7 Best Personal Core Values of The Most Effective Goal Setters

Goal setting core values

The secret to living a successful life, whatever that looks like for you means becoming an effective goal setter. I use to experience huge difficulty deciding what it was I wanted to achieve and then finding out how I could achieve it. Until I worked out the 7 Best Personal Core Values of The Most Effective Goal Setters. This allowed me to pinpoint what values I needed to tap into to achieve major life-changing goals. So keep reading to discover what I found.

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Most of us don’t seem to find the time to work out what we really want out of life until we hit a roadblock.

It might be at a time where we feel lost and confused, and life seems to be happening to us, not for us.

It can be easy to become angry and frustrated with ourselves for believing we should have achieved more from life.

However, whatever you are feeling at this moment, it’s important to draw on what I call, super personal core values, that, if you live by will help you to set goals and have the willpower to succeed at whatever you put your mind to.

What are Core Values – 7 Best Personal Core Values of The Most Effective Goal

Believe it or not, your fundamental values significantly impact how successful your life plays out. So, fostering the right values is crucial in helping you navigate, what will ultimately lead to living your best life.

Your values develop over the course of your life and are based on the relationships you foster and your lived experiences.

It’s important to realize, however, that there are good and bad core values. The unhealthy ones can significantly hold you back from hitting your goals without your even realising it.

In fact, having just one unhealthy value could scupper your chances of reaching your goals altogether. So, even if you have a bunch of positive core values, the one bad one can screw up things up.

“I use to struggle with believing I could achieve the incredible goals I set for myself”

That being said, it’s important to bear in mind what values will ultimately lead to success. Although everyone wants success, the question is how far are you willing to go to achieve it?

Seat tight and continue reading because you’ll discover the 7 best core values that you can turn into a habit to master success.

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7 Best Personal Core Values of The Most Effective Goal Setters
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  • Develop a high level of self-esteem so you can endure the tough periods
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  • See mistakes as learning opportunities, not as events to fear
  • Learn why action is essential to achieving your goals
  • Develop a thirst for taking action continuously to achieve more of your goals
  • Learn how positive thoughts can aid your efforts to reach your goals
  • Learn how negative thoughts can actually aid you in reaching your goals
  • Learn why core values are vital to your inner self and your goals

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Self-belief 7 Best Personal Core Values of
The Most Effective Goal Setters

core values and effective goal setters

It’s the easiest thing to doubt yourself when going after your goals.

Of the 7 best personal core values of the most effective goal-setters, a lack of self-belief is probably the biggest hurdle for you to climb.

“Fail early, fail often, fail forward.”

But, believing in your potential is the beginning of your road to success.  The power of self-belief will make almost everything else going on in your life fall into place and allow the law of attraction comes into play.

Despite being a fairly confident person, I use to struggle with believing I could achieve the realistic goals I set for myself. That was until I started focusing on the law of attraction. This changed my way of thinking and gradually, I began to attract what I truly believe I could.

“gear your mind to practising believing the incredible potential you have”

My life changed as I began to feel more confident as I realised that the power of the mind can do amazing things. If you would like to find out how you can use the law of attraction to achieve your goals click this link. 

Of course, nothing worth striving for is guaranteed and it’s normal to make mistakes. However, appreciating that failure is a large part of success, and focusing on your long-term success rather than minor setbacks will increase your feeling of self-belief.

So start by sitting down and truly understanding the opportunities open to you to maximize by hitting your goals. And focus on unlocking the hidden potential you have.

Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from believing in yourself. The famous Actor and Singer, Will Smith said that we should-

“Fail early, fail often, fail forward.”

Smith goes even further by saying we need to seek failure because failure is where all the lessons are learnt and that successful people fail a whole lot more than succeed.

Am guessing that your inability to achieve what you have so far failed to do is based on fear.

But, consider what you would be if you had all the self-belief to achieve whatever you wanted. The Most Effective Goal Setters know not to listen to the monkey on their shoulder telling them they’ll never make anything of their lives because they appreciate that monkey is a liar.

“Are you prepared to dedicate to what you want to achieve?”

That monkey comes from a source of fear and insecurity, which is why you need to believe in yourself- despite what that little monkey is telling you.

Instead, use your doubt and fear to your advantage. If you find that you lack self-belief, prove to yourself that it’s a liar.

Start doing what that little monkey is telling you, you can’t do.  Without a doubt, self-belief is what you need to get through any doubt that you may have in going after your goals.

To discover how to rid yourself of that monkey on your shoulder and start moving forward to achieve your goals there is a powerful ebook, you’ll also find some other really cool tools that can help you achieve your goals by clicking this link to find out more. 

Focus – 7 Best Personal Core Values of the
Most Effective Goal

Goal-setter effective best core values

Ultimately, you can’t get to where you want to go without having focus as one of your fundamental values.

Focus means that you won’t let other things take you away from your end goal, you’re able to dispel distractions and concentrate on what’s important.

In a fast-paced world, we’re constantly surrounded by so many distractions and it’s the easiest thing in the world to lose your focus. The reality is focusing on reaching your goal is more challenging today than ever. This isn’t to say that distractions are an entirely bad thing.

Extraordinary focus on One Thing, each day is what leads to extraordinary success.”

However, if your ability to succeed is being sacrificed by distractions, it’s time to rethink your priorities and put distractions aside. Having the ability to focus on your goal, means you’re closer to success than you think.

The number one reason why people fail to reach their goals is there inability to focus. The second is the fact that they have multiple goals which they try to achieve at that same time.

“A lot of people think hard work is what gets you to success, but that isn’t always the case.”

However, focusing on one thing forms a habit that can develop into a powerful personal core value. Such values guide and influences your life and obtain elevated status in your life. As a result, you’re more likely to put your values at the top before other competing distractions.

Whilst setting multiple goals isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in his book The One Thing, Gary Keller a real estate entrepreneur extols the benefit of focusing on “One Thing” that will make the biggest impact of reaching your goal.

To Williams, achieving success comes from focusing on doing what should be done sequentially, the connectively of your tasks creates a building block to great a whole picture.

“concentrate on one thing that will most change your life and practising it every day”

However, if you’re doing too many different things even if it’s valuable it can reduce your ability to achieve success.   To Williams “Extraordinary focus on One Thing, each day is what leads to extraordinary success.”

From my own experience I know that Williams’s argument makes perfect sense because focusing on one single goal first before moving to your next thing, is the straight and narrow road to achievement. The most effective goal-setters realize this and so their success stands out.

“You can’t reach the peak of success without being focused”

One of the successful people that everyone looks up to is Kobe Bryant. He claims that hard work isn’t a significant factor in his success as much as his fixation to this goal. In other words, his focus has the biggest part to play in his success.

A lot of people think hard work is what gets you to success, but that isn’t always the case. Hard work may be important, but for Kobe Bryant and other successful individuals, it has more to do with their focus on your end goal.

“They also know how to release their genius and it’s amazing how they achieve this.”

You can’t reach the peak of success without being focused. No doubt, Kobe Bryant made focus one of his core values. The truth is you can do it too by concentrating on one thing that will most change your life and practising it every day so that it turns into one of your core values.

If you would like to learn more about how you can define what you really should be doing with your life to excel by tapping into your core values so you can transform your life click this link to read my blog on 5 Personal Core Values To Change Your Life.

Dedication – 7 Best Personal Core Values of the Most Effective Goal Setters

values and goal setting

Another super value that successful people have is dedication.

If you have dedication as a fundamental value you’re going to put in the work to make your goals happen.

I put in the work to make this website successful, I did it by putting in hours of work writing helpful articles to make my goals a reality.

The dedicated Brazilian, footballer Pele 1940 showed amazing dedication throughout his career. He won three World Cups and is arguably the greatest footballer of the century. He scored a massive 1281 goals in 1363 games.

His entire life is a testimony of his hard work and dedication and his incredible legacy continues as he has helped raise millions of pounds for multiple charities including Great Ormond Street in the United Kingdom and Harlem Street Soccer.

“success comes from taking

So how do you become dedicated? Well, keep doing whatever it is you want to achieve every day. Turn your dedication into a habit. If you would like to discover some helpful tools that I use to boost my ability to dedicate to whatever it is I want to achieve, clicks this link.

From the time you wake up in the morning, focus on what it is you want to become dedicated to and keep practising it. Just like being focused, it can become one of your fundamental values and so becomes part of your DNA, i.e. what makes you who you are.

Along with this, dedication empowers you with the ability to find the time to master whatever you desire. How cool is that?

When you master something, doors begin to open, and opportunity knocks. The most effective goal-setters know this and so their willingness to put in the time to make things happen. They also know how to release their genius and it’s amazing how they achieve this.

“understand and appreciate the potential you have and power within to make it happen.”

With dedication comes perseverance and endurance, even when the road to success isn’t a convenient one. Dedication is what makes you endure all the hardships and challenges that life will inevitably throw at you and keeps you on track to reach your goals. As Vince Lombardi once said –

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”.

Never lack determination, because if you do you’re giving yourself an excuse to give up on your objectives the moment struggle starts to rear its ugly head.

“take massive action to make real change happen”

It’s like “Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got one flat”

Dedication is the fuel in your car, the wind in your sales and empowers you to take massive action to make real change happen. The Most Effective Goal Setters understand this. We all have an amazing genius inside of us, but few of us know how to access it. If you would like to tap into your ability to become truly dedicated and discover your true genius click this link. 

The hugely successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur Tony Robbin’s said that success comes from taking MASSIVE ACTION. Failure to back up your dedication with action means that your goals become meaningless.

For Robbin’s, what makes people give turn their back on being dedicated is because they bit off more than they can chew. As a result, they get confused and overwhelmed. This opens the door to making it easier to stop taking action and blaming their inaction on the task being too difficult.

“Are you prepared to dedicate to what you want to achieve?”

There are of course lazy and complacent people who lack any kind of dedication, and successful people know this. This is what sets them apart from the masses. They know that dedication is the key to surpassing failure that you inevitably have made along the way.

If you look at the life of Steve Jobs you can see that one of his key values was the ability to be dedicated. Most people know Steve Jobs as the magic behind of Apple the technology brand, however, his path to success wasn’t easy. Apple started with just two people, and after growing into a multiple billion-dollar company Jobs was fired and then rehired.

“Yes, being organized helps you become more decisive”

However, this doesn’t stop him from accomplishing his goals. Jobs had the dedication he massively believed in his capabilities and never stopped reaching his goals. Like him, you should appreciate the potential you have and the power within to make it happen.

So, let me ask you a question

Are you prepared to dedicate yourself to what you want to achieve?

On a scale from 1-10, 1 being not very much and 10 being whatever it takes, how much work are you willing to put in to achieve your goals.

Organization 7 Best Personal Core Values of The Most Effective Goal Setters

An inability to organize yourself means you an uphill struggle to attaining your goals

Being organized involves precision and clarity and highly organized people know exactly what they want from life, and keep their life aligned to their goal.

The difference between organized people and those who aren’t is these people are able to make tough decisions when needed.

Yes, being organized helps you become more decisive. Because instead of wasting time on tasks that aren’t meaningful, they organize their time to make the most of it.

I make myself organized by making a list of articles that I wish to post throughout the week. This allows me to save time by writing articles straightaway instead of deciding what to write and wasting valuable time.

And as a lawyer, I had to work hard to become organized and finally got to grips with structuring tasks so I could get the result without fumbling around. I used similar techniques in this book to help me get over my lack of organization. If you like to learn more, hit this link.

“A lack of motivation can result in complacent and settling for second best.”

Successful people know that they need to work on their organisational skills first before attempting to secure real success.

Being organized is a top priority and should be present in every aspect of your career, whether in planning meetings, making decisions, planning an event, and thinking of the precise steps to go after your goal.

“people need to see that you know what you’re doing and have the organization skills to pull it off.” 

In fact, being organized is one of the most important skills you’ll need if you want to lead a business or company. Your ability to inspire others and lead them requires the ability to be organized and be scened to be organized.

This means that people need to see that you know what you’re doing and have the organisational skills to pull it off. 

Another question for your – on a scale from 1-10, 1 being not very much organized and 10 being very organized, how organized are you?

Motivation – 7 Best Personal Core Values of the Most Effective Goal Setters

Tony Robbin’s said

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

And motivation is a large part of creating your vision and turning your goals into a reality.

One of the primary reasons people find it hard to achieve their goals is a lack of motivation, and it forms the primary roadblock for lack of success. Motivation fuels your ability to go after your goals.

“Motivation partnered with dedication makes for a very fruitful and productive life.”

Motivation is that special something that makes you do a double back summersault to get out of bed in the morning and face the day with a smile.

It is also an attractive quality to have, people will flock to you because motivation is also an infectious quality.

In fact, without the power of motivation the other core values mentioned above, won’t get a look in.

The successful thriller writer Stephen King, was addicted to drugs and alcohol and almost lost his life but was scared to give it up because he thought it might ruin his creativity. Despite this, he never lost his motivation. In actual fact, since his sobriety, he has written many successful books such as “Needful Things”, “Dream Catcher” and “Under the Dome.”  

“Motivation is what allowed me to
10X my life”

Motivation gave King clarity and awareness of what he wanted to accomplish and together with determination, gave him the push to keep going, despite his drug and alcohol dependency.

A lack of motivation can result in complacency and settling for second best. The most successful goal setters ever settle for second best they know this fundamental value is like gold dust and they work on it day in and day out.

“Are you prepared to work on your ability to become motivated?”

I remember when I was studying to become a lawyer, I gained more motivation every time what the British Broadcasting Corporation known as the BBC TV channel because those were the A ’Level grades I needed to attend university. My motivation came through my ability to adjust my habits, behaviour and lifestyle to achieve the grades I needed.

So instead of watching the BBC, I would use my motivation to study hard to get the life I wanted.  Motivation is what allowed me to 10X my life and achieve so much more in a day than I’d achieve in a week.

“Did you know that motivation is a choice which keeps you moving forward?”

This is because even if you lack motivation the act of doing what you’re not motivated to do can itself create the momentum to kick start your motivation.

So by simply doing whatever it is you want to achieve creates motivation itself because once you start something you want to finish it and that’s what motivation is all about. And when this happens, the skies the limit.

As the motivational speaker Jim Rohn said –

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”

I used to find it exceedingly difficult to become motivated until I used a really positive technique that supercharged my productivity by discovering how to speak to myself in a way that empowered me and help change my life. If you want to discover how to become massively motivated to achieve your goals fast click this link.

Planning – 7 Best Personal Core Values of The
Most Effective Goal Setters

Like organization, planning is how you get things in order.

Thinking ahead is what setting realistic goals is all about. It’s how you gain a sense of perspective and understanding of the time and energy you’ll need to invest to achieve your goals.

Believe it or not, some people don’t actually have a sense of what they want for the future. Hopefully, you’re not one of them, but if you want to gain some clarity on exactly what your purpose is, click this link and start planning your success.

“We all know people who have the wrong priorities in life.”

Planning is what lets you decide which goals you actually want to pursue, and how exactly you’re going to get there. Dwight D. Eisenhower once said –

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” ~

It’s a fundamental tool that will enable you to make the tough decisions be clear on the path you want to take.

Planning involves both short-term and long-term thinking, and it’s how you grow from someone who doesn’t know what they want to someone who’s decisive about what you want.

“Effective goal-setters make achieving their goals a top priority.”

I remember planning to set up my blog, I took long-time thinking about how my website would look, and the topics I would write about. Even the amount of time I would dedicate to each blog was planned in detail.

Planning allowed me to analyze and reflect on my goals and work out exactly how to get there. So, instead of being in a desert without a map, I had my own personal GPS. I knew exactly where I was going, and how long it would take me to get there.

“If you’re good at planning you’re almost halfway there.”

Continual planning can turn into a positive habit that can develop into a core value that will automatically shape and influence your life. The most effective goal-setters already have the ability to plan as one of their core values. To find out how you can make it into a hugely successful habit click this link to access useful tools I would recommend to help you on your journey.    

Prioritization – 7 Best Personal Core Values of the Most Effective Goal Setters

Goal setting Values

We all know people who have the wrong priorities in life. They spend their time doing things that will never improve their lives and waste valuable time worrying about things that really don’t matter.

Effective goal-setters make achieving their goals a top priority. Of course, this doesn’t mean you completely disregard all your other priorities it means you should have all your other priorities in check.

Tony Robin’s said

“The power of focus affects all aspects of your life. You can focus on goals at work, in your relationships or on personal goals like fitness and emotional health – and you can manifest those goals into being”.

Put another way, if you want to achieve your goals but you spend all your time playing video games and going to parties, you have the wrong set of priorities. Clearly, focusing on having the wrong set of priorities, means you may never achieve true success.

“absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving your goals.”

When I decided to become a lawyer, I prioritized studying and put everything I had into it. I was happy that my priority paid off and I have been able to help many people tackle injustice.

In conclusion, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving your goals, apart from you. Setting goals is the key to unlocking the door to whatever it is you want to achieve.

With these 7 individual personal core values, you’ll learn that goal setting isn’t just an idea and it definitely does not happen overnight. Achieving goals is something you work at, every day of your life, no matter what frustrations and circumstances life throw at you.

Although the 7 Best Personal Core Values of The Most Effective Goal Setters isn’t easy and requires a lot of blood sweat and tears, it’s well worth turning them into a habit and reaps incredible results.

I mentioned earlier that a lot of people think that hard work is enough to reach their goals, but it’s only a part of it. The 7 Best Personal Core Values of the Most Effective Goal Setters will help you to work smart rather than just working hard.

  1. Self-belief
  2. Focus
  3. Dedication
  4. Organization
  5. Motivation
  6. Planning
  7. Prioritization

I use to think I could never create a successful blog, yet here I am creating helpful 3000-word articles.

If you struggle to reach your goals and want to discover just how it’s possible. Hit this link and start changing your life for the better.