3 Essential Personal Core Values of The Most Self-Confident People

Confidence and personal core values

3 Essential Personal Core Values of The Most Self-Confident People

3 Essential Personal Core Values of the Most Self-confident People – Contrary to popular belief, we are not born confident. Confidence is something that develops over a period of time and is influenced by your life experiences and the relationships you form with others.

However, there are three personal core values that most confident people possess. This article will help to mega-charge your confidence by explaining how you can tap into these, what I call super values.

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Every decision you make every thought process you encounter is based on your beliefs and values that significantly impact how your life evolves. If you feel self-confident then you’ll grasp more of the opportunities life throws your way.

With this, the lens that you look at life often appears much brighter, and you’re more likely to feel positive and enthusiastic about the future ahead.

If you enjoy confidence then this statement from Marcus Gravey should resonate with you…..

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.” –

On the other hand, however, if you’re lacking in confidence then it’s critical to understand that –

“You have power over your mind, not outside events realise this and you will find strength.”

Marcus Aurelius-

The underline power behind this statement is that you can develop confidence in almost everything you do. Believe it or not, you can enjoy an epiphany moment once you realize the full implication of this discreet but, empowering statement.


Because it can change the way you look at life and make you sit up and appreciate that you can find an inner gear to build confidence, without having to put in too much work to achieve it.

But, much like a machine generates power, you need fuel to embrace confidence.

And you can do this by embracing the 3 Essential Personal Core Values Of The Most Confident People.

1# Self-faith – 3 Essential Personal Core Values
of the Most Confident People

Self-faith, more widely known as self-belief is rooted in the personal core value that you hold that can super boost your confidence.

You may not know it but you already have the tools within you to boost your self-confidence you just have to understand why you think and feel the way you do. And, use that energy to fuel your confidence. If you don’t already know what your personal core values are check out my article 7 Hacks to Discover Your Personal Core Values – Boost Your Personal Development.

The art of self-belief is having the ability in your own judgment. Which is highly important for most self-confident people.


Because the incredible power behind self-faith is closely related to the law of attraction.

You see, the law of attraction gives you permission to believe that whatever you truly put your mind to will actually happen because you can attract what you believe in.

“You have far more to celebrate in your life than you have to be disappointed with.”

It is all about letting your light shine, which I why I created this mug as a reminder to attract what you believe in and truly be the person you were meant to be. It starts with stepping out and understanding that you manifest what you attract.

This concept may at first be difficult for you to digest but there’s the thing, if you struggle with confidence, once you start questioning the reason for your self-doubt you’ll gradually begin to foster a more positive opinion of yourself.

With greater confidence, comes a willingness to extend yourself allowing you more opportunity to attract what you put your mind to.

Brain Train Smallerwith person core values
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You see, if you think about your life as a whole you undoubtedly achieve more and fail less.

What I mean by that is, when you think positively about it, you have far more to celebrate in your life than you have to be disappointed with. However, the thing is, you concentrate far more on failures than your achievements.

By doing this, you’re giving away your confidence and trading it in for feeling frustrated and unforgiving self-doubt.

Simple Steps to Building Your

To start building your self-confidence make a list of all the things you have managed to achieve in one day.

The first might be being your ability to get up in the morning. This is a feat that many of us struggle with or even fail to do.

  1. If you are able to do this, you can say you are confident that you are able to wake up in the morning.
  2. Did you manage to make breakfast or get something to eat? – If yes you can say you are confident that you will be able to fix yourself (or possibly other members of your family) a bit to eat.
  3. Who did you help throughout your day? – was it taking your child to school, listening to a friend on the phone, or doing a job that helped the company you work for run smoothly
  4. Did you go to bed and manage to turn off the light and get some form of sleep.

The truth is, all the above are successes and should boost your feeling of confidence.

Strangely enough, however, it is only when you no longer do these things, for whatever reason, do you appreciate just how much confidence you truly have.

The most confident people understand this and make their daily routine something they celebrate. Not only because it brings structure to their lives but boosts their feeling of purpose and well-being.

This simple approach to everyday living will significantly boost your feeling of confidence. It also acts as a good starting point to believing in your ability to attract what you truly believe you can.

Confidence Comes From Believing
In Your Potential

The second step to achieving confidence is …. 

“Gearing your mind towards believing the huge potential you have.”

You may not fully appreciate the potential you have but, it’s certainly there lurking in the background.

Perhaps it has been drowned out by mediocracy that tells you on a regular basis you need to conform to normative behaviour.

Society can often do this to you, back you in a corner, causing you to doubt yourself.

But you have a special sparkle.

That sparkle you had when you were a child that society can never destroy. It may be hidden deep but it’s there.

It’s called your true potential.

You can find it by taking the time to sit down and think about all the amazing things you wanted to do when you were a child.

What images come to mind?

personal core value
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Write them down and think about how you would feel if you knew without any doubt they would actually happen.

List the least significant thing first then progress to the more major challenging ones.

It might range from getting a tattoo done.

Allow yourself to get excited, what it would say?

How would you feel about getting one done?

What would it represent and why?

Or is it exploring a cave in the middle of nowhere?

Perhaps it becomes financially independent by setting up a successful business.

Or maybe you have always wanted to be a scientist, musician, or archaeologist.

Whatever it is, I hope it speaks to your heart and challenges you to step outside your comfort zone.

The important thing to remember is, however, is to take small steps towards achieving that which you have yet to achieve. This is the essence of building confidence.

In creating your list I hope it creates a sense of euphoria and excitement.

When you challenge yourself to accept you can achieve bigger and greater things, the more you will build self-belief and with it your confidence.

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Rewire Your Brain To Build

confidence core valuesThe powerful thing about challenging yourself is that your brain will automatically start believing what you tell it to believe through your actions.

Your sense of self-belief and confidence will increase as you begin to feel more confident and realize that the power of your mind can do amazing things.

The science behind confidence starts with the mind but requires physical action to back it up. Because if you’re always telling yourself you will do something, but never get round to doing it, it will kill your confidence.

It’s crucial at this stage, however, to appreciate that most things worth striving for usually don’t come easy, and it is normal to have setbacks.

But, and there’s a big but, when you make self-belief a habit, you’ll automatically start to question yourself every time you think of failure.

“Failure actually helps you to recognize the areas where you need to evolve”

However, telling yourself on a daily basis, that there’s is no such thing as failure; is the key to training your brain to self-belief.

I appreciate however, it’s easy to believe that the world has sold you a lie and begin to internalize your inner frustration and pain.

But, this poor mindset will lead to nowhere and the inevitable disappointment of looking back after 5 years of disempowerment wondering what went wrong.

However, focusing on your long-term success rather than minor setbacks will give you the momentum to continue your self-belief and thereby increase your feeling of confidence.

So, take a look at your list of things you wish you could achieve and start telling yourself that it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

How to Use Failure to Boost Your

The famous Actor and Singer, Will Smith, helped to explain how failure can boost your confidence, with this statement.

Failure actually helps you to recognize the
areas where you need to evolve. So fail early,
fail often, fail forward.”

Smith goes even further by saying that we need to seek failure because failure is where all the lessons are learned and that successful people fail a whole lot more than success.

Take a moment to think about how often self-doubt and fear have held you back when you could embrace so many opportunities, how does it make you feel?

Confident people rarely let self-doubt hold them back. They understand the science behind self-belief and use their failure to fuel greater momentum and empowerment.

And you can do the same.

Go back to the list you made earlier and pick the first goal you want to achieve.

Then make a list of all the steps you need to do to achieve it.

What are some of the first steps you need to take?

Perhaps you need to go on a course or enlist the help of friends and family.

Will you need to take out a loan or enlist the help of friends?

Do you need to go to another country?

At this step, your ability to become resourceful is of paramount importance.

If you think outside the box you will make progress, if you throw away the box, you will make even better progress.

Build Confidence By Taking Action

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When you practice taking small but significant steps towards achieving confidence.

The limbic system in your brain, which processes external stimuli related to emotions, social activity, and motivation, will be behind to propagate a behavioural response without you even realizing it.

Your self-belief will generate a neurological change in your brain which will encourage you to take even more steps to reach your goals.

Your brain will automatically start believing what you tell it to believe through your actions.

But most people don’t realize that they can design their life by harnessing the power of their mind and with it turbocharge their confidence.

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Focus – 3 Essential Personal Core Values
of the Most Confident People

In a fast-paced world, we’re constantly surrounded by so many distractions, as a result being able to focus challenging today than ever.

But, now that you have begun to think about the steps you need to take to achieve your true confidence, you’ll need the ability to stick to it.

The number one reason why people lose confidence is their inability to focus on their major goals. Let’s face it there are only a certain amount of hours in a day so channeling your focus is vital.

By making focus a habit means not letting things take you away from your end goal and so your confidence in achieving it will grow.

The power to remain focused will allow you to dispel distractions and concentrate on what’s important and the ability to focus on your goal drives you closer to building confidence.

Some degree of distractions is inevitable, however, if your ability to build confidence is being sacrificed by distractions, it’s time to rethink your priorities and put distractions aside.

“Extraordinary focus on One Thing, each day is what leads to extraordinary success.”

What Does It Take To Really Focus

On average most adults can focus from 10 to 20 minutes; however, there is no empirical evidence for this estimate. People can choose repeatedly to re-focus on the same thing.

So whatever steps you take to build confidence by completing the task, organize it in 10- 20 minute chunks so you don’t lose focus and become overwhelmed.

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Day Designer Core Values
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To build focus concentrate on one thing rather than multiple takes. This will ensure it forms a habit that can develop into a powerful neurological commitment in your brain.

Focusing on one thing at a time each day makes it much easier for your brain to commit and make achieving your goals a reality.

In his book The One Thing, Gary Keller, a real estate entrepreneur, extols the benefit of focusing on “One Thing” that will make the biggest impact on reaching your goal.

To Keller, achieving success comes from focusing on doing what should be done sequentially. To him, the connectivity of your tasks is a building block to creating a whole picture.

Whilst setting multiple goals isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you’re doing too many different things, even if it’s valuable, it can significantly reduce your ability to achieve success.

According to Keller, “Extraordinary focus on One Thing, each day is what leads to extraordinary success.”

I support Keller’s argument as it makes perfect sense and some of the most effective goal-setters realize this. I wouldn’t have been able to write this book if I didn’t have the ability to focus, nor would I have been able to write this 4000-word article.

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How To Reach The Peak of Success
By Being Focused

The successful American professional basketball player Kobe Bryant said that hard work isn’t a significant factor in his success as much as his fixation on this goal.

To Bryant, his focus had the biggest part of his success.

Of course, hard work will contribute to your success, but hard work without focus on an end goal is pretty pointless.

“They also know how to release their genius, and it’s amazing how they achieve this.”

Release your genius Core Values
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Bryant reached the peak of his success by being focused and you can too.

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So of the many goals, you would like to achieve pair it down to one thing that will most change your life.

So instead of resenting others for distracting you, you’ll be able to control what you do with your time.

Tony Robbins said

“The power of focus affects all aspects of your life. You can focus on goals at work, in your relationships, or on personal goals like fitness and emotional health – and you can manifest those goals into being”.

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The final of 3 Essential Personal Core Values
of the Most Confident People Is

The art of being dedicated is to scientifically trick your brain into believing you’ve already achieved your goal and all you need to do is to act out the process to make it actually happen.

There’s no better way to develop confidence than using visualization. I have used it on a regular basis and achieved incredible results.

There are principally two forms of visualization

  1. Outcome visualization and
  2. Process visualization.

Outcome visualization requires you to imagine a detailed mental image of your desired outcome using all of your senses. So, if your goal is to start a successful business, you should visualize owning and running a thriving company.

“Visualise what you will wear to work, what car you will drive and where you will live.”

The more detail you imagine, the more your visualization will convince your brain it has already happened. With this, the more your body will respond and react to this exciting stimulus.

Imagine the layout of your office, what it will look like, what size it will be, and what computer equipment you will have. Imagine contented and happy staff busily working and what tasks they will be doing.

How will your partner, children, or parents feel about your achievement?

Visualization & 3 Essential Personal Core Values of the Most Self-confident People

Visualize what you will wear to work, what car you will drive and where you will live.

Visualization allows you to see what things would be like if you reached your objective. Like the law of attraction, it gives you the opportunity to develop the correct mindset for rapid confidence and personal growth

I invite you to learn more about the law of attraction so you can manifest your goals in next to no time feel free to click here to access a tool I highly would.

These tools will help you use the power of your mind to manifest what you want – to help naturally make things happen!

I know a thing or two about dedication, I have dedicated hours of work writing invaluable content in this blog and many others and looking forward to setting up a YouTube channel to inspire people like you to achieve their goals and aspirations.

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“Dedication is the road
to success.”

The Brazilian footballer Pele showed amazing dedication throughout his career. He won three World Cups and is arguably the greatest footballer of the century. He scored a massive 1281 goals in 1363 games.

His entire life is a testimony of his hard work and dedication. His incredible legacy continues as he has helped raise millions of pounds for multiple charities, including Great Ormond Street in the United Kingdom and Harlem Street Soccer.

Build Confidence and Success By Taking
MASSIVE ACTION. (3 Essential Personal Core Values of the Most Self-confident People)

So how do you become dedicated?

Well, by doing whatever it is you want to achieve every day and until your brain does it on autopilot.

Yes, this means turning dedication into a habit. When you lack determination you’re giving yourself an excuse to give up on your objectives the moment struggle starts to rear its ugly head.

This will kill your self-confidence.

Instead, from the time you wake up in the morning, focus on what it is you want to become dedicated to and keep practicing it.

Just like being focused, it can become one of your fundamental habits and becomes part of your DNA, i.e. what makes you who you are?

Use the Science Behind Confidence
To Upon Doors

If you’re dedicated you’ll find the time to master whatever you desire and this will do wonders for your confidence.

How cool is that?

When you master something, doors begin to open, and opportunity knocks.

Not surprisingly, the science behind achieving your confidence allows you to rewire your brain to automatically expect results.

Rewiring your brain to build confidence requires a willingness to put in the time to make a fundamental change in your life actually happen.

So back to the list of things you want to achieve you made earlier.

Think about the first steps you’ll need to take to achieve feel confident about what actions do you need to take. What thought processes are involved.

Consider the level of dedication required to achieve it.

Then visualize taking that first step.

o you need to book a course to gain knowledge and understanding of what you want to achieve?

If you need some help to ignite that first step, feel free to click this link for a list of some free tools which I highly recommend.

Release Your Genius and Build Confidence

By taking that first step you’ll be on your way to releasing your genius. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll become unstoppable.

“Understand ….the potential you have and power within to make it happen.”

With dedication comes perseverance and confidence. This creates a win-win situation because you’ll succeed even when the going gets tough.

Dedication is what makes you endure all the hardships and challenges that life will inevitably throw at you and keeps you on track to reach your goals.

As Vince Lombardi once said –

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

“Take massive action to generate  real Confidence.”

“Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got one flat.”

The most confident people understand this.

The reality is that most of us are only using a fraction of what we are capable of.

So it’s important to appreciate how your confidence can grow when you can convince yourself that you can achieve what you want.  Visualization will help you understand what hidden talents you truly have.

You really do owe it to yourself to examine your hidden talents.

If you would like to discover how we can tap into your ability to become truly dedicated and discover your true genius click this link. 

Practice dedication every day by putting aside time to build your vision. This could be as little as 10-20 minutes each day.

The hugely successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur Tony Robbins said that confidence comes from being resourceful.

He explains that it’s so easy to say you don’t have the time.

I don’t have the money.

I don’t have the resources.

But being resourceful is the greatest resource that you have at your disposal.

And being resourceful and tapping into your ability to become dedicated as a habit, which you practice every day is a sure-fire way to achieving your goals.

But as Tony Robbin’s stays failure to back up your dedication with action makes your goals meaningless.

For Robbins, what makes people lack confidence is biting off more than they can chew.

As a result, they get confused and overwhelmed, which prevents them from taking action and they begin to blame their inaction on the task being too difficult.

Be Prepared to be dedicated to what
you want to achieve (3 Essential Personal Core Values of the Most Self-confident People)

There are, of course, complacent people who lack any kind of dedication, and confident people know this.

This is what sets them apart from the masses. They know that dedication is the key to surpassing failure that you inevitably have made along the way.

If you look at the life of Steve Jobs, the magic behind Apple the technology brand, you can see that one of his key values was dedication.

Jobs’ path to success wasn’t easy, Apple started with just two people, and after growing into multiple billion-dollar company, Jobs was fired and then rehired.

“Yes, being organised helps you become more decisive.”

However, this didn’t stop him from accomplishing his goals.

Jobs had the dedication to massively believe in his capabilities and never stopped reaching his goals. Like him, when you appreciate the potential you have and the power within to make it happen.

So, let me ask you a question.

Are you prepared to be dedicated to what you want to supercharge your confidence?

On a scale from 1-10, 1 being not very much and 10 being whatever it takes, how much work are you willing to put in to build your confidence?

If you would like to super-boost your ability to achieve whatever you put your mind to and become abundantly confident check out some powerful tools that I use to boost my ability to dedicate to whatever it is I want to achieve, click this link.

If you found this article helpful please leave a comment and let me know what other article will help to boost your confidence.