Why Your Core Values Are So Important?

Important persona Core Values

Why Your Core Values Are So Important? Imagine being lost in a desert without any food or water, desperate to find your way home. What wouldn’t you give for a global positioning system (GPS) to find your way home? That’s why your core values are so important it’s a powerful GPS system for your life.

Important Core Values

Discover how your core values/fundamental beliefs – 

  • Will allow you to build empowering meaningful relationships
  • Make you feel more connected and whole and understand your life purpose.
  • Build your personal growth.
  • Boost your ability to navigate the world in a positive way.
  • Generate courage and the boldness to ask for what you want.
  • Can Bolster your physical health 
  • Help you to break bad habits foster well-being.

Some Important Core Values Are So

Examples of important positive personal core values are being: Kindness, Loving, Caring, Loyal, Honest, Dynamic, Optimistic, Empowered, Authentic, Competent, Bold, Curious, Hardworking, Faithful, Humourous, Influential, Open, Respectful, Knowledgeable, Religious, Stable, Prosperous, Industrious, Spiritual, Wise.

“whenever you interact with others, you’re guided by the core values”

You may not have had the time to really think about it but your important fundamental beliefs define who you are, and ultimately help you to work out your life purpose. The above video shows how Eckhart Tolle the author of “The Power of Now, ”  explains how “most people spend their lives in a state of almost permanent dissatisfaction”. 

Tolle states that most people give up on finding their purpose and live boring unsatisfactory lives and get caught up in the doing but not being. However, he goes on to explain that your purpose is not only about what happens to you in the future but aligning yourself with the present moment.

Core Values That Help You Live For
The Moment

personal core values life

Tolle goes on to say how your life should be about aligning fully with the present moment so that you are no longer out of alignment. Because it is being out of alignment which leads to a state of dissatisfaction which is the reality for many people.

To Tolle by living in the present moment “you will be true to life by being true to this moment.” 

“Put another way you experience Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now | Spiritual Books & Films Online Shop #1 | Open Sky Press DEthe future as the present”

Applying this principle to your core values it means finding those inner values that you already have and applying them in the best way you know how in that particular moment. This will ultimately lead you to the next best moment which when it comes is the present moment. Click this link to discover more and start living in the present TODAY!

The amazing realization is that there is no future there is really only now. That’s why living your core values in each moment is so important. Put another way you experience the future as the present and you can carve out a brilliant future by living your best present moment.

Core Values That Build Lasting

Friendship and Important core values

When your actions are in harmony with your fundamental beliefs, it frees your spirit helping you to validate who you are

When you’re comfortable with who you are, you can start becoming comfortable and being able to better accept other people.

By accepting others and understanding that we are all complex beings you can begin to empower others and begin to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

This is because whenever you interact with others, it’s underpinned by the core values these should be values that help you feel secure and confident.

By embracing your fundamental beliefs that guide and influence your behaviour and the decisions you make it becomes easier to be genuinely happy and develop a healthy mental balance. For this reason,  positive values build an inner sense of well-being and positive energy.

These are values such as being –

  • Sympathetic
  • Empathetic
  • Amiable
  • Adaptable
  • Practical
  • Compassionate
  • Considerate
  • Reliable

Core values that encourage you to be honest with yourself are some of the most important ones.

Being prepared to listen to others by giving them your time and attention boosts your ability to build positive lasting relationships. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to empathetic is one of the most powerful core values you can harness.

How To Connect With Your Important
Core Values?

As Tolle explains living in the moment is definitely one way of connecting with important core values. Another way is by building a personal mission statement around your core beliefs that generate wholeness and well-being.

Wholesome values like Fortitude, Endurance, and Commitment can give you the mental strength to make you feel positive and satisfied with whatever you are doing in that moment.

Values that encourage you to be honest with yourself are some of the most important ones. Because they ignite the ability to be the person you truly are, how cool is that.

You need to decide who you are for yourself. Become a whole being. Adventure.

This is neatly summed up by Roy T. Bennett who said:

“Don’t let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. It’s your life, not theirs. Do what matters most to you; do what makes you feel alive and happy. Don’t let the expectations and ideas of others limit who you are.”

If you let others tell you who you are, you’re living their reality — not yours. There is more to life than pleasing people…..much more to life than following others’ prescribed path…. so much more to life than what you experience right now. You need to decide who you are for yourself. Become a whole being. Adventure.”

Core Values and Your Personal Goals

Important fundamental beliefs should help you to grow by laying the foundation for the personal goals that are important to you like:

  • Finding the right partner
  • Starting a family
  • Spending more quality time with family
  • Commitment to better physical health.
  • Creating better meaningful friendships
  • More travel and commitment to personal enjoyment.
  • Develop a more balanced empathetic approach
  • Becoming more financially stable
  • Increasing community/social responsibility.
  • Leaving your comfort zone by taking more calculated risks
  • Continuing your growth, whether spiritual, emotionally, academically.

How Your Values Can Help Build Personal Growth?

Personal Growth and core values

Life becomes much more rewarding when you connect with what makes you truly happy.

So ask yourself the question, at this moment, are you happy?

It’s an important question because whatever you feel now, will determine how you feel in the future and that future will become your present. If you feel happy at this moment, then your personal growth is more likely to become a reality.

our important personal core values should, therefore, help you to develop new skills

If you live a hectic life, it may be difficult to find the time to figure out what is the driving force behind your life. However, spending time investing in what values promote your personal growth is well worth it.  So, how you spend your time, at this moment determines whether your goals eventually reach fruition.

Your fundamental beliefs provide the centre point for discovering what you’re goals should really all about, so defining them is an important step toward your personal growth.

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Personal Growth That Promotes Acceptance of Others

Important personal core values enable you to develop new skills, such as listening, empathizing and communicating. Because when you’re able to see things from another person’s perspective, it helps you become more socially cognitive and accepting of others.

self-belief so you can overcome life’s hurdles.

Just like playing to your strengths, developing new life skills can help create more positive social interactions. They build better connections with your family friends and establishes understanding and loyalty.

When you take time to value others and listen to their experiences, it cultivates a greater understanding of life, and you appreciate how to enrich, and incredible life can be.

These include values such as –

  • Acknowledgement
  • Appreciation
  • Gratefulness
  • Insight
  • Perception
  • Awareness
  • Admission
  • Approval
  • Consent
  • Cooperation
  • Recognition
  • Assistance
  • Collaboration
  • Participation
  • Partnership
  • Service
  • Unity
  • Alliance

How Your Values Affect How You Communicate With Yourself

The American pastor, televangelist, and author Joel Scott Osteen said:

“You change the world by changing your words”.

The power of words is one of the most empowering tools we possess. The right words can transform lives, build connections and resolve conflict.

Positive emphatic words can also build trust and invoke confidence and empower others. Although you may not be the best communicator you can learn this important.

Barack Obama was considered to be an amazing orator using and look at what he achieved. He was said to have “mingled poetry with optimism”

you can create transformational change around your core values

Research shows that how we speak to ourselves is extremely important in developing important positive core values and self-pride.

So instead of saying:

“I can’t achieve this, I’m just not good enough.”

You should say:

“I will practice until I’m able to achieve it.”

And instead of saying:

“Other people can do it, but I’m not good enough.”

You should say:

Other people can do it, so I’ll put in the effort so I can do it too.”

Acknowledging that you can create transformational change around your core values is a powerful way of laying the foundation of your success and achievement for the future.

Values That Encourage You To Ask For Help & Build Personal Growth?

You might be surprised, but asking for help and support from friends, family or work colleagues is a crucial step in your evolutionary development.

Values that encourage you to take action are transformative.

Values like being time focussed, goal-orientated and dedicated can supercharge your personal growth.

Speaking to people who care and understand you and want to achieve and uplift can make a big difference.

“Genuine friendships mean you’re accepted for who you”

Being able to ask for support allows you to build confidence and is not only a   healthy practice it can boost your feeling of self-worth.

Having friends, you can confide in and ask for help especially in times of trouble is a smart way of protecting your mental health?

Friends can act as a shield against the slings and arrows the often world throws us out of sync.

Genuine friendships mean you’re accepted for who you are and is brilliant for your mental well-being.

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Personal Core Values That Help Your
Physical Health

Physical Health core values

Having a busy life often means we can lose sight of what really matters.

So important personal values that encourage positive habits can have a massive impact. In a typical day, we can make up to 35,000 decisions, so it’s easy to see how we can forget to take care of our physical health.

Make sure you get enough relaxation time.

It’s essential to build your core values by:

Discerning what makes you feel stressed so you can take steps to avoid or reduce it. Tools such as meditation, visualization, self-affirmation, prayer can reduce stress levels. Planning for events in advance so you aren’t caught worrying about what to do next, can also reduce stress. To discover how you can reduce stress and anxiety, click this link.

When working, make sure you take regular breaks to help you feel refocus and re-energize. Engaging in regular exercise even going for a ten-minute walk or changing up your routine, for example, getting out of the office and going out for lunch.

Ensure you get enough relaxation time. If you’ve continually struggling to get things done your schedule is bulging at the seams, chances are you’re not getting enough downtime. Ensure you build time to relax in your plan.

Important Core Values that Break Bad Habits

Focus on positive core values that help you break bad habits.

If you know you have the habit of saying “yes” when the answer should really be “no”, work on becoming more assertive.

Over-committing yourself, thinking you can achieve more in the day than humanly possible can not only lead to feeling disappointment it can cause excessive mental and emotional pressure.

If you’re not getting enough downtime to do the things that give you pleasure and enjoyment can cause you to feel anxious, irritable and overwhelmed.

shut down, chill-out and
enjoy life.

So whether it’s meditating, watching a movie, spending more time with the kids, you should try to shut down, chill-out and enjoy life. Make a habit of finding time for yourself and unwind.

Eating junk food every day and living an unhealthy lifestyle without regular exercise can lead to health risks. These include problems such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation.

Important Core Values and Your Physical Health

Your body deals with stress better when it’s healthy, poor health in itself is a significant source of anxiety, irritability, and stress. Building important core values around making a habit of eating healthy food is the best way of letting the body handle tension.

Incorporating periods of physical exercise into your schedule will improve your muscle control, make you feel healthier, and increase your overall self-esteem.

Sleep plays an integral part in your mental and physical health.

Eating enough fruit and vegetables and avoiding stimulants as much as possible can have massive benefits. Try to avoid excess caffeine or nicotine as this can make you feel anxious or on-edge.

Health and core values

Ensure you’re getting enough sleep. Sleep plays an integral part in your mental and physical health. Sleeping for seven to nine hours per day will allow you to function to optimum capacity.

For example, sleep helps stimulate the brain, helping us to retain and process information better.

Proper sleep also helps reduce the work the heart does. This is because your blood pressure and heart rate are lower when asleep. Prolonged insufficient sleep is associated with illnesses such as blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. So your important core values should factor inadequate sleep and downtime.

If you build core values around getting support from others to help you cope with troubling issues can help to take the ‘offload.’  You know what they say about a problem shared, well, it works better than you think.

important core values like patience, kindness, goodness, and gentleness helps us maintain good health

Important Core Values That Build Well-being 

Talking to your friends or family, work colleagues, line manager or employer that help you work through what’s really bothering you. Opening yourself up to getting support, you can better identify resolutions, for that reason, it’s an important core value.

Did you know that practicing important core values like patience, kindness, goodness, and gentleness helps us maintain good health?

Boosting your immune system helps you avoid a host of diseases. Which include things like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and headaches?

I hope this article explains that your fundamental beliefs are the driving force behind your personal growth. Your ability to understand what you stand for and live for the moment is key to your evolution.

To discover how your important core values can contribute to your health and well-being click this link.