Core Values And Inner Peace

Inner peace within

Core Values And Inner Peace? Do you want peace in your life? The idea of peace means different things to different people, but you create peace in your life using the fundamental beliefs you already hold. Keen to discover more I investigated peace as a concept in everyday life and here’s what I found.

Peace and personal core values

Inner peace means possessing tranquillity, calm and lack of conflict. Your fundamental values can create peace these include –

  • Quietude. Stillness. Poise. Equanimity. Restfulness. Repose.
  • There are also powerful tools that can produce peace like – meditation, self-affirmation, visualisation and prayer
  • Peace can also build confidence and inner strength.

Discover how to develop inner peace even though you’re facing difficult times that seem as if there’s no way out.

What Is Peace As A Core Value?

Very few people would deny wanting peace in their lives, this is because it creates a feeling of well-being and harmony. There are principally two kinds of peace internal and external peace. External peace in the worldly sense is freedom from war and conflict, fighting and hostility.

Internal peace means inner peace within you, that touches your mind and soul and can be found even in the midst of chaos and disaster. According to the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu internal peace influences external peace. He states – 

If there is to be peace in the world,
there must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
there must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
there must be peace between neighbours.

If there is to be peace between neighbours,
there must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
there must be peace in the heart.

Peace can become a fundamental value if you practise it on a daily basis.

So if you’re in a confrontational or hostile relationship you should resist your natural intuition to argue but instead, try to avoid it. You’re much more likely to avoid infighting and try to bring about some calm and tranquillity.

“How do you instil
inner peace?”

Ways you can do this is by removing yourself from the situation or speaking to the person to decrease the conflict. Or you could get help from others to try resolving matters.

  • What do you do in stressful situations?
  • How do you instil inner peace?

What Core Values Create Inner Peace?

“Much like building a house, the foundation must be solid to withstand the weight of bricks and mortar.”

But what if we’re so broken, so lost and confused we can’t see past our insecurities and can’t make peace with ourselves or others. At such times peace seems further away than ever. Your past experiences tore relationships, debt and feelings of anger and hurt can besiege your core beliefs and appears to dictate your what you do and how you feel.

When this happens, we need to build our core foundation, so it aligns with our vision of our lives. Much like building a house, the foundation must be solid to withstand the weight of bricks and mortar. It must be robust enough to weather all the negative experiences society throws at us.

The storms of anger, hatred, confusion, self-doubt, stress, anxiety, depression, and need to be addressed calmly and reflectively.

What Tools Build Inner Peace As A Core Value?

Peace and Love core values

Building inner peace as a core value requires the headspace to allow sufficient quiet time to prevent your thoughts from becoming overwhelmed with the noise and debris going on around you.

It also requires a level of serenity, stillness, and calm necessary to tune into yourself. Powerful tools can help mentally train you to build your core values and reposition yourself so you can create inner peace.

“Breath meditation – uses your breathing to produce calm and focus”

core values to release your geniusThese tools include meditation, mindfulness (meditation), positive self-affirmation, and visualisation and prayer. This powerful ebook “Meditation for Everyday Life” is one of the most powerful books to help you function more easily and make your life become so much more effortless.

You’ll begin to find that you make decisions more easily and feel inspired and positive and carefree. Click this link to discover more.

There are several ways to meditate, such as creative visualisation, where you use your mind to create images of the life you want to lead. This can help boost your confidence because it lets you see the experiences you hope for before it actually happens.

Breath meditation – uses your breathing to produce calm and focus so your mind does not wonder allows you to embrace positive thoughts.

Walking meditation – uses the act of walking to help ground you, so you can build a solid foundation and introduce a positive ripple effect into your life and the world around you.

“your passion for life will grow and confidence increase.”

Mantra meditation – repeating words, sounds or a phrase to evoke calmness and peace, using words or phrases that encourage you to believe positive things about yourself. This allows you to start building your values with an uplifting and empowering foundation.

When you instil inner peace in your life which align with your values and purpose, your perspective on life will change. You’ll begin to embrace the real soul of who you are.

You will also discover how to achieve your personal goals and optimise your feeling of fulfilment. Along with this, your passion for life will grow and your confidence increase. Joy and peace in your life will flourish. Click this link to discover just how positive this can be.

What Christian Beliefs Create Inner Peace
As A Core Value

When we recognize peace as a fundamental value, we accept that it’s an essential and holistic part of being well balanced. It also makes it easier to connect with what brings meaning and purpose to your life. As a Christian, this is where I believe the fruits of the spirit takes centre stage, which is:

core values and positive attitude
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“love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such, there is no law.”

Galatians 5:22-23 New King James Version (NKJV)

“It can also reduce rheumatoid arthritis”

  • Could you imagine practising these fruits as core values?
  • How do you think your life will change?

The core values that create inner peace are the ones that aren’t influenced by what’s happening in the outside world but highlight your ability to contribute to society. When you contribute to the well-being of the people around it makes you feel more fulfilled. Evidence shows that you can improve your physical and mental health by helping others.

“Acts of kindness are, therefore, a form of medicine”

Surprisingly, it can also help prevent illnesses such as cancer, severe pain, bowel disease, obesity. It can also reduce rheumatoid arthritis which increases the levels of oxytocin which reduces the level of inflammation.

Acts of kindness are, therefore, a form of medicine that not only benefits the recipient but also the donor in a most remarkable way. To learn how to define your core values and take your life to another level click this link.

Can you think of ways you can help others by practising your core values and also improve your physical and mental well-being?

How Can Peace Help You Build Your Personal Mission?

Inner Peace and core values

There are numerous benefits to building a personal mission statement. It could help you avoid feeling empty and dissatisfied by helping you identify what you believe in.

“Core values such as Wholeness, Stillness, Harmony, Quietude can prevent us from reacting negatively”

Have you ever thought about creating a personal mission for your life?

To discover how to build a personal mission statement for your life, click here. 

In a world where we’re always being told, we need to do more, be more and get more, it’s easy to get engulfed in our own selfish needs. It often leads to becoming consumed in our ego and losing sight of what’s really important. 

“Creating inner peace and joy are excellent reasons for defining your core values”

The world’s habit of kicking us down means it’s often difficult to stay afloat, let alone find time to reflect install peace. This is when relying on the tools described above can help bring about inner peace.

Focusing on core values such as Wholeness, Stillness, Harmony, Quietude can also allow us to get the headspace necessary to stop us from compounding our problems.

Taking time to reflect and not react impulsively can be extremely challenging. But it comes with great rewards because inner peace can help hold our lives together when everything else is falling apart.

If you would like to appreciate how you can introduce joy to your life click this link.

Creating inner peace and joy are excellent reasons for defining your guiding beliefs and principles by creating a personal mission statement. Click here if you’re finding it difficult to push through the mist and shine out to get the things that are important to you actually happen.

How Can Inner Peace Help You Build Confidence As A Core Value?

Guided Meditation and core values
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If you feel broken, lost and confused about what direction to take in life, or suffer insecurities. Then a mission statement will help to clear the fog. You should try to find enough headspace to promote peace in your life and building a mission statement around it but I know it can be difficult.

Some of the world’s most purposeful and mindful people have found ways to rise against obstacles and shine through the storm. Athletes are an excellent example of showing how tenacity and willpower can help you get over hurdles you never thought possible.

The Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic ranked world number one for many years. He beat Roger Federer, the Swiss number three in the 2019 Wimbledon Champion final in a gruelling five-set match.

At a press conference, he was asked whether he noticed the crown were overwhelming rooting for Federer to lift the trophy. Novak said, of course, he saw the crowd were on Federer’s side “It was hard not too” he said.

He explained that when the majority of the crowd are on your side “it gives you strength, it gives you motivation, when you don’t have it, you have to find it within.”

Like Novak, you need to find your inner peace that won’t diminish when the whole world seems against you.

How Can Inner Peace Help You Create
Mental Toughness

Finding peace as a core value can help you to become mentally tough. This can enable you to focus on what it takes to find that special place inside you that brings you peace and joy. At the press conference, another reporter asked Novak how he dealt with the crowd being overwhelmingly in favour of Federer.

The reporter asked whether he blocked it out, repurpose it or rechannelled it? Novak replied by saying that he transmuted the crowd’s energy so every time they chanted “Federer”, he would hear “Novak”. Although he knew it sounded silly, he would try to convince himself that it was genuinely happening. This inventive method of mental training worked for him.

  • Can you relate to what Novak did?
  • Think about how you can transmute negative things in your life and turn it into positive ones.

Although it may not be easy to achieve what Novak has, it helps if you build perseverance, self and control. Click here to find out how you can accomplish this.