Why Self Esteem Is A Core Value?

Self Esteem Values

Why Self Esteem Is A Core Value? having high self-esteem is undoubtedly a positive attribute that can open doors to numerous opportunities. But how do you develop self-esteem from negative experiences? This article explains how your core values can help you achieve this.

Self-esteem is satisfaction, confidence, and belief in yourself without seeking the validation of others to justify your belief in yourself. As a fundamental value –

  • It gives you the go-ahead to be who you are.
  • Makes you attractive to other people. 
  • Allows you to become more genuine and authentic. 
  • Helps you accept yourself and others.
  • Your struggles can build self-esteem
  • Your self-speak and positive positive self-affirmations.

Those with high levels of self-esteem don’t internalize negative experiences and can easily bounce back from setbacks.

Why Self Esteem Is A Core Value?

Iyanla Vanzant sums up the value of self-esteem in his statement –

“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.” “One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

As Iyanla Vanzant states, self-esteem greatly impacts your self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.

If you have low self-esteem you focus on your weakness instead of looking at your strengths and are more likely to believe the worse about yourself. By constantly focussing on the negative your send a distorted message to yourself. 

You start playing the blame game, everything that goes wrong in your life is because of you. Of course, it’s important to take responsibility for your own happiness. But blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong can have a long-term negative impact on your mental health.   

Self-esteem, however,  sets you free from the confines of doing what others expect you to do and allows you to do what makes you feel most alive. 

Self-esteem is a fundamental value that should let life touch you by opening you up to new experiences.  

living a life that conflicts with your core values

When your core values sync with the way you live your life, it aligns with the spirit of who you are because you’re living your authentic life being true to yourself. This promotes real contentment and happiness.

If however, you are living a life that conflicts with your core values, such as working for a company that doesn’t value teamwork, integrity, and honesty based around your core values you’ll feel disconnected and unhappy. And this can, in turn, affect your self-esteem.

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Are You Are Living Your Core Values?

Take a quiet moment to consider whether you embrace self-esteem?

To help you determine the above consider on a scale from 1-10 whether any of the values below resonate with you?

Empowered. Happy. Satisfied. Content. Authentic. Honest. Self-pride. Dignified. Moral
Connected. Enthused. Supported. Guided. Self-confident.

Consider why you feel the way you do, is it because you’re not living your core values?

Similarly, do any of these core values resonate with you?

Unempowered. Unhappy. Dissatisfied. Discontented. Unauthentic. Dishonest to yourself. Lacking in pride. Lacking moral values. Unenthused. Unsupported. Misguided. Lacking in self-belief. Unconfident.

Consider why you feel the way you do, is it because you’re not living aligning the essence of who you are and what you believe in with what you are doing with your life?

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Why Self Esteem Should Be One Of Your
Core Values?

To overcome problems you have with low self-esteem, it is a good idea to work out the reasons for it. It might be due to struggles that have impacted the way you feel about yourself, it can detrimentally affect your self-esteem.

Having self-esteem as a core value should sync your actions with your core beliefs.

You might be going through relationship problems that damage your self-confidence leaving you feeling insecure, continuously doubting yourself, and worrying about what people think of you.

The American motivational speaker and entrepreneur Tony Robbins said if you want to be successful get around successful people. In the same way, if you lack self-esteem start being around people with high levels of self-esteem.

These people should, however, add value to your life by helping you see what makes you special and invaluable and help you to start developing a more healthy and positive attitude to life. This will enable you to pull on your strengths to harness self-pride, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Take a look at the last ten texts you’ve received. Do they light your fire or do they out it.  This should help you determine the friends that will boost your self-esteem and help you grow in confidence.

Self-esteem That Makes You
Accept Yourself

Self-esteem core values

You can’t simply choose your core values they come naturally and intuitively from your lived experience. The best way to do this is to be around people who value you and accept you for who you are.

Alternatively, join a club or association that enhances your sense of self and positivity. 

Your core values will help you find powerful ways of overcoming bad past experiences

You may not appreciate it but many people suffer from low self-esteem but it’s not always evident. We often wear a mask that covers how we really feel for fear that we will appear vulnerable.

However, a lack of self-esteem can make you pray to the dedicates of other people’s opinion of you. So instead of feeling positive about yourself you’ll mould and shape your future around what other people think of you.

This can lead to making you stagnant, repeating the same behaviour over and over again hoping that people will like you. Alternatively, people will use you to satisfy your own needs.

However, understanding the essence of what you stand for,  can help you find powerful ways of overcoming bad past experiences that diminish your self-esteem.

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How Your Struggles Can Promote
Your Self-Esteem?

A young man who aspired to become a politician was asked what inspired him to pursue such a career.

He told the reporter that both his parents were drug addicts and that his life was so disorganized and chaotic. At the age of six, he was forced to aimlessly wander the streets with nowhere to go, feeling neglected and rejected.

He explained that a man who saw him wandering the streets felt sorry for him and would often give him £2 to buy chicken and chips. As he was walking to the chicken shop, he was verbally abused by, who he described as a middle-class couple, who saw him as a low life, simply because of his appearance.

His approach was synonymous to switching on a light to be able to see through the mist.

Even as a six-year-old, he felt demeaned and degraded by what they said. He explained to the reporter that it was this that inspired him to want to become a politician and to help inspire other young people. His goal was to encourage youths to believe that it doesn’t matter what background they come from, what they look like, or where they come from, what matters is that you appreciate your self-worth.

This man developed self-esteem as a fundamental value that produced light out of the darkness and triumph over adversity.

His approach was like switching on a light to be able to see through the mist. All this is borne out of a struggle to overcome his poor start in life. But far from making it define him, he used his emotional struggle to create a positive outcome.

Self-esteem Using Affirmation And Positive

Self talk self esteem

Research shows that how you speak to yourself as you go through struggles is fundamentally important to your level of self-esteem.

Negative self-speak – works against you and could promote a self-fulfilling prophecy, namely your thoughts actuating reality.

For example, if you say:

“I’m never going to be able to meet anyone who will love me for who I am.”

Your brain reacts positively to such stimuli ……… to help build self-esteem and self-worth.

Your thoughts could sabotage your chances of meeting new people or gaining the confidence to approach someone you like.

If you’re continuously engaged in degrading yourself telling yourself that you’ll never amount to anything, it will strip away at your confidence and self-esteem. This stripes away your confidence damaging the fabric of who you are.

It can result in letting society dedicate and define what you should think and feel. To free yourself from living someone else’s life click this link to find powerful books that will help you avoid this.  

Positive self-affirmations forces you to believe the best about yourself

Positive Self Speak And Self-esteem

Using positive self-affirmations attracts a healthy recognition of the power self-worth, self-love, self-respect and self-esteem. This is not narcissistic self-love but, as Aristotle said expressed as a virtue, which allows you to love others and reach a higher state of well-being.

Self-affirmations encourages you to believe the best about yourself and realign your self-value with your core values.

So, repeating positive self-affirmations can attract positive energy which can manifest into your reality. So if you think “you’re awesome” your energy will exude inner confidence, and you’ll gravitate towards positive experiences.

Your brain reacts positively to such stimuli and produces a flow of positive energy that will help build self-esteem and self-worth.

I’m always changing to meet new circumstances and evolving

The most effective positive self-affirmations should:

  1. Change the way that you speak to yourself.
  2. Use the present tense – “I am successful”, rather than “I am going to be successful.”
  3. Should not use negative affirmations (“I want fewer bills”).
  4. Be short and very specific.
  5. Personalize them with your name.
  6. Should be said at a particular time of day.
  7. Should be said daily.

Self-affirmation That Align With Your
Core Values

Self-affirmations should align your core values with your behaviour and could be as simple as the following:

  • Every day am growing and learning.
  • Each and every experience, good or bad adds value because I’m discovering new things from each experience.
  • I am living in the present moment and taking time to appreciate each moment.
  • I’m always changing to meet new circumstances and evolving
  • I value other people, just as I value myself
  • I have the strength to change things in my life.

Affirmations should, therefore, create certainty and clarity

These kinds of positive affirmations will intuitively move your emotions and arouse a ripple effect that will reverberate into the world around you in a really positive way.

Your brain will become conditioned and reactive to this kind of stimuli and will start to shape your reality through self-actualization.

Affirmations should, therefore, create certainty and clarity, enabling you to believe that you can make your aspirations actually happen. When your aspirations sync with your core values your life will take on a brand new meaning.

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Positive Self-Affirmation

Positive self-affirmation should resonate with what makes your heart sing and makes you feel most alive.

This will enable you to pull on your strengths to harness self-pride, self-confidence, and self-worth.

So instead of saying …..

“I wish I had a little bit of confidence.”

You should say:

“I’m growing in confidence day by day.”

“I will meet a great partner, who will love me and care for me for who I am.”

“Within the next 4 weeks, I will lose 14 kilos of weight and working daily to reach my target weight.”

“I want financial abundance and will be doing x and x to ensure that I reach my goal.”

“This is what I want for my life …..”

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