7 Effective Personal Core Values For The Most Positive People 

positive personal core values

7 Effective Personal Core Values For The Most Positive People Have you ever wondered why some people always seem so positive? Why they’re a unique group of people that have that air of optimism about them. They exude a manner and style that suggest their always in control which makes them attractive to be around. I always wished I had those characteristics and now I do. So if you feel the same way read on to discover how you can too.

The 7 Effective Personal Core Values for The Most Positive People not only help you establish a positive attitude they also build momentum and direction in whatever you do. Whilst you can’t choose your personal core values, you can practice building a positive mindset and turn them into habits, something you practice day after day.

In this article, you’ll discover how to cultivate these 7 effective core values that will empower and enrich your life positively.

Why You Need These 7 Personal Core Values to Become More Positive? 

Discovering the secret of being positive is a big part in unlocking the door to a brighter future. Having a positive mindset is the best way of achieving the things that truly matter to you. 

Most of us struggle to find it difficult to overcome barriers preventing us from reaching our goals which seem to deny us the opportunity to be positive. However, positive-minded people draw on the tools they have developed to achieve whatever it is they want from life boosting their attitude. 

So what are they doing that your not, they take to heart practicing the most 7 important personal core values? 

“optimism doesn’t mean you’re always going to have everything figured”

I didn’t realize just how important it is to work out why I react and think the way I do until I sat down and thought about what I fundamentally believe in. More importantly,  am I living out my beliefs. 

You may not realize it, but at this very moment, your fundamental values say a lot about you. They also give you the blueprint by which you should live your life. They are what define you and influence your ability to succeed. 

Your core values are:

What dedicates how successful or how happy your life plays out isn’t defined by wealth or material possessions, but by the values you hold.  Whilst you don’t get to choose the beliefs you hold you can practice positive habits that direct your life. 

With that said, it’s crucial to consider, whether you’re harnessing such positive habits, for they will ensure you’re not held back from discovering your full potential. 

But let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the 7 Effective Personal Core Values For The Most Positive People.

Optimism1 # of the 7 Effective Personal Core Values for the most Positive People

Positive people are optimistic because they look at things from an entirely brighter perspective. 

They embrace optimism as one of their positive positive habits and so are able to see the beauty and opportunity in situations, no matter how dreary things may seem.

The power of optimism gives you the exceptional quality of seeing life for what it truly is rather than focusing on bad things that may or may not happen. You’ll also get to enjoy a certain degree of grace and sparkle that comes with an optimistic mindset. 

“keep moving forward and believe that things will get better.”

In fact, optimism is one of the most crucial core values associated with positive people. With optimism, often comes purpose. Of course, optimism doesn’t mean you’re always going to have everything figured out but it provides you with that fortitude that will inspire you to stay the distance.

However, most of the time, positive people even when faced with difficult confusing, and overwhelming times, manage to have that special something that always makes things work out for the best. 

If you look at some of the most successful people in the world, they draw on optimism positive habits to keep their dreams alive. One example of an optimistic person is the best-selling author of the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling.

“optimistic ensures you make decisions with enthusiasm and hope.”

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Positive attitude and core values
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Her success did not come easy. She went through a divorce, was broke just three years before she published her first book. In fact, she manually typed her 90,000-word manuscript to achieve great success. J.K. Rowling demonstrated optimism because, without it, she wouldn’t have had the courage to see beyond her struggles and pain.

Optimistic people refuse to let negativity through their front door, they have the special ability to counter negative vibes or toxicity that seeks to intercede. This includes any negative thoughts, habits, or behaviour. 

Interestingly, when it comes to making decisions, the state of being optimistic ensures you make decisions with fervor and ambition. 

“Every time you have a negative thought …..appreciate just how lucky you are.”  

Practicing positive habits that make you optimistic is an art. If you would like to discover some powerful tools that will help you succeed with a passion.

So instead of saying “me”, you’ll start saying “we” more often.

And it can do the same for you. 


Well, every time you complain and say something negative stop yourself and look for the positive even in the negative.  

It’s not easy to do but the rewards are great. So start creating the momentum of being thankful for all the people in your life that you care about. 

Make a list of who they are, as you write their names down start to smile. 

Think about how important they are to you. 

Every time you have a negative thought, think of them and appreciate just how lucky you are.  

Being Measured2 # of the 7 Effective Personal Core Values for the most Positive People

Positive people are measured as a core value, they seek balance, serenity, calm and tranquillity. More importantly, they refuse to give away your power to confusion and chaos. 

Positive-minded people looking for clarity in their lives despite whatever chaos and hardship they face. They dispel chaotic and harmful habits and beliefs that make you lose your sense of harmony and balance.

Many underestimate the power of being balanced but it’s another fundamental value that fuels your ability to be positive. 

“do you believe you’re destined for something bigger and better but aren’t sure
where to start”

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Positive people still manage to shine even when their lives are falling apart. Their ability to remain optimistic encourages them to keep moving forward and believe that things will get better. 

As a result, they’re better able to control their emotions giving them a better sense of perspective. One such person is Barack Obama.

Surprisingly for the president of the United States of American, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 for his remarkable efforts to strengthen the bond and international diplomacy between different groups of people.

He stood against violence and believes that it is never the answer to solve a conflict.

His measured approach to governing allowed him to seek alternatives to using violence to make the world change a reality. 

“there are so many health benefits to being benevolent”

Positive-minded people remain measured because they appreciate that there’s no use spending unnecessary energy on things that will exhaust them. Instead, they channel their energy on the things that make a difference in their lives. 

If you want to become more measured and achieve your major goals and gain control of your life, the best way to start is to understand your main goal and focus. That way the little things that would normally upset you and disturb your peace won’t take centre stage. 

Instead, your life will be about your higher purpose.  I would recommend Brian Tracy has created an amazing course that asks you the question, do you believe you’re destined for something bigger and better but aren’t sure where to start? Hit this link to discover how you can accomplish this. 

Benevolence 3 # of the – 7 Effective Personal Core Values For The Most Positive People

Core Values and why

Do you know what they say about being benevolent?

Just like kindness, it goes a long way. It is often the case that what makes many positive people so happy and optimistic is their remarkable kindness.

Being benevolent is a way of showing unconditional care and support for others, which is what I consider to be a super core value.

“positive people have a certain
aura about”

Another intriguing quality of benevolence is its ability to make us see the best in people, even when others only see the bad and the ugly. If you feel that you lack hope, and want to know how to take your life forward and discover the best aspects of who you truly are click this link. You’ll discover some amazing tools that I recommend to build lasting personal transformation.  

core values and positive attitude
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These tools are all about building faith in yourself because faith is believing that people and situations will come through for you. Faith as a core value builds layers of happiness and optimism that non-positive people just don’t experience.  

Positive-minded people know that faith is the very symbol of aspiration and expectation even when everything seems to be falling apart, and things don’t seem to make sense. Faith is what encourages positive people to keep moving forward, and pushing through the pain. 

Many believe that kindness is overrated, but the opposite is true. In fact, there are so many health benefits to being benevolent.

Practicing it as a positive habit makes the hormones in your body called oxytocin and dopamine, which are responsible for making you feel good increase. Oxytocin is proven to improve the functioning of your heart and reduce your blood pressure. 

Another remarkable fact about being kind and benevolent is its ability to boost your immune system and so is vital in protecting you from illnesses and diseases. A stronger immune system also reduces your chances of being anxious or depressed. 

Being benevolent makes you live longer”

In fact, not only does practicing kindness make you feel positive and grateful about your life, even the little things, it actually makes you live longer. Besides the amazing health benefits, being benevolent actually enhances your sense of purpose community and well-being.

So instead of saying “me”, you’ll start saying “we” more often. The act of doing something unconditionally for others without asking for anything in return, makes the recipient feel good but also heightens your sense of worth and well-being, and self-esteem.  

As I mentioned earlier, positive people have a certain aura about them and this is undoubtedly due to their ability to be kind. 

To find out how you can practice being good and kind and enjoy the many benefits that it brings, click this link to find out more. 

Health 4 # of the – 7 Effective Personal Core Values For The Most Positive People

Health is just as crucial as the other core values that positive people enjoy.

Taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial if you want to remain positive. In fact, good health is part and parcel of keeping optimistic and measured. Studies show that people who lack proper sleep easily get stressed and frustrated, while those who maintain a healthy sleeping pattern have a more positive approach to life. 

When you’re sleep-deprived, you lack focus and motivation to be productive in the day which may contribute to your mood. This is just one of the many reasons why you need to have at least 8 hours of sleep each night. 

“Positive minded people know that their mental health plays a crucial part in their well-being”

Positive people, therefore, go to bed early and wake up early when they are fresh ready to face the day. Asides from your sleep, diet also plays a part in the role of positive people’s lives. Certain foods ruin your mood, mindset, and overall perspective on life.

Positive people maintain their optimistic outlook and exercise self-control on the things they consume every day. 

So what kind of food are we talking about? Well, they don’t indulge in unhealthy junk foods, processed foods, or fast food.  As our health is closely tied to our mood it plays an important role in becoming a positive person. 

Positive-minded people know that their mental health plays a crucial part in their well-being to associate with people that make them feel good about themselves and make them feel valued. 

So to become positive-minded start looking at your physical and mental health and get around people that make you feel good about yourself and don’t rain on your parade

Being Present 5 # of the – 7 Effective Personal Core Values For The Most Positive People

Personal development










It’s the easiest thing in the world to dwell on your past or obsess over the future, and this is a mistake that positive people never do. It’s important to remember that no matter how much you dwell on the past, you can never go back and change it- and positive people know this. 

By living in the moment you develop resilience within you which will enable you to keep moving forward and grow. 

Although it’s not easy living in the moment positive people can achieve it just like children do and this helps them to more appreciative. 

However, most ordinary people waste time being caught up in their own thoughts so miss out on true happiness. 

“The past can bring with it pain and the future bring can bring anxiety, but the present simply can deliver joy and peace.” 

Just think about it, once a moment passes, you can never get it back. What makes the present such an incomparable experience is that you can’t relive it. 

Positive people embrace the present, their lives are full and they can discard negative emotions. They refuse to spend unnecessary time and energy on the past or focusing too heavily on the future, instead, they choose to spend it enjoying the here and now.

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 Faith 6 # Core Value of Positive People

I feel good core value

If you believe in God, or a higher creator, or even in the power of humanity it can massively contribute to making you more positive people. 

As a Christian, I believe in God, and many positive-minded people’s optimism is derived from their faith and belief that things will work out because God is our protector. 

Our faith is tested in circumstances where you can’t tangibly see something but you know it exists. The same principle applies to God, just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean His existence isn’t real. 

Christians understand that God their creator will come through no matter how tough life gets. 

Even if you don’t believe in a God, your faith could extent to the positive power of humanity and our ability to take care of each other. 

Happiness 7 # Core Value of Positive People

Finally, practicing happiness as a core value ignites a feeling of wholeness and positivity.  

As Abraham Lincoln stated – 

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” 

In the same way, positive people are happy because they choose to be. 

They find happiness when you’re content where they are in the moment. 

However, for the rest of us, our focus is on arriving at a destination. As a result, we feel will only be happy when we achieve a result. 

This might be finding a relationship, getting their dream job, but this isn’t how true happiness manifest.  

Positive attitude and core values
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Positive-minded people appreciate that happiness is not when they arrive at their next destination, but it’s something you choose when you live in the present moment. 

You become happy only you choose to be happy. In fact, there are literally millions of reasons to be happy. Positive people know this and understand that happiness is achieved when you first appreciate what you already have. Anything else after that is a bonus. 

The reality is life can be frustrating enough without adding to it by trying to find happiness outside yourself instead of within. Start practicing these positive core values and start your journey to a happier and more fulfilled life.  

In conclusion, these 7 Effective personal core values for most Positive People are:-

Being measured
Being present

If you would like to find out more about how you can build positive values hit this link and start taking your life to the next level.