Is Being Open-minded A Personal Core Value?

Open-minded core values

Is Being Open-minded A Personal Core Value? There are many benefits to being open-minded, but few people appreciate what being open-minded can do for their well-being both physically and mentally. This article explores this in detail and why we should practise being open-minded more often.

Being open-minded is a core value which makes you more willing to move out of your comfort zone and discover new experiences. People who are open-minded – 

  • Perceive life in a more panoptic way. 
  • Hold healthier beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Are more willing to empathize with others
  • Have more conscientious, agreeable and pragmatic personality traits. 

To discover how you can optimise and get the best from life by being more open-minded and the best way to achieve it.

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Examples of Core Values That Make You

Examples of fundamental values that make you more open-minded are –

Enthusiasm, Sincerity, Progressiveness, Empathy, Sensitivity, Conscientiousness, Acceptance, Pragmatism, Observant, Perceptive, and Swayable.

If being open-minded is one of your fundamental values or beliefs, you’re more likely to put in the time to get listen to the views of others without being biased and judgemental.

Research reveals that those who are open-minded have a tendency to be more creative and imaginative if one so living by these fundamental beliefs will make you true to who you are and so satisfied and ultimately happier.  

The thing to remember is that your personal core values form the fundamental basis of how you should live your life and actually define and make up who you are.

Why Being Open-minded Is A Core Value?

Why Is Being Open-minded A Core Value?

To answer this question it’s easier to explore how being open-minded plays out in your life in real-time.

Research reveals how being open-minded actually changes how you perceive and navigate the world on a much deeper level than you might think.

“the way you process what’s happening in the world is coloured by your level of openness.”

Not only are people with higher than average levels of open-mindedness more willing to listen to opposing ideas, but they’re also more accepting of other races, cultures and religions.

In fact, the way you process what’s happening in your life is coloured by your level of openness.

If you’re open-minded your life experiences are entirely different. The opportunities you see also differ because you’re open to doing things and seeing things in an entirely different way. 

Because open-mindedness affects your life in such a fundamental way it is considered to be a core value and one which, as we shall see, is extremely important

Does Your Personality Affect Your Ability To Be Open-minded?

Core Values Open-mindedness

A Journal of Research in personality showed that people with higher levels of openness tend to be more creative and imaginative and more panoptic.

This meant they were more panoramic and global in their perception of what they were asked to view.

An experiment was performed on participants where one red patch was placed over one eye and one green patch was placed over the eyes of each participant. The experiment revealed that participants saw different things.

“Being open-minded, allows you to see these opportunities and begin to enjoy the world at it’s fullest”

Participants with higher levels of openness, creativity and imagination fused images by viewing them with both the red and green patches.

However, the majority of the other participants toggled from one eye to the other to view the images.

The experiment demonstrated that the two groups of people actually visualised different things even though they were looking at the same object.

This is an extremely revealing experiment because it suggests that being open-minded so significant it’s palpable.

“YOur personal core values are influenced by our life experiences which means there aren’t set in stone”

Positive attitude and core values
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Interestingly, research also revealed that the neurotransmitter in our brain could be linked to our perception based on our personality. This is an interesting topic which I will be writing about later on.

Perhaps you don’t know this, but there are hidden opportunities that exist right now that can change your life.

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Open-mindedness As A Core Value And Your
Creative Prowess

Image result for picture of duck or rabbit

Being open-minded fills in the gaps so we can see the full picture.

So take a look at this picture first published around 1892, what do you see?

The more creative prowess you have, the more likely you are to be able to flip from seeing both a rabbit and a duck. As opposed to just a duck or a rabbit.

This theory supports the above Journal of Research that people who have creative prowess are more likely to be open-minded.  This fundamental value, therefore, impacts how you visualise situations and what you consider to be right or wrong.

the lens through which you view the world is affected by your degree of openness as a core value

Personal core values books
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It also shapes the beliefs you hold, your faith, your attitude and ultimately your behaviour. Your values are influenced by your life experiences which means there aren’t set in stone but can change.

I have listed some powerful books that I would recommend that will transform how you navigate the world by giving you the confidence to have complete faith in yourself and helping you establish a rapid personal growth mindset.  If you would like to see this list please click this link. 

Relationship Between Your Personality Traits & Core Value and Being Open-minded

Open to core values

Your personality is what people experience when they first meet you. So you could appear funny, shy, introverted, open-minded, optimistic, pessimistic, confident and a host of other things. These are things you present outwardly to the public.

Like fundamental beliefs, it affects who you choose as a spouse, your friends and who you choose to vote for. It even influences where you choose to go on holiday and who you decide to go on holiday with. However, your personality is less pliable to change and is inherited.

only be when you get to know a person in more depth do you discover their genuine personality.

When you first meet someone, you might generally assess their personality reasonably quickly. However, you may need to see the person again to confirm or change your perception of them.

The difficulty is, however, you might associate the person’s personality with their character traits, however, they are entirely different things. To discover what character traits you have and how they shape and enhance your life, click this link.

It is usually only when you get to know a person in more depth do you discover their real personality.

Summary of Our Five Personality Traits & Being Open-minded

Numerous contemporary personality psychologists have debated how many personality traits we have.

Psychologists such as Donald. W. Fiske 1949 researched the topic for many years which has been later developed by other researchers such as Lewis Goldberg in 1981, and McCrae and Costa in 1987.

five main personality types

The general consensus is that there are five main personality types which are:

  • Conscientiousness
  • Extroversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Openness to experience
  • Neuroticism

The issue to discuss now do our personality traits impact our ability to be open-minded.  

Does Being Conscientious Help You Become Open-minded?

People who are conscientious are seen as reliable, self-disciplined, organised, attentive, has a strong sense of responsibility.

It’s one of the most sought-after qualities an employer looks for and people who are conscientious, are least likely to have a criminal record, most likely to stay married for longer, and more likely to be highly qualified and thrive at work.

if you want to maximise your life ……you need to put in the work

Being conscientious means focussing on getting the job done, such people value being diligent and take our obligations seriously.

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Personal core values
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This ebook will help you to discover how to live an authentic and happy life by establishing what your core values are and harnessing their power. Once done, you should align your actions with your fundamental values which will give you the drive to make you remarkably mentally strong and successful.

Just in the case of highly conscientious people, once you tap into powerful values that make you conscientious you are likely to achieve top positions.

These include jobs such as top executives, event planners, lawyers, sales managers, fundraisers and jobs supervising and coordinating social and community services. Conscientious people know they need to put in the work to get the results they want.

Those high up on the spectrum of conscientiousness also tend to rank higher in the ratings on agreeableness and lower on neuroticism.

But does being conscientious mean you’re more likely to be open-minded or have it has a fundamental value?

Well, my research reveals that being conscientious helps you become more realistic and pragmatic about life. And although my research didn’t specifically confirm this it could well be the case.

Being conscientious can pay massive dividends

Can You Learn To Become More
Open-minded and Conscientious?

The good news is you can practise being conscientious in the same way you can practise becoming more open-minded.

Start by being totally honest with yourself.

Are you close-minded? 

Do you constantly look at things from a narrow perspective?

Are you intolerable and short-sighted?

If your answer to the above is yes, then everything you find yourself being rigid in your view, stop yourself and consciously and an effect to think on a more global perspective.

You can do this by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. For example, are migrants coming to your country because they want to take advantage of the benefits system? Or do they want to find a job and work hard to provide for their family? 

Personal core values best version of self

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If you do this every time you entertain a narrow perceptive you’ll find yourself broadening the panoptic lens and your life will become so much richer and fulfilled.

Just like being open-minded, there are countless benefits. In fact, conscientious people’s life experience is altogether better, you’re even more likely to live longer, eat better, and feel better about yourself. You’ll be more empowered and enjoy enriched life experiences.

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Does Being Extrovent as A Core Value Help
Make You Become Open-minded?

Extrovert and core values

When someone is an extroverts, they are fuelled and energised by being around other people. They’re often excitable, talkative, assertive and sociable.

There are often seen as the life and soul of the party and enjoy being the centre of attention. There are also more friendly and engaging than most people.

Life gets pretty interesting if your extroverted

Because of their outgoing nature, they’re also more likely to work with other people rather than working alone.

The kind of work they would be good at is hairstylist, sales representative, event planner, financial advisor and speech pathologist.

In addition, they enjoy excellent interpersonal skills and thrive at collaborating with others due to their gregarious nature.

However, they can be perceived as dominating and attention-seeking but, their self-confidence makes them less prone to neuroticism.

Are Extroverted People More Open-mindedness
As A Core Value?

Well, research reveals that if you’re extroverted, you’re more likely to be daring and venture outside your comfort zone.

Your extroverted outward-facing approach to life is more likely to want you to experiment and see new horizons.

Life gets pretty interesting if you’re extroverted because not only are you more ready and willing to go for what you want out of life, you’re more likely to relate and interact with people better.

My research revealed that extroverts tend to be more open-minded and more darling as a result they’re more likely to have open-mindedness as one of their fundamental values.

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Being Agreeable As A Core Value

Open-minded and core values

Agreeable people are generally speaking seen as engaging, amenable, considerate and trustworthy, toward others. People often perceived them as affectionate kind and well-meaning and a safe pair of hands.

Being agreeable, like being open-minded is a positive sought after personality trait

Their gentle, cheerful and unselfish nature is likely to work best in jobs as nurses, and human resources specialists.

They also make good, mental health counsellors, volunteer workers, elementary school teachers, financial investors and charity workers.

The act of being agreeableness as a core value means you’re more likely to be open-minded. The relationship between the two is more closely connected than other personality traits.

Does Being Agreeable As A Core Value Help You Become Open-minded?

So, being agreeable, like being open-minded is a positive sought-after personality trait and such people are likely to be well-liked. However, others may view them as unworldly and excessively docile.

Those high in the agreeable spectrum are more likely to gear towards serving the community. They are more disposed to extraversion and conscientiousness and less towards neuroticism.

the act of being agreeable as a core value has many positives

The act of being agreeable embraces a willingness to observe the world with a non-judgemental lens and makes you more adaptable to other ways of doing things.

You’re also more likely to listen to others, have a more rational and pragmatic approach to life and enjoy a well-rounded and optimistic stance.

So, the act of being agreeable as a fundamental value has many positives, and fewer negatives.

Does Being Open-minded, As A Core Make You More Pliable To Change?

Not surprisingly, people who rank high in openness are intuitively more likely to have open-mindedness as one of their personal core values. In addition, their usually imaginative, curious, adventurous, and more likely to be creative and open to new ideas.

They are very often emotionally liberal, curious, and free-spirited. Their least likely to be pragmatic and like being subject to an unyielding routine.

You’re less likely to exhibit high levels of neuroticism and extraversion.

They are most likely to excel in jobs as artists, creative directors, researchers, and advertisers. Their openness also leads them to innovative leadership positions. Meditation is a useful tool to help you become more open-minded and introduce new exciting opportunities in your life. Click this link to discover how you can generate real positive change right now!

Guided Meditation and core values
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On the whole, if you’re open-minded you’re more pragmatic, pliable and agile to change. Along with this, they love learning and have multi-faceted interests.  You’re less likely to exhibit high levels of neuroticism and extraversion.

Also, you’re prone to rank higher on conscientiousness and agreeableness personality traits.

struggling with how to unlock doors and achieve your objective.

Ranking high in the spectrum of openness unlocks opportunities, your life becomes much more colourful as you navigate the world with a forward-thinking approach to the world.

  • Are you open to experiences?
  • If so, what does that look like?
  • Are you growing in confidence, and reaching for new opportunities?
  • If not, are you stagnant wishing you were doing more challenging things with your life?
  • Are you too afraid to move out of your comfort zone and want to move the dial in your life?

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What Is To Be Neurotic And Open-Minded?

Neurotic people are more likely to rank high in emotional instability. They tend to be more temperamental. Along with this, they experience high levels of frustration, apprehension, nervousness, fear, anger, envy, depression, jealousy, loneliness and guilt.

Their unpredictable nature makes them more excitable, irritable and more prone to being reactive than proactive. There more predisposed to feeling negative emotions and being highly sensitive to criticism. They may also exhibit signs of personality disorders phobias, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

life is richer overall when you’re open-minded

They are less likely to live long, healthy lives. The kinds of jobs in which they are most likely to excel are writers and authors, librarians, graphic designers, food scientists and massage therapists.

Conversely, however, neurotic people are sometimes conscientious. They plan ahead and are highly organised and dependable, which can result in them living longer.

What’s The Relationship Between Being Neurotic And Open-minded?

People with higher than average levels of neuroticism are least likely to have open-mindedness.

They are also less likely to tolerate the opinions of others. In addition their less open to change and less likely to grasp new opportunities and new ideas.

If you have a high level of openness, you’re less likely to exhibit high levels of neuroticism and extraversion. Also, you’re prone to rank higher on conscientiousness and agreeableness.

Do your personality traits prevent you from moving forward?

Research reveals that life is richer overall when you’re more open-minded because you’re more likely to embrace positive change. Open-mindedness encourages us to take steps to grow and learn new things outside our normal spectrum.

Become More Open-Minded

Your ability to be open-minded is a lot to do with what personality traits you have. Research shows our personality traits are moulded early on in life.  Your experience also influences your personality traits.

However, the good news is, as we have seen, you can work on changing or modifying specific personality traits.

There are simple techniques that can help you overcome barriers to your success and become more open-minded.

Take a quiet moment to reflect and consider which personality traits you exhibit in your day-to-day life and take steps to change the ones that don’t add value to your life.

I hope this article has got you thinking about whether your personal core values and personality traits enhance your overall life experience. And the steps you can take if they don’t

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