment and a feeling that you’re being true to yourself.


This is because it allows you to connect with how you genuinely think and feel.

However, most often people don’t connect with their core values and don’t even know what they are.

As a result, they find themselves living a life far removed from what they had in mind when they were younger.

For the vast majority of us, our goals and aspirations can often disappear as we get older, there is an acceptance that we’re never going to reach the goals we set for ourselves when we were younger.

But and there’s a big but, if you tap into your fundamental beliefs what you believe from the heart and your very soul, you can crush your goals.


Because your engine of success is fuelled by doing what makes you happy and passionate. And your fundamental values are the thing that inspires that.

Why Should You have Habits & How Do
They Help You Crush Your Major Goals?

Crush Your Goals

The reality is believing in yourself, is much about creating positive habits today will significantly impact how what direction your life takes. These habits should come from what you hold dear your fundamental beliefs and principles that guide your life. 

Forming the right habit is crucial in helping you navigate what should ultimately lead to living your best life.

We develop habits over the course of our lives and they are based on the behaviour we exhibit through regular repetition, which eventually becomes automatic or habitual.

A habit may initially be triggered by a goal, but over time, that goal becomes less necessary, and the habit becomes more automatic.

When you develop a habit, it makes your behaviour instinctive. This is because it forms a ritual that you perform even without thinking about it. 

From a scientific standpoint, the brain’s limbic system operates as the main control area for response to certain stimuli, including a variety of instinctual behaviour. The limbic system processes external stimuli related to emotions, social activity, and motivation, which propagates a behavioural response.

The Science Behind The 3 Ways To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals

Any behaviour is instinctive if performed without being based upon prior experience (that is, in the absence of learning) Therefore, it is an expression of innate biological factors.

This allows you to create positive habits which will automatically ensure you achieve your goals because you can rewire your brain to expect a behavioural response.

What Habits should you have?

We all know that there are good and bad habits. The unhealthy one will most often have a negative effect on your life and can significantly hold you back from achieving true success.

In fact, having just one unhealthy habit could scupper the chances of your success altogether. So, even if you have a bunch of positive objectives one bad habit can screw things up.

“I use to struggle with believing that I could achieve
the incredible goals I set for myself.”

That being said, achieving your goals that align with your personal core values means that you are more likely to take action because it relates to what you are all about. 

Many people set goals but don’t really believe that they will ever materialise.

However, the 3 Ways To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals will guarantee that you achieve your major goals if practice them regularly.

By doing so you’ll be able to change your brain’s limbic system by making your behaviour instinctive and so guarantee your success. One of the most powerful personal core values that will crush your major goals is having a sense of purpose.

A Sense of Expectation – How to Train Your Brain To Believe You Can Achieve It. 

I know from personal experience, that it’s the easiest thing to doubt yourself when going after your goals.

A lack of expectation is a huge hurdle for many to climb.

“Fail early, fail often, fail forward.”

However, the power behind expectation is closely related to your personal core values and the law of attraction. This is because we tend to see whatever it is we are attracted to and if we expect a result, then the brain’s perception changes.

An extensive literature reveals that expectation determines perceptions The brain gives us a constant all-around view, long with sound. By cementing millions of bites of information ‘in a very narrow range of available light waves and sound waves. The brain never really sees or hears anything. It just responds to and interprets electrical signals.’

This is the thing that allows us to perceive what we think is actually happening, it also helps us assume everyone else is saying the same thing. ‘Meaning and emotions are attached to specific electrical and sensory signals’.

The neuron signals and visual signals of the brain are affected by expectation and emotional filter respond also come into play. The literature makes clear, that the overarching result is the ability to focus. 

The man in the gorilla suit experiment is an indication of this, where a group of people was told to focus on a group of people on a stage passing a basketball. A man in a gorilla suit walks across the stage and no one sees him.

Why because their focus is the task and not expecting the man in the gorilla suit. 

Because when you’re alive to what you expect from life it helps you to focus on the tasks at hand. It impacts the brain neurons to can change your perception which can give you the fuel you need to believe in achieving your goals.

This concept may at first be difficult to digest but there’s the thing, I use to struggle with believing I could achieve the major goals I set for myself until I change my perception to one of expectation.

I turned expectation into a habit.

This changed my approach to how I thought about my life and gradually, I began to attract what I honestly believed I could. This is because I changed my focus

The first step is to achieve is to ….

“Gear your mind towards the practice of believing the  potential you have.”

Begin by taking the time to sit down and think about all the things you wanted to do when you were younger. This is because when your young you have every reason to believe you can crush your major goals. 

What did you expect from life?

Write them down and think about how you would feel if you knew without any doubt they would actually happen.

List the least significant thing first then progress to the more major, challenging ones.

It might range from getting a tattoo done to exploring a cave in the middle of nowhere, to becoming financially independent by setting up a successful business.

Or perhaps you always wanted to train to start an exciting new career.

Whatever it is, it should speak to your heart and challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.

In creating your list, I hope it creates a sense of euphoria and excitement.

Your sense of expectation will increase as you begin to feel more confident and realize that the power of the mind can do great things.

Challenge Your Mind To Understand the ­3 Way To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals

The important thing to remember is to build your way up to challenge your mind to accept you can achieve bigger and greater things; the more you do this, the greater your self-belief.

Your brain will automatically start believing what you expect from life.  Tools such as visualization and meditation is a definitive way to do this.

principles and values for Genius

Meditation For Everyday Life is the perfect way to train your brain to succeed on autopilot. It gives you the incredible ability to:

1. Connect your subliminal and conscious mind with your body so that you become spiritually moved to develop skills you never knew you had. These skills purposely benefit you in many ways.

2. Meditation allows you to achieve what you want to do in life. No more will life happen to you it will start to happen for you.

3. Discover how to function more easily, your life will become so much more effortless.

4. You’ll begin to find that you make decisions and start to see everyone around you feel inspired every time you come around.

5. Build your confidence and feeling of self-esteem as you begin to take control of your life and feel positive about what you want to achieve.

6. Gain more clarity and understanding about why you think and feel the way you do, so you can train your brain to succeed on autopilot.

7. Boost your feeling of courage and self-discipline by taking time out of each day to meditate so that you develop the skills you need to find the gold at the end of your rainbow.

8. Allow your meditation to ensure you strive for success.

9. Improve and upgrade every aspect of your life by using your innate given tools to become a better you and
then work to continue your progress by teaching someone else how to improve their lives too.

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3 Way To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals is much to do with what mental state can drive you to take physical action.

You’ve discovered that if you make expectation a habit you’ll gear your mind to believe you can achieve all your major goals.

By focusing on your long-term success rather than minor setbacks will give you the momentum to continue your goals and thereby increase your feeling of self-belief.

Make A List of What You Want to Achieve

Take a look at your list of things you wish you could achieve consider how do you train your brain to pursue your self-purpose?

The famous Actor and Singer, Will Smith, helped to explain this as he says,

Failure actually helps you to recognize the areas where you need to evolve. So fail early,  fail often, fail forward.”

Smith goes even further by saying that we need to seek failure because failure is where all the lessons are learned, and that successful people fail a whole lot more than success.

When you think about how often self-doubt and fear hold you back when you could embrace so many opportunities, how does it make you feel?

Successful people don’t let self-doubt hold them back. They understand the science behind finding and pursuing their self-purpose and use their failure to fuel greater momentum and empowerment.

And you can do the same.

If you want some help to achieve this check out these amazing books, I have collected over the years that give powerful insight into how into building self-purpose. Hit my book collection here to find out more. or click the image below….

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Go back to the list you made earlier and pick the first goal you want to achieve.

Then make a list of all the steps you need to do to achieve it.

Make sure each of your goals aligns with your personal core values so you are fulfilled and happy with whatever you want to achieve.

Determine What Action You Need to Take For Your – 3 Way To Use Your Personal Core Values To Crush Your Major Goals

What are some of the first steps you need to take?

Perhaps you need to go on a course or enlist the help of friends and family.

Will you need to take out a loan?

Go to another country?

At this step, your ability to become resourceful is of paramount importance.

If you think outside the box you will make progress, if you throw away the box, you will make even better progress.

When you practice taking small but significant steps towards achieving your major goals, the limbic system in your brain, which processes external stimuli related to emotions, social activity, and motivation, will be behind to propagate a behavioural response without you even realizing it.

Your self-purpose powered by your personal core values will generate a neurological change in your brain which will encourage you to take even more steps to reach your goals.

Your brain will automatically start believing what you tell it to believe through your actions.

But most people don’t realize that they can design their life by harnessing the power of their minds.

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My mind began to open to creating opportunities that seem to come from nowhere.

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