Is Peace A Core Value?

Peace core value

Is Peace A Core Value? The need for peace in our lives cannot be overstated, but what are the benefits of having it as one of your core values? My in-depth investigation reveals what they are.

What is peace?

Peace is freedom from abuse, violence, ill-treatment, stress and anxiety. When we have peace in our lives, we feel a sense of calm, tranquillity, quietude and silence. When we practise being peaceful, we introduce restfulness, and quietude that allows us to be still and unencumbered by the noise and debris of the world. World peace means being free from war and conflict.

Peace the value

What Are Core Values?

Perhaps the title of this article should be entitled “Is peace a core value for you?” This is because peace as a core value is individual to each of us and should play a different role in our lives.

Your core values say a lot about who you are, are you happy? Creative? Hardworking? caring? Do you exercise integrity? Honesty? Value your relationships with your friends and family and your work colleagues.

It even affects how you spend your money, and how you react when faced with conflict and adversity.

peace as a core value means you’ll prioritize it as an essential part of life

When your core values match your actions then you’ll feel more orientated and bona fide.Inner peace If they don’t you can feel like you’re living a lie and feel unsettled and unhappy. That’s why it’s important to become aware of what your core values are to make sure you’re living kosher life.

If you’re fortunate enough to have peace in your life as an essential value, it means you’ll prioritize it as a key element of your life.  Much of your life will be dedicated to seeking it wherever you can find it.

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How Can You Find Peace As A Core Value?

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In today’s society, with so many demands on our time from home, work and life, in general, it’s easy to get caught up in a busy life. This often leaves us with very little time to sit back, reflect and find peace.

You might be faced with major life traumas, losing a loved one, suffering a major illness, coping with debt, depression or addictions.

peace as a core value means you’ll prioritize it as an essential part of life

In such cases, peace seems far beyond our reach, and we live from day to day uncertain what the next day will bring. The renowned actor Will Smith said: “every day we’re choosing what’s not in our best interest.”

The world often seems like it’s fighting against us, but unless we take affirmative action to introduce peace life can escalate out of control. So you owe it to yourself to bring peace to your life. 

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Positive attitude and core values
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When you meditate and envision your worries like clouds come and go.

Meditation is one such tool that can help you lift the clouds that might otherwise engulf you, helping you find calm and tranquillity. YOu will discover how to meditate and envision your worries like clouds floating away.

Meditating is one path to stopping you from compounding and internalizing your fears, and let them go just like clouds. 

Peace As a Core Value Can Help
Identify Conflicts

The world is full of conflicts am peace is difficult to find if you’re continuously looking to find issues, conflicts quarrels and drama.

Sometimes you may not even be aware that this is what you are doing, you might have created it as a coping mechanism to get you through the day.

If you find yourself finding conflicts, take a moment to appreciate how your past experiences might be influencing your behaviour.

Are you interacting with people with that you clash on a day-to-day basis?

This might be causing you to vent your frustration by continuously arguing. As a result, it might be difficult to arrive at a compromise, because you might feel misunderstood, underestimated, or ignored.

Are your emotions fought with anxiety and tension?

transmute your hostilities and introduce peace into your life

If so, the first step is to identify that you are suffering from conflict-based issues but, they do not define you. Identifying that you’re experiencing conflicting emotions is an excellent first step.

This isn’t about blaming yourself, rather it’s about getting to know yourself better, knowing what makes you tick and discovering how to reposition yourself to avoid further conflicts and hostilities. If you would like to start building and introducing peace into your

Guided Meditation and core values
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Rainer Maria Rilke a Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist recognized as one of the most lyrically intense German-language poets said:

“The only journey is the journey within.”

Building Inner Peace As A Core Value

Peace as an ongoing process gives you the headspace to learn, evolve and grow continuously. Having peace within lays the foundation for us to live in a harmonious existence that fosters reflection and serenity.

As a Christian, I believe that this is God’s will for us as stated in Proverbs 18:15 New International Version says:

“The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.”

Peace best core value

In my experience trying to practise peace means instead of focusing on my fears and insecurities, I try to work on my personal development. I look to find love in situations where others see conflict

This may not be easy, but the object is to magnify what makes you feel alive, happy and content and belittle the things that disturb your calm and tranquillity. Peace and love go hand in hand and if you are looking for ways to not only exude peace but also build a powerful relationship with your partner to you can become irresistible click this link.

meditation, visualisation, positive self-affirmation and hypnosis can help you overcome conflicts

Relationships and core values
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Focussing on peace in your life allows you to take the mental steps to build your practice of self-love. It’s an ongoing process, but the more you practice it, the more powerful it becomes.

Tools like meditation, visualization, positive self-affirmation, and hypnosis can help you overcome conflicts that prevent you from feeling peace.

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Should Peace Be A Part of Your
Personal Mission Statements?

A personal mission explains the vision you want to materialize in your life. It requires an in-depth assessment of your inner emotions, values, and beliefs.

creating peace where there was pain

Active healthy happy life
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Creating a personal mission around your foundational values is an excellent way to create the best quality of life.  So if your personal mission involves getting over a toxic relationship and moving on then core values such as:

Forgiveness. Trust. Bravery. Courage. Letting go. Kindness. Growing. Building.  Strength.

Above all, it means creating peace where there was pain, getting through your day, even when you can’t see a way out. To find the Nelson Mandela in you and follow the path that you believe in that will set you free, click here to access the various tools and courses that I would recommend.

Peace personal core values

A personal mission statement that makes you stronger and makes you stand up against the world even when it tries to knock you down is priceless.

Christians believe that their personal mission statement should align with God’s teaching through the Bible. I believe the pinnacle of this is based on Galatians 5:22-23 New International Version (NIV) which states:

Peaceful? Idealistic? Hopeful? Joyful? Confused? Enlightened? Thoughtful?

“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things, there is no law”.

There are no human laws that compel us to practice these qualities.

When you reflect on these fruits, do any of them resonate with you?

How do they make you feel?

Peaceful? Idealistic? Hopeful? Joyful? Confused? Enlightened? Thoughtful?

I have dedicated an entire article on how to discover how to build your personal mission statement around your core values that will give your life meaning and harness control of your inner power. Click this link to find out more. 

Creating Peace In The World Around You

When we look at the life of Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013), we can see the necessity for peace played out in detail. While you may never accomplish what he has, it emphasizes the importance of peace and gives us an insight into the enormity of this core value.

Born in Transkei, South Africa at a time when apartheid was rife, his father was a tribal leader and the young Mandela influenced by his father would take part in tribal ceremonies.

As a lawyer, he became acutely aware of the injustices of apartheid

Unlike his father, however, he studied law at the University College of Fort Hare and the University of Witwatersrand and qualified as a lawyer in 1942.

As a lawyer he became acutely aware of the injustices of apartheid, he believed that South African should be run by the whole country and not one group.

He joined the African National Congress (ANC).

The influential lawyer, quickly gained promotion in the ANC, actively campaigning against apartheid. In 1956 he was arrested together with other members of the ANC for treason, in 1961 following a protracted legal battle he was acquitted.

Mandela objective was to end apartheid without resorting to an interracial war.

His clear agenda was to promote peace in South Africa however with the ANC now banned, he saw little option but to use active armed resistance to end the apartheid regime.

Working with Umkhonto We Sizwe another wing of the ANC he engaged in active sabotage. His actions resulted in his subsequent arrest in 1963.

He was convicted and sentenced to death for trying to overthrow the government. The case highlighted the gross injustices of the apartheid regime and gained considerable international media attention.

Humanitarian Peace

At the closing speech of his trial, Mandela made clear the reasons for his action which was to address the struggle of African people and to create a democratic free society not dominated by white people or black people but all people living together in peace.

core values and positive attitude
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His objective was for all African people to live together in unity and have equal rights. It was a cause he was prepared to die for.

His death sentence was muted to life imprisonment, and he was incarcerated at Robben Island Prison, off Cape Town. Prison conditions, although basic, allowed him to form friendships with his fellow political prisoner and prison guards.

Imprisoned from 1964 –1981, Mandela had ample time to develop and reflect this inner reflection made evident that his fight was not against white people but the apartheid regime itself.

Central to Mandela’s actions was to bring about peace.

During his incarceration, there was mounting international pressure to end apartheid, which led to negotiations between the ANC and Mandela. The momentum against apartheid led to Mandala becoming a symbol of the regime.

“He inspired not only South African but the entire world to embrace, humanity, peace and harmony”

He was offered freedom on the condition that he help relieve mounting international pressure to end apartheid. However, he did not wish to muddle his personal freedom with politics.

Peace By Standing Up For What You
Believe In

On 11 February 1990, Mandela was released largely due to the massive momentum against apartheid. This was a momentous occasion for South Africa and indeed the world.

The tide turned towards free and fair elections for all and the ending of apartheid. And in April 1994 the ANC was voted with a 65% majority with Nelson Mandela as the President of the new South Africa.

Despite his long period of incarceration and mistreatment, he was able to help unify the people of South Africa. Mandela’s non-violent approach to apartheid healed the wounds caused by years of segregation and mistrust.

Mandela and Desmond Tutu headed the Truth and Reconciliation Committee to deal with former crimes of apartheid and to move forward in the spirit of forgiveness.

Mandela’s selfless and heroic act prepared to sacrifice his life for what he believed

He inspired not only South Africa but the entire world to embrace, humanity, peace, and harmony.

He retired as President of South Africa on 10 May 1994 and left office on 14 June 1999 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, along with Frederik Willem de Klerk.

Mandela’s selfless and heroic act prepared to sacrifice his life for what he believed in illustrates his incredible endurance and courage, together with a need to promote peace.

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How does the value Mandela places on peace resonate with you?

Does it make you feel love for humanity?

  • Wholesome?
  • Blessed?
  • Open?

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How Does Peace Affect Our Physical Health?

Mandela’s life illustrates how having peace as a core value helps orchestrate the physical manifestation of our lives.

Do you believe you can influence the world in the same magnitude as Mandela?

My guess is probably not.

Peace ….. influences your feelings, emotions and our thoughts positively and holistically.

But, you’ll be surprised how standing up for what you believe can transform the world around you in amazing ways. It does this by creating light and hope enabling us to push past conflicts and develop.

The affirmative acts of peace create emotions that send signals out into the world to create your know enriched reality.

This can have a profound effect on your life, reducing stress, anxiety and depression as well as other mental conditions.

Peace influences your feelings, emotions and our thoughts positively and holistically. 

When you practise acts of peace, like with acts of kindness, it also affects your physical wellbeing.

As a result, you’re less likely to suffer illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, inflammation. You’ll also escape many other conditions that severely affect the quality of your life. 

Consider how you can limit your conflict and worries

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Take a moment to consider how you can introduce more peace in your life. Consider how you can limit your conflict and worries by thinking of all ways that you can change the world around you and introduce more positivity and meaningful experiences in your life. Click here to learn more.