Success Habits Successful People Do To Gain Self Power.


Success Habits Successful People do to Gain Personal Power. Today I’m going to be sharing the success habits that you can implement today,

And what this video will show you is how you can make some basic tweaks and changes to your normal routine to make gain incredible personal power. Feel free if you would prefer to what my YouTube video that cover most of what’s in this article. 

In fact, even as little as just 1% of what you’re doing right now, you’re beginning to see amazing what I call self-power changes in life that will make you live your life on your terms.

Now you’re going to have to watch the entirety of this video to ensure you build your personal power. In my last video, I explained the first success to build self-power and that it

1. Building a successful habit of knowing what you want.

So knowing what you want from life doesn’t mean you up in the morning and to “start a new training program tomorrow” that involves going to the gym four times a week and eating half your current caloric intake to lose weight.

This will just lead to failure because your brain is hotwired to you doing the same thing every day.

So, stay with me on what you will need to introduce to build your success habits using what’s called the Kaizen rule. Now the Kaizen rule is about creating business efficiency but the wonderful thing about it is that you can use it to reclaim your personal power. Which involves changing your schedule by as little as 1% each day.

At this point I want you to get your creative juices flowing and think about exactly what you can do to generate the most amount of personal power.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration as to how to understand what you want from life, I’ve written a handy eBook called Core Values of The Most Phenomenally Successful People. 

Success Habits Successful People do to Gain Self Power
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You see by defining your personal core values you’ll be able to begin to see what the driving force is behind the decisions you make. What makes you navigate the world the way you do?

What makes you think the way you do? What’s more, it will help you to see the world through successful people. What personal core values do they have, that help them build success on autopilot that you can tap into. Click this link to find out more. 

And if you want to find out how you can define your personal core values check out my article 7 Personal Core Values To Transform Your Life.

So, back to this blog, what gets your creative juices flowing? What did you always think you could do, but are too frightened to do.

This might be losing weight

Gaining confidence and financial freedom by setting up a business.

Moving to another part of the country.

Getting out of a bad relationship, getting out of the house more, and connecting with people that can make a difference in your life.

If you don’t know what this is, think about what you spend your money on, what gives you the most joy.

And to get you thinking about this on a deeper level think about what you do in secret, and how you spend your time positively that nobody else knows about because this is often a hidden desire that will help your claim your personal power.

Whatever it is write it down, so you can refer to it later.

2. The Second Success Habits Successful People Do To Gain Self-power is taking action.

And this is where to Kaizen 1% rule really comes into play.

Nothing is going to happen if you don’t take action. Stick with me on this because again I know it sounds pretty basic but what I want to share with you here is how the Kaizen 1% rule is going to help you take action and build success habits successful people do to gain self power

Because Kaizen is all about

  1. Eliminating what will waste your time, which is making errors, and focusing on things that will speed up your actions towards gaining your personal power.

So how does this work in practice? Well, suppose you decided to write a blog. This is a pretty powerful way of using whatever you want out of life and using it as the topic for your blog.

So what does your current workflow looks like?

  • You write your article
  • You read through your work and check for typos
  • You upload the article to WordPress
  • You read through your work and upload images and add formatting

What’s wrong with this?

Well, nothing on the face of it, except that by taking this approach, you’re not working in the most efficient way possible.

Yes, you’re taking action but you could be doing a lot better.

That’s because you’re currently reading through everything you wrote twice.

That’s once to make sure that it is spelled correctly and once to add images.

So  why not use the Kaizen principle and do this instead:

  • Write the article
  • Upload it to WordPress
  • Read through it and fix typos while formatting

 This has effectively combined two steps into one step that will take slightly longer than either on its own but will be much quicker than doing both tasks separately.

If you keep doing this every day you will train your brain to make this a habit.

I want you to think about how you can implement this as your desired action plan so you can implement the success habits successful people do to gain self-power.

3. The Third Success Habits Successful People Do To Gain Self Power is to become results-driven

Hear me out on this because I, hate to break it to you but, everything you want to achieve has already been done, this is necessarily a bad thing because.

You can find a role model who has already achieved what your want to do and you can follow what they have done only make it better.

And you can do this by using the Kaizen approach. You will need to develop what’s called force multipliers which is fancy a term for any tool that allows you to get more done in less time or with less effort.

And you will also need to develop automation which is the process of automating some aspects of your journey to personal empowerment.

So, if you go back to the blog it’s about getting tools that can help you write the blog and automating how you release and promote the blog.

And if you’re looking for any help with inspiration to kick start your success habits then look no further than Project You a short ebook I’ve written to help you get what you want from life fast.

Getting what you want from life is really about how you can use what you have to help others you really care about. Hit the image below to learn more……

Success Habits Successful People do to Gain Self Power
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After you have tested the results, it’s about standing back and testing the results is what you are doing working?

This is how you ensure you build the success habits successful people do to gain self-power.

If it isn’t then you need to start over and try another approach

Remember there is no such thing as failure it’s simply telling you there’s another way to get the results you want.

4. The fourth Success Habits Successful People Do To Gain Self Power is having a Sync Growth Habit

Kaizen principle which is based on the Kaizen principle of the  5S’s?

  1. Sorting: This means that whatever you do to gain personal power you keep your work in the designated area and keep it organized. So if it’s a blog you’re working on the computer in the same place ready to use quickly and easily.
  2. Systematic Arrangement: This means that you arrange your personal power items in an optimum manner for efficient retrieval. This is extremely important for logistics and storage, so it cuts down the time waiting
  3. Shining: This means keeping your personal power tools in good condition so if you decide you want to open a store you clean the workplace and all This can reduce errors further down the line.
  4. Standardizing: This means using standard processes that can be repeated, tested, and fixed, just like working on your blog..
  5. Sustaining: This means that you must maintain adherence to the previous four S’s.

This will ensure you grow by syncing with what you want to achieve and taking action to achieve it.

5. The fifth habit you need to gain personal power is by helping other people on your journey.

What’s the point of having personal power but nobody benefits from it but you?

This is what creates the purpose behind what you’re doing because it gives you the fuel to continue.  Just imagine helping someone you really care about by buying your mum a new house or buying your child a car they always wanted.

This is what success habits successful people do to gain self-power is really all about.

It’s all about sharing and giving back to your friends and family and your community.

So what you need to do to build successful habits is.

 Know what you want to achieve

  1. Take action
  2. Results-driven
  3. Growth sync
  4. Keep going.