7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life.

Change Your Life

7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life. I use to believe that simply doing what I thought was right was the best way to live my life. But the truth is life is far more complicated than that. Doing what’s right won’t necessarily make your heart sing, make you feel valued, and help you live your best life. That’s why it’s important to discover how your fundamental beliefs can transform your life.
Personal core values to change your life

Before I reveal the 7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life, let me began by explaining what core values are.

You see most people don’t really know anything about them, however, they are incredible tools that you possess right now and have at your disposal. which if employed correctly, will provide you with the blueprint by which you should live your life and will lead to your ultimate fulfillment and happiness.

In fact, they influence every aspect of your life

How we think

What friends you choose

Who you have as a partner

And even where you decide to go on holiday.

They act as part of your DNA and make you unique and individual because no one person possesses the same values.

To discover a list of 600 personal core values that could massively change your life read my article  Personal Core Values List 600 | Ultimate Guide

Some examples of what I call super core values are:-


These values are what carve you out as a unique and special individual.

And what’s important to understand is they aren’t static; they develop and change over time and are influenced by your lived experience and the people that influence you. –  

The sad thing is that most people fail to align their values with their actions so left feeling frustrated and unhappy.

If you’re struggling to link your passionate values with your actions then I have just the thing for you, Meditation For Everyday Living.

Every decision you make every thought process you encounter is based on your ability to empower your mind and your ability to feel in control of your circumstances. This has a significant impact on how your life evolves.

It is critical to understand that –

“You have power over your mind, not outside events realise this and you will find strength.”

Marcus Aurelius-

So here they are:

The First 7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life Is Courage

Courage creates a firmness of mind in the face of danger or extreme difficulty.

It will allow you to transform your life by putting you in the driving seat to go for whatever it is you want to achieve.

This value gives you the ability to try new adventures and step outside your comfort zone and open up a world of adventure, opportunities. And more importantly a chance to do things that most people wouldn’t dear to do –

“Just imagine being able to see what the entire purpose of your life is all about”

Robert (dusty) Staub gave a presentation on Ted Talk and summed up  the whole concept of courage really well when he said when he has seen change 1000’s of lives is “small discreet daily acts of courage which can serve to develop what he calls the cardiovascular system of your soul.”

So courage can control the cardiovascular system of your soul.

And really crucially he said that courage liberates

Your purpose,

Passion and the

The driving force to becoming your best self and live your best life.

Transformation core values

So courage – gives you purpose, passion, and power to be your best self and transform your life.

Just imagine being able to see what the entire purpose of your life is all about.

You can do this by tapping into your inner soul, or what Staub describes as the cardiovascular system of your soul.” 7 personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life

To understand Staubs concept this ebook Meditation For Everyday Life is so important. It gives you the incredible ability to:

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principles and values for Genius

If you’re looking for, true joy in your life, it comes from knowing what your fundamental values are and discovering how to live them.

So let me ask you a question, are you living a life that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and do a double-back summersault?

If not this ebook will help you to discover them and discover how to transform your life so that summersault will become a reality.

If you look at courage in a wider concept it encourages us to be responsible for our actions.

The American Actor Will Smith said you’re responsible for your happiness. I know that in reality, it’s very easy to blame others for our inability, inaction, or situation.

But real courage gives you the drive to do whatever it takes to win.

And tapping into courage can give you a whole new outlook on life.

Just imagine if you had the courage to do all the things you’ve been putting on the back burner all your life.

What would you do?

Where would you go?

What difference would you make to the world?

Courage gives you a change in attitude.

It builds resilience and it helps you to shine even when the going gets tough.

I remember listening to a talk by the American Actor Morgan Freeman. He said that how many times we say, I wish I had done that, I wish I had done this. But the bus runs every day.

What’s stopping you from jumping on that bus, is you.

If you look at some of the world’s most successful people all had the courage and the ability to tap into their core values and make the changes in their life truly happen.

And you could do the same.

But courage doesn’t mean being fearless, it means you take action, even if you fear the consequences.

Will Smith makes a distinction between fear and danger.

Fear is a prediction of what will happen in the future, and it’s something that may or may not happen, it’s a figment of your imagination that is near to insanity. He went on to say that “danger is very real but fear is a choice.”

Do you have the courage to change your life?

If you do, you’ll need the courage to take action that will create results. And of the 7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life, this one should be embraced the most.


Because it will help you dispel your fear and go for what you want.

I know it sounds easier said than done, but without, if you’re not even going to get off the starting block.

So have the courage to take action. If you would like to discover how to achieve this and build confidence and develop the correct mindset for rapid personal growth click this link to discover some powerful tools that I recommend to help you develop the right mindset for success and watch the helpful video below from Brian Tracy. 

The Second Personal Core Value That Will Change
Your Life Is Resourcefulness

The second personal core value that will transform your life is being resourceful. 

The American Motivational speaker Tony Robins said  –

You can come up with an excuse for almost everything.

I never had the right contacts

No one helped me find the right technology

or I didn’t have the time

I didn’t have the money

We never had the right resources and that’s why I failed.

But its lack of resourcefulness is why you failed.

Because the ultimate resource is your emotional state.

He goes on to list a number of other personal core values that powers your ability to become resourceful






These are the ultimate resources and when you engage these resources you can gain any other resources on earth.

It may sound tautological but being resourceful is the ultimate resource.

If you haven’t achieved what you want – It’s because you haven’t committed yourself

To Tony Robbins, you need to burn your boats.

What does he mean by this?

If you knew that you couldn’t breathe unless you completed a task.

What would you do?

You would do everything and anything in your power to complete the task wouldn’t you.

And it doesn’t really matter what the task is –

If it’s to swim to Island to save your life –

Would it matter if you couldn’t swim you’re going to have a damn good go at it?

personal core values
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So being resourceful is the most powerful core value you can possess. This is what phenomenally successful people do and this is highlighted in the ebook I wrote entitled 7 Core Values of The Most Phenomenally Successful People

You see, successful people have managed to transform their lives by using their fundamental beliefs to build their vision of success.

My ebook goes into detail about the seven crucial core values that will help you build habits to succeed on autopilot.

It’s not about where you are now, where you come from, or even how much money you have, it’s about using what you have to build your own unique style of success. If you would like to discover the tools you’ll need to transform your life hit this link or the image above.

As I said, being resourceful is one of the most powerful core values you can have.

And can be applied to anything you want to do in life.

From meeting your soulmate to starting a successful business.

of the 7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life this one is the most audacious because it’s about taking action and asking for what you want.

So go ahead, do what you have to do to be resourceful, and make it happen.

Excellence – Continually Growing and
Learning Can Change Your Life 

The third core value that will transform your life the art of being excellent

Excellence is not only about being the best at what you do it’s about continually growing, learning, and excelling through the evolution of your life.

It’s very easy to excel when you tap into your core values and align your actions with what you fundamentally believe in.

Tony Robbins talked about:






If you have these as your values, you automatically thrive, because you’re being true to yourself and acting on what you believe in.

That’s why it’s crucial to define your personal values.

So by living your fundamental belief excelling becomes effortless and intuitive.

In the book ‘So Good They Can’t Ignore You Cal Newport, a Georgetown University states that you should focus on things that interest you and can excel at rather than things you’re passionate about.

To Newport doing this will help you develop your skills and build a mission, born out of the skills you have mastered. (click this link to find out more about this powerful book, “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”

He believes that training and developing your skills is a never-ending journey of discovery, there is no room for complacency. Any disconnect or dissatisfaction in your job, then it’s because you haven’t properly learned the skills required for the job fast enough.

Can you relate to the Newport idea?

I can, because I know when I was younger I wanted to become a fashion designer, I could imagine all my clothes on a New York runway.

I loved working with my hands and I was so passionate about it.

However, I ended up studying to become a lawyer and my life took on another role where I was able to help numerous fleeing from persecution, torture, and even death working as an immigration solicitor.

I was good at what I did and able to excel and master my job. Was I passionate about it at the start? Well, no I wasn’t but like Newport said I had an interest in it, which grew.

I set out an advice centre with my friend, another lawyer, and was able to help literally runs of people and help save their lives.

So transforming your life is about continuously looking for ways to develop new skills. To practice, and train just like an athlete, singer, musician, or chess player.

Newport believes you should not shy away from asking for candid feedback about whatever it is you want to excel at because when you get positive feedback it’s good, but when you get negative feedback it will help you can learn from it and grow.

So tapping into the power of excellence will help you open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

For me it certainly did, becoming a lawyer and setting up an advice centre really has transformed my life. It’s given me the opportunity to help others and build a mission much greater than just me.

It opened up a world of opportunities, new experiences not only that it built up my confidence and sense of fulfillment.

Newport’s book could potentially change your life and I recommend that you check it out by clicking the image below.

So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in ... | Microcosm Publishing

So to transform your life, don’t just focus on what you’re passionate about, think about what you can excel at which can also be life-changing. 7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life is about encouraging you to think outside the box, in fact, to throw away the box and start challenging yourself

The Fourth Core Value That Will Change Your Life Is Commitment

Being committed means you’re prepared to stick with whatever you put your mind to no matter how difficult and despite all the odds.

Now many core values are interchangeable. If we go back to Morgan Freeman’s idea about having the courage to get on the bus and Tony Robin’s core values about being resourceful it’s so easy to make excuses for not making a real transformation in your life actually happen due to lack of commitment.

I gave up because I’m not good enough

Or, I never made it because I couldn’t find the time

Other people can do it because they’ve got more commitment than me.

But if you don’t commit to something and you give up halfway through, how will you know what might have happened if you had continued.

Take me for example, I’m starting this YouTube Channel based on being committed, I know it takes years to build a channel. And I know I’ll face disappointments and obstacles along the way, but I have to accept this and carry on.

Commitment and motivation go hand in hand.

But the word motivation comes from the Latin word “movere” which means to move.

So if you lack commitment and lack motivation “movere” is the key to solving your lack of commitment because all you need to do is just action.

I have tried it and it really does work. By simply taking action you gather the momentum which drives you to complete whatever it was you didn’t want to do.

In the words of Nike “Just do it.”

Just start whatever it is you’re not committed by taking action it ignites a spark that will make you become committed.

The Fifth Core Value That Will Change
Your Life Is Love

The fifth personal core value that will change your life is pure love,

The definition of Love is a profound feeling of affection for someone or something.

Love often involves a complexity of emotions and takes many shapes and forms; it is one of the most controversial core values because it embraces so many sides to it.

Let’s face it there are so many things you could love

And to varying degrees, you could love your job,

Your partner,

Love God.

The Christian definition of love is a very powerful one and states: –

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Many believe that love is overused and overrated, but, pure love creates a healthy, fulfilling relationship that isn’t based on self-centered desires, but true emotion.

Pure love also requires a willingness to sacrifice your own happiness for someone else’s. 

Let me ask you a question.

Do you love someone so much you put them before yourself?

Yes, well, that’s what I call true love.

Now the next question to ask you is, do you love yourself? –

Not in the narcissist but in the sense that you take care of your physical and mental well-being.

But how can love transform your life?

Nikki Rowe definitely believes it can and says:

“My body’s been touched a thousand or more times, but I am craving something so much deeper than that ~ I desire to be felt, right down to the core of my soul and the corners of my heart. That’s what love is about isn’t it opening yourself up to the possibility that it could change your life.”

So love can transform your life, learning to love yourself is the first step toward successfully loving others.

When you are prepared to accept yourself despite all your faults and shortcomings you open up a world of change all the other core values that help you make you whole and fulfilled fall into place.

This will not only help you but those you love.

If you’re interested in finding and keeping your love life going there are a number of very powerful tools which I would recommend that will send your love life soaring. Hit this link or the picture below to find out more…

Find Love core values
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The Sixth Personal Core Value That Will Change
Your Life Is Open-mindedness 

The sixth core value that will change your life is being open-minded

Are you open-minded? 

Well if you are you’re willing to see things from another person’s perspective even though it may differ from your own.

More importantly, you’ll be alive to new ideas, opportunities, and different ways of doing things.

The wonderful thing about being open-minded is it gives you permission to challenge the consensus and become more willing to compromise and embrace the concept of epistemology, the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

I’m going to do a separate blog on epistemology because it’s a really interesting concept so please don’t forget to check this blog so you don’t miss out. 

However, there’s a fine line between being open-minded and compromising your personal core values which make you individual and unique as Roy T Bennett said:

“Your values create your internal compass that can navigate how you make decisions in your life. If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere.”

So it’s about reaching the right balance getting that sweet spot, between being open-minded and staying true to your beliefs.

I discovered a number of tools dedicated to helping you tap into your inner strength so that you live an authentic and fulfilled life. I have found the Brian Tracy books and courses very empowering and will supercharge your journey to transform your life. Click this link to begin your journey or the image below.

Brain Train Smallerwith person core values

The Seventh Personal Core Value That Will Change
Your Life Is Optimism

What would you say if I asked you if you are optimistic?

Well, if you are you’re hopeful and confident about the future.

Or are you someone who says, this is never going to happen in a million years and veering towards the pessimistic side of things?

But I think Helen Keller is right when she says  –

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Being optimistic can change your life because it allows you to view the world in an entirely different lens.

Not only that it can empower you to become mentally strong this is what you need to get past the tough times no matter what life throws at you.

An article written by the University of Michigan revealed that you don’t have to be born optimistic. 

In their view, the key to optimism was- 

  1. To generate realistic expectations
  2. Do whatever you can to make things go as best you can.
  3. Focus on what you are good at and look to the positives.

I think this is really powerful advice so even if you don’t have a tendency to be optimistic by being realistic and doing your best and focusing on being positive will help you to become more optimistic.

Keller’s statement says optimism attracts hope and I can definitely relate to this.

I remember when I was going for a job interview and I knew it was going to be a difficult one because I had all the things I was going to say jumbled in my head, it was a medical negligence solicitor role. There were a lot of complicated medical terms that were difficult to pronounce and involved cases that I had to explain in detail.

And I remembered being confused and worried that I would go blank in the interview and forget everything.

I was far from optimistic about getting the job, that was until I focussed on what was the worst thing that could happen.

Well, I just didn’t get the job.

I that point I simply took of the cloak of pessimism and walked into the interview room with confidence, and guess what.

I got the job.

So, no matter what life throws at you always remember to be optimistic.

You can overcome it and shine through.

And this is what this channel is all about

It’s about you and how you can use the personal core values you have to empower you and boost your personal development.

Are you ready to change your life?

Yes, so let’s remember the 7 Personal Core Values That Will Transform Your Life, 

They are:-


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