Personal Core Values Their Meaning And Significance

Significance Core Values

Personal Core Values Their Meaning And Significance. Have you ever thought about the purpose of your life? For many finding their purpose is a lifelong journey but you may be surprised to learn, that your fundamental beliefs have a significant part to play in it. Read on to find out how it impacts how your life plays.

If you’re looking for clarity and direction to help you build a brighter future evaluate your fundamental beliefs/core values. They  –   

  • Bring meaning to your life.
  • Help you to see the big picture. 
  • Empower you to create a personal life mission. 
  • Encourage authenticity. 
  • Help unleash your potential. 
  • Fuel your desire to commit to a cause

In this article, you’ll discover the true significance of your core values, what they are, and how they can help you prioritize what’s important to you to build clarity and meaning to your life.

Core Values That Bring Meaning To Your LifeMeaning of core values

I’ve learned from experience that understanding the significance of my fundamental beliefs has had incredible benefits. And has affected my life in ways that only become event when I look back at all the important things I have achieved in my life.

However, when I ask my friends what their core values are, they often don’t have the faintest idea of what I’m talking about. But they embrace things like – 

Genuine, Authenticity, Sincerity,  Kindness, Fortitude, Self-Worth, Openness, Knowledge, Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose, Loyalty, Innovation, Inventiveness, Creativeness, Self-Appreciation, Self-Worth

But importantly they sort the significant from the insignificant enabling you to appreciate what you should focus on to give your life meaning. You may not realize it but they control the decision that you make and how authentic and purposeful your life is.

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To Tolle, living in the moment is the key to finding your true purpose. Click here to discover more about this powerful book. In a similar way, living your core values builds meaning and clarity to whatever you do.

When your actions sync with what you fundamentally believe it can validate and underpin who you are and open the door to your authentic self. This gives you an incredible degree of power because you are living who you are and what you stand for.

The amazing significance of core values means it can help define who you are.

So your personal core values influence your ability to maximize your life by enabling you to run with the spirit of who you really are. And ultimately tells you what you should be doing with it to bring being and purpose. Continue reading to find out how this manifests itself in reality.

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Your Core Values Help You See The
Big Picture 

The nature of being human is our innate need to gain clarity and discover the big picture.

As a Christian, I look to the Bible to provide the answer to many of the questions that would otherwise go unanswered.

An example of this is found in Ephesians 4:29-32 English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible states:

“ Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamour and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

My own faith in Christ has brought me through many trials and tribulations. This energizing and empowering

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The big picture for the Christian faith is love and kindness toward one another and an acceptance that there is something bigger and greater than just you.  

Christian also believes this produces core values that are infinite and the test of time because they represent God’s love for us through the fruits of the spirit which are.

“Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control”.

Galatians 5:22-23 NIV

The bigger picture is also finding your true purpose, whether it is –

Is your purpose to have a family you can grow and nurture 

To start a business that will help your community

Serve God by loving him and serving others

Discovering your talents and ability and encourage others to find theirs  

Or perhaps it’s contributing to society in a dynamic way creating an invention or innovation.

The bigger picture can be summed up by Fyodor Dostoyevsky statement in his book The Brothers Karamazov 

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

The Significance of Rosa Parks Core Values

To properly understand the true significance and meaning of our core values, I took a look at the life of Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. A woman who showed great courage in the face of adversity and battled against state laws and institutions.

She valued equal rights no matter your creed of colour and it was a cause she turned into her life’s mission.  This amazing woman saw the bigger picture and was prepared to sacrifice her freedom for her fundamental beliefs.

everyone haS intrinsic worth which should not be based on race but on equal rights for all.

Parks was an African American, seamstress, dubbed the “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement.”

Her life represents the significance and meaning behind positive core values. She stood up against racial segregation in the United States in 1955’s and was part of the African American civil rights activist movement.

expected societal norms would have conditioned her into believing that she had less worth

On 1 December 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white man while traveling on a Cleveland Avenue bus in Alabama.

At that time, racial abuse and racial segregation were rife and, in 1900 Montgomery passed a law the allowing segregation of passengers by race.

Core Values Have Significant And Meaning In Mission Building

Goal significant core values

It was on this bus that Parks’ core values, justice, and equality created a mission for her life.

Montgomery law allowed conductors power to allocate seats for this purpose to white people. However, the law did not permit passengers to move, give up their seats or stand if there were not enough seats.

Despite this, after a while, white conductors would ask black passengers to move. So when a white person required a seat where there were no white-only seats available the seats dedicated for black passengers were taken.

Parks decision… testimony to her fortitude and incredible selflessness core values.

At that time, Parks was exposed to deep-seated racism. Society had condition many into believing that black people had less worth than their white counterparts. Although she hailed from both Irish-Scottish lineage, her great grandmother, was a slave. She recalled seeing the Klu Klux Klan march past her home – while her father stood outside with a shotgun.

Core Values That Challenge the Norm

The result of Parks’ refusal to accept discriminatory societal expectations, to vacate her seat, and concede to accepted practice was based on her fundamental beliefs that challenged the norm.

Her stance ultimately resulted in her arrest and subsequent trial which lasted 30 minutes.

Parks was found guilty and fined $10, plus $4 in court costs. She challenged the legality of racial segregation and appealed her conviction which sparked an enduring legacy for civil rights movements around the world.

Her bravery resulted in the Montgomery Bus Boycott organized by black churches headed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and E.D. Nixon other American civil rights leaders

the power of the intention behind (acts) can have lasting and empowering consequences.

The boycott lasted 382 days and heralded the most significant black rights movements in history. This illustrates that no matter how small or insignificant an act might seem the power of the intention behind it can have lasting and empowering consequences.

If Parks had given up her seat, when asked like the other three black passengers she was traveling with, the civil rights movement would never have gained the traction it did. Consequently, the plight of African American people would not have advanced fast as it did.

Parks’ decision to define accepted practice changed the landscape for millions of black Americans and is testimony to her fortitude and incredible selfless core values.

The True Significant and Meaning of Positive Core Values

Core Values Significant Meaning

Parks heroic action further shows the effects of sticking to what you believed in by being your authentic self:

For Parks, these were likely to be values such as –

  • Equality, Fortitude, Love, Selflessness, Consideration, Kindness, Leadership
  • Resoluteness, Assertiveness, Humility, Integrity, Reliability, Loyalty, Commitment.
  • Open-mindedness, Consistency, Honesty, Efficiency.

Your values should also ….. let your mental and physical capabilities take shape and began to grow.

Like Rosa Parks, your core values can help liberate you from behaviour that limits and restrict you.

Rather, your values should allow you to see the world from awakened eyes, growing and increasing in your individuality and uniqueness.

They should enhance self-knowledge allowing your true potential to take shape and began to grow.

The real meaning and significance of your values will become self-evident when you let go of your insecurities. These are things that hold you back and prevent you from challenging yourself.

core values and positive attitude
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core values should welcome in the spirit of what you truly believe in.

Consider what core values you hold.

Do they hold you back or do they set you free?

Instead, beliefs should welcome the spirit of what you truly believe in and sync with what you do with your life.

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How To Use Your Core Values To Unleash Your Potential?

Building significant core values

Considering how Parks’ humble action has liberated the lives of countless others, provide a greater understanding of just how important your core values are.

Parks demonstrates how a free spirit, experiencing your authentic self through your being who you were meant to be can change your life perspective.

Her life also shows us you don’t need a degree or go through years of training to achieve your personal vision. When you tap into your personal core values you’ll appreciate the power you truly possess.

Parks is a good example of the sacrifices you sometimes need to make to follow your convictions.

Core Values Are Significant When They
Make Your Commit To A Cause

What Parks’ possessed, was a resolute passion for challenging injustices and had the willpower to stick to a cause she believed in.

Forced to leave school to look after her sick mother and grandmother she worked for a department store. She later worked for a shirt factory in Montgomery and never returned to studies.

At 19 she married Raymond Parks, who was an active member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). She served as a youth leader and secretary for the organization.

Active healthy happy life
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Like Parks’ if you commit to positive core values and go against other people’s beliefs it can have severe consequences that can take on a meaning much bigger than you.

A small price to pay for a legacy that will live on forever.

Parks is a good example of the sacrifices you sometimes need to make to follow your convictions. She lost her job at the shirt factory and her husband lost his position as a barber. A small price to pay for a legacy that will live on forever.

She is even featured on the US 20 dollar bill.

How To Define Your Core Values?

Definition of core values

So, what life-changing lessons do you think, can be learned from the life of Rosa?

Well, one such lesson is how courageous decisions we make, are massively influenced by your life and the lives of others.

Just like Parks, discovering your personal mission will bring a genuine feeling of determination. It can evoke empowerment and drive that you perhaps never knew you had.

Above all, it can force you to put aside your selfish needs for the greater benefit of others.

This is a good reason to define your core values and start living your authentic life. Read my article 7 Hacks to Discover Your Personal Core Values  | Definitive Guide.

Like in Parks’ case you could discover you have the potential to change lives you never knew existed.

A Personal Mission Statement Discover The Significance Of Core Values

To create a dynamic personal mission statement, start by examining what you have to bring to the table.

What contribution can you make that will add value to the lives of others?

Asking yourself this question is a good start, but you need to be honest with yourself?

Then ask yourself, do you really know what really brings joy?  

The true significance of core values is whether you use them like Parks to take action and develop a personal mission statement that revolves around your core values.

They should take on board the important people who occupy the space around you and how do they impact your life.

For example, Parks’ husband Raymond Parks was a vehement civil rights supporter and played a major role in her decision to fight injustice.

So, when you assess the people around you, who are they?

Take a moment to write down the important people in your life are they your







The people around you can impact and influence your core values and affect how you build your personal mission. Like in Parks’ you could discover you have the potential to change lives you never knew existed.

To build greater understanding and awareness of the steps you can take to change your life and empower yourself read by article Personal Core Values List 600 | Ultimate Guide