Men How To Be Confident & Attractive Around Women


Men How To Be Confident & Attractive Around Women: This article is aimed particularly at men, but women will also find it useful because it’s all about how men can become confident in any situation with a woman

It will help you if you’re dating for the first time or if you’re in a medium- or long-term relationship.

In fact, in any situation that you’re in with a woman you’re going to appear more confident, more at ease with yourself and you’re going to be able to get rid of your nerves and anxiety.

And be able to really communicate effectively so that you can put out the very best of yourself, so your relationship stands the best chance of lasting the distance and growing on a positive level.

This will make your confidence grow but make the person you are with feel at ease, relax, and want more from your relationship.

  1. So the 1st thing I want to mention is that there are 2 types of confidence there’s external confidence which is based on your outward exterior

This is how you look how your dress, what your hair looks like, and what your shoes look like. Women really notice these things they also look at what your nails look like.

“You don’t want
to over-smile.”

Because when it comes to personal grooming it shows how you feel about yourself.

And when you get this right, these are all things that suggest to a woman that are you confident in your overall appearance and yourself generally.

And this is something that you will address throughout your relationship.

How you dress and how you feel about how you dress is going to exude confidence in itself. So making sure you get this aspect right is important.

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     Men How To Be Confident & Attractive Around Women
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Back to the article, this might seem obvious, but it’s about dressing for the occasion.

So if you’re going out with a woman and she’s picked the venue give her a call or text to ask her what the dress code is.

And make sure that you dress appropriately because there’s nothing worse than nothing worse You’re on a formal occasion and you’re dressed casually on occasion and you’re dressed casually.

Or if you’re overdressed in all it doesn’t make you feel confident so dress in confidence dress for the occasion confidence

“The first thing that women look at when with a man is how relaxed he feels.”

  1. The second aspect of confidence is internal confidence that’s based on how you feel. This is also connected to your external confidence because if you’re dressed appropriately then that’s going to help you to feel confident

But, as women, we subconsciously look at what your actual body language is saying.

So, women will look at whether your dress is congruent with how you behave.  In other words, does how your behaviour match your external confidence.

So, how can you make sure that your external confidence matches your internal confidence?

Well, one of the 1st things women look at when they meet a man is whether he is smiling. Because smiling exudes confidence.

You don’t want to over-smile, so you’re grinning like a Cheshire cat. But you want to give a confident smile and a possible gentle nod. So you’re smiling and you nod particularly if you’ve met the person for the 1st time.

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So, back to the article, even if you’ve been dating for a while or it’s a long-term relationship because a smile or a nod gives a seal of approval, which will also help to boost her confidence.

I know this may sound really obvious  but when you’re on a date you have so many things going on around you the waiter other people around  and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the situation

But when you smile at the woman you are with and nod, actions speak louder than words. It tells the woman you’re confident without having to say it in words. And you’re also telling her you’re happy to be with her.

“if you come across as relaxed the woman that you’re with is also going to feel relaxed.”

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  1. The next step is how you conduct yourself going forward. The first thing that women look at when with a man is how relaxed he feels. Does he have relaxed body language or does he look tense and nervous?

So, what women look at is whether you move freely, and how you handle yourself.

What does your voice sound like?

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Back to this article, and when you speak are you reclining in your chair moving further away from her or are you sitting more upright so you’re more engaged with her?

The point here is striking the right balance you don’t want to be reclining too far back, but yet you don’t want to be too far forward which might seem overbearing.

The best thing to do is to move the chair towards the table and actually sit back in the chair so you look relaxed, but also look engaged at the same time.

And this is the same whether you’re on a first date or whether you’ve been dating for a long time.

Because if you come across as relaxed the woman that you’re with is also going to feel relaxed. And what happens very often is that we tend to mirror what the others person is doing. But bear in mind the women you’re with might also be nervous so bear this in mind.

Because a woman wants to see whether you are owning your own space. If you’re feeling comfortable in your own space your movement will flow.

“you’re confident in the way you’re carrying yourself generally and this is all a part of appearing confident”

This might mean that you may be using your hands when you speak and that it is congruent with what you are saying. You don’t want to make it too distracting and this should come naturally but doing this shows confidence.

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4.      The next thing a woman looks at is your conversation. Now I’m not going to take too much time specifically in terms of what you should talk about because I’m going to do another article about this.

But what I want to do is focus on the level of eye contact you should aim for.  Stating the obvious here, but women will look at your eye contact when you’re talking this is usually a good sign of confidence.

Obviously, you don’t want to be staring at her to make her feel uncomfortable. It’s about getting that sweet spot, the right balance.

And you can normally tell if the woman likes your eye contact because she will reciprocate, and this indicates that she likes you. If you want to stress a point you can prolong your eye, contact.

“The power of your mind determines a lot about how you approach relationships.”

And guys if you’re nervous I know that it is often easy to avoid eye contact, but this can make you seem emotionally unengaged and you don’t want this.

You can be looking around you, and behind you, and if you have a tendency to fidget when you’re nervous this will make you look uncomfortable.

You can overcome this by using your hands to gesture positively when you’re speaking so, you have something to do with your hands.

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5.      The next thing that will make you confident with women is how you look and conduct yourself when you’re not with them.

So, when she calls you what are you doing?

Do you have a confident lifestyle?  Or are you waiting for her to call you because you have nothing else going on?

Now the thing is, you might be waiting for her to call you.

You might really like this woman, but you don’t want to appear too easy. A woman likes a man who has things to do.

So, if she calls you and says hey, how about we go out tonight.

You might say yes, but you don’t what to say yes every single time, and you need to let her know that your time is premium so that when she is with you, it’s because she is special.

6.      So, you’re going to the gym you’re taking care of yourself you’re taking care of your family.

You have good relationships at work you’re confident in the way you look you’re confident in the way you’re carrying yourself generally and this is all a part of appearing confident in the relationship.

Now Confidence is also about building trust and women find men who are emotionally intelligent attractive.

But confidence in itself is not enough you need to show some element of vulnerability that you wouldn’t show anyone else.

A woman wants to feel exclusive to be exclusive.

So, if there is something you wish to share with her going forward when you feel your relationship is at the stage when you have built trust letting her in on what’s happening in your life is a great way to build trust and boost your confidence at the same time.

“you should avoid appearing too controversial or talking about yourself too much.”

A big part of being confident in expressing that you are emotionally available is what do I mean?

By telling her that you’re going to be showing and you are going to be listening to what she’s saying, you should avoid appearing too controversial or talking about yourself too much. It’s all about striking the right balance.

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