How To Demonstrate Core Values At Work?

Work Core Values

How To Demonstrate Core Values At Work? Are you in the right job? Do you feel happy and content at work? Well, your personal core values are the reason why you feel the way you do. Find out what you can do about it so you can feel fulfilled at work.

work and core values

Your personal core values are what make you feel authentic and true to yourself.  When your values fit with your work values you’ll feel positive and happy at work.

That’s why it’s important to understand what core values you hold so you can align both personal and work values to feel better at work. It’s also important to value yourself while at work so you gain proper job satisfaction. 

In this article, you’ll discover how to overcome hurdles at work that make you feel devalued and unhappy.

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What Are Work Core Values?

Your core values act like your fundamental beliefs and an inner compass guiding the choices you make and your behaviour and ultimately affect how your life plays out. 

Some examples of work core values are-

  • Being efficient
  • Being time conscious.
  • Observing deadlines
  • Being meticulous.
  • Acting with integrity
  • Keeping promises.
  • Being on time
  • Being responsible
  • Working well with your team
  • Being caring.
  • Working according to company policy
  • Being empathic
  • Being honest
  • Providing good customer service

Our core values make us feel comfortable about who we are

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it but when your values align with your actions it can make you wake out of bed in the morning with an energized mental attitude.

The connectivity between your values and your actions at work puts you at ease with yourself. This is because you’re being authentic and doing what makes you feel you’re doing what you meant to do with your life and being able to demonstrate what you stand for at work.

Our core values, therefore, make us feel comfortable about who we are and what direction we want to take for the future.

Does Your Job Fit Your Core Values?

core values at work

Have you ever experienced conflict at work and wondered why you’re not getting along with your team?

This might be because you’re unable to demonstrate your fundamental beliefs which in turn affects your attitude at work?

Chances are your core values differ from your workplace.

Are your values about providing genuine care and support to your clients?

Do they differ from your workplace’s core values and care more about billing targets, increasing their market share, and providing value for shareholders?

If yes, chances are your core values differ from your workplace, so read on to find out how you can fix this.

What Core Values You Hold
At Work?

You can also find out by observing how your company functions. Do team members support each other or do they focus on their own tasks?

ways you can better align your core values with your workplace?

Do you feel that you agree with most of your team members most of the time or do you feel they hold different views from yours that make you feel uncomfortable and devalued?

If you and your team don’t share the same views has it ever been the source of conflict?

If so, have you thought about ways you can better align your beliefs with those at work

It is possible, to transmute your fundamental beliefs so they align with your workplace, but it requires looking at your job from a different perspective.

You then need to use that perspective to gain job satisfaction. But first, you have to understand what is happening in your workplace.

If you are open to using different techniques to avoid conflict at work you might be surprised to learn that meditation is a powerful way to help you resolve conflicts at work.

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The above video will also help you accept the truth about where you are now in your life’s journey so you can accept the harsh truth about yourself.

This video will help you love yourself for who you are no matter what. 

How To Understand Values In
Your Workplace

working on core values

Understanding your core values is about analyzing how you feel when you’re doing your job. 

I remember working for a local council providing housing advice to private tenants and the homeless.

Many of my clients were suffering from drug addiction or being evicted from their homes by their private landlords.

I loved the job because it aligned with my core values because it allowed me to help vulnerable people to find accommodation and get help with their addictions.

When you do a job that aligns with your core values, it gives you job satisfaction

I subsequently changed jobs working as a housing litigation solicitor for another council. My job was to issue possession proceedings against council tenants who had fallen into rent arrears.

The role was almost the complete opposite of what I had been doing as a Housing Advisor. I was primarily seeking to remove people from their accommodation using the court system.

As a result, within a couple of months of working for the council, I realized that it was against my fundamental beliefs. I subsequently decided that I could no longer do the job and left the position.

Repositioning yourself so your work aligns with your core values

I realized that doing a job that aligned with my fundamental beliefs gave me an enormous amount of self-worth and self-esteem. 

My productivity also increased I also established a common purpose and a greater understanding and unity between me and the people I was working with.

My level of comfortability and ease at performing the role heightened because I felt I was on the same page as my workplace, working towards the same goals and core mission. 

what can you do to demonstrate your core values in your current job

When you feel as comfortable at work as I did, you’re more likely to thrive and excel at what you do. Doors are more likely to swing open, and the world seems like a much friendlier place.

There are amazing tools that will help you to discover how to induce that comfortability and graduate to be the best version of yourself. Such tools also help you to –

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Aligning Your Core Values In The

Core Values that Work

If as I’ve already discussed your fundamental beliefs don’t align with your workplace, it could result in you feeling distracted and dissatisfied.

A friend told me of her experience working for a firm of solicitors. Billing targets and high performance were their core values and customer care was given little consideration.

She told me of her experience with her supervisor at their one-to-one meetings.

You must hit your billing target and achieve at least three times your salary,” her supervisor told her.

she could ensure that working at the firm always aligned with her core values.

“And we’ll have monthly reviews to ensure you achieve your target and KPI’s”

Your billing target is $216,000 a year,” she said as she handed my friend her set of targets.

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People: Covey, Stephen R.: 0787721884729: BooksShe continued by explaining how every month she would have a one-to-one with her supervisor, go over any concerns with her files, and of course, discuss whether she had reached her billing target.

Client care was only ever considered if clients had made a complaint, the main emphasis was on settling cases to avoid any professional negligence claims.

After the meeting, she sat down to consider what was expected of her. It was evident that she really only had control over her own actions.

Although the firm did not value client care as highly as she did, she could still provide the client with an excellent service.

By doing this, she could ensure that working at the firm always aligned with her core values. There are also some incredible books that will supercharge your effectiveness at work and help you develop a greater sense of power, purpose, and self-direction. Click this link to discover what books I recommend. 

Aligning Your Personal Values With
Your Work

Core Values that help at work

With regard to her billing targets, she focussed on the things she could control and influence.  However, the things that were outside her control received little to no attention.

She discerned that her billing targets were outside her control, as there was no way she could guarantee billing $216,000, which was $18,000 per month.

Her change of emphasis gave her a sense of relief

However, she could focus on trying to settle at least two files of the most likely to settle cases per month. This would inadvertently help her make the $18,000 per month she required to hit her building target.

Her change of emphasis gave her a sense of relief because she could efficiently process and visualize working hard. And she could deliver first-class client care rather than just thinking about making cold hard cash.

How To Overcome Hurdles At Work Using
Your Core Values

I want to spend just a few moments to tell you how becoming more open-minded, will also help to relieve stress at work.

Click on the video to watch just how this is possible.

My friend was able to overcome the hurdle of her core values at work, by adopting a pragmatic approach and changing her perspective.

She later told me how it helped her reduce stress and anxiety.

Although she knew there was no guarantee that she would always reach the target, she at least had expectation as to how she could reach it.

unlock the door and start seeing opportunity and results at work

Her goal was to work to her optimum ability to get the best result possible and this would reduce the possibility of frustration and stress. She could easily demonstrate to her supervisor that she was a hardworking member of the staff. The fact that she did not reach her target of $18,000 per month became less important. 

Consider whether you can demonstrate your core values in your workplace.

Do you think it would help reduce any stress or frustration you might be suffering from?

How do you feel your workplace would benefit from a change in its core values?

If yes, what core values do you feel they should hold?

Repositioning yourself so your work aligns with your core values is a powerful way to help you thrive and re-energize yourself at work.

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Consider Your Current Job, Do They Align With
Your Core Values?
Believe in Yourself and core values

Click the images to learn more….

Now consider how you can reposition yourself at work so it aligns with your fundamental beliefs.

Start off by considering how you feel at work.

Do you feel –




Job satisfaction?




I none of the above applies to you write down how you feel at work.

Like my friend, consider how you can demonstrate your core values in your current job. The best way of doing this is to just do your best at any even task you do. 

You can achieve this from moment to moment and not think about the problems that may or may not arise in the future.

When you’re able to do your best at that moment it can highlight positive core values you have that make you attuned and alive to what’s really important to you.

Practicing mindfulness is an excellent way to achieve this. Such tools will unlock the power of your mind and bring your desires to fruition. If you would like to know more about how to benefit from Mindfulness watch this space. 

How To Value Yourself At Work

No matter what you’re going through at work, it’s important to separate the everyday traumas you might be facing, from who you are.

This is a powerful way of ensuring you continue to appreciate your incredible self-worth.

Whenever traumas happen at work, it’s important to continue to celebrate who you are not what you do. So, try to stay calm and remember that you’re bigger than the situation in which you find yourself.

Understanding that you are good enough……can help you overcome hurdles that seem insurmountable.

By appreciating how precious you are, you’ll understand why it’s important to let go of conflict and believe that you are smart enough and resourceful enough to get over whatever traumas come your way. 

Understand also that you are good enough to do your job regardless of whether it connects with your core values or not.  Accept that you can overcome hurdles and resolve conflicts and if you don’t choose to you can always find another job.

Your next job will sit more comfortably with who you are so you can demonstrate the real you at work.

practising meditation, visualization or through prayer or other tools.


Always remember, that your job does not define you, you define yourself, and it’s possible to reposition yourself to cope with any crisis that might arise. The objective is not to worry but to focus on the here and now and the amazing potential you have.

It also helps to speak to a sympathetic friend, your manager, or a team member to talk things through.

Let them know how you feel, you never know that could feel the same way and you could both help each other push through your concerns.

If you’re going through stress at work and feel you can’t cope, harness your personal power by developing positive inner talk and getting around people that make you feel positive.

Most of all appreciate that you are an incredible person and unleash the genius inside you. Click here for more information on this.

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If you’re not ready to take the plunge to start up your own successful business yet consider what your work’s core values are.

You can find this by checking the company’s policy documents or handbook or asking a respected team member.